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This three-part tutorial gives Analyst users a step-by-step guide to find college programs in their regions, starting at the industry level and moving to occupations and then programs. Emsi's blog features articles, case studies, and resources that connect our data to market trends, regional economies, workforce development, higher education, and much more.
September is here, so now is a good time to explore what after-school options are open to you. As popular as social media is nowadays, email still plays an important role for many people. The Urban Martial Arts Transported Karate After-School Program includes free school pick-up, a free karate uniform, a free T-shirt, karate classes 5 days a week, and plenty of time for homework and snacks. Just enter your email address below to view prices and details, and to request a free school tour.
Be sure to confirm your request by clicking the link on the confirmation email you’ll receive from us. About UsUrban Martial Arts is a martial arts studio in the Ditmas Park section of Brooklyn, NY that offers fitness kickboxing classes for adults, a transported karate after-school program, a karate sports summer camp, and karate classes for kids and teens. At the very least, you'll make lifelong friends across the globe that will forever impact your life and learn new things that an ordinary high school career at home never could have taught you. Maybe you'll discover a passion for the environment or love for French (or maybe just fall in love!). All that being said, when you're thinking about studying abroad as a high school student, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself to be sure you do it right and get the most out of your experience.
Perhaps the most important step in deciding to study abroad in high school is figuring out why you want to study abroad and what you want to get out of it.
Are you hoping to focus your studies and get hands-on experience in an area you'd like to study further in college or pursue in some way in the future? Or maybe you just want to have that high school experience somewhere else, try out a different culture while still getting some high school credit, in which case an exchange program might be your thing. You've probably also at least thought about the fact that studying abroad in high school will look great on your college applications. If you're really nervous about that prospect and think you might need to ease yourself into this whole study abroad thing, perhaps a short spring or winter break study abroad program might be for you. There are loads of summer study abroad opportunities for high school students, with focuses in nearly every area of study imaginable! On the other hand, maybe you want to challenge yourself and spend an entire semester or even a year abroad.
Or if you think you'd rather have something in between, or worry that you don't want to take time off of school, a summer program might be your best option. The cost of going abroad can be prohibitive for some students -- or at least seem that way. Generally speaking, third-party program providers will be more expensive, but will of course offer more options as far as destinations, specific courses of study, and general perks like excursions and other inclusions.

Longer-term programs are generally a better value -- they often cost a similar amount (perhaps even less!) to a spring break or summer program, as in many cases the most expensive part of the program is the flight (and housing if you aren't doing a homestay, which is less common in shorter programs). For example, Australia is a popular study abroad destination for high school students -- they speak English, and who wouldn't want to spend a semester or year in Australia? For a full guide on study abroad budgets, Go Overseas has created a full e-book on financing your life abroad to get you started.
Length is less of a consideration in deciding between the three, as all three methods tend to have a variety of length options, ranging from a few weeks to a year. Going on a direct exchange program through your school (or a partner organization) is often a more affordable option, as most likely your costs will be minimal -- usually amounting to the typical travel-related costs, and possibly some administrative fees or some kind of stipend to go to your host family.
Another benefit of this option is that you have the best possible chance of getting credit that will transfer back to your home school, and you may not have to make up anything to be able to graduate.
Finally, this option tends to have a high level of cultural and -- if applicable -- language immersion.
This could be a two-week language immersion program and homestay with your foreign language class, a trip to Europe to study art or history, or maybe even a scientific expedition to the jungles of South America!
Of course, a semester or yearlong exchange is not the only option when going through your school.
Do you want to challenge yourself to study Spanish language and culture in a university setting? You want to spend a summer or semester traipsing across a continent studying in numerous countries?
Or would you rather study sharks in Fiji, photography in Argentina, anime in Japan, the culinary arts in France, or multiculturalism in Morocco?
Anything you want to study, anywhere you want to study it, however long you want to study it, however you want to live or spend your time while you're studying it, chances are you can find what you're looking for with the huge array of program providers and courses out there -- many of which are listed right here on Go Overseas with reviews and interviews from former students. A special bonus: some programs are accredited -- and if you can't get credit at your high school for it, you can probably get college credit, which is even better! There are also a variety of countries in which programs are available, but not nearly the range of what program providers offer, and they may not be the typical desired destinations for many high school students.
However, if you're up for a challenge and you want something competitive and prestigious that will look amazing on your college application, this may be for you!
Professor Matthew Stroud's Spanish Grammar Page: Terrific Explanations AND Exercises to Help you Learn!
Spanish Slang Dictionary-For looking up words you don't know in non-academic texts and websites. Spending time abroad before college, focusing your mind on things other than what you're used to, can change your perspective.
You may feel that you just want to get away, challenge yourself, and experience another culture -- that's great, but try to go deeper. Then you'll probably want a more immersive study abroad experience, or one that includes language classes and a homestay with a local family.

If this is especially important to you, applying to a more prestigious program -- perhaps an exchange program sponsored by the State Department or a summer exchange at Oxford -- might be something you want to consider, and start preparing yourself for early on! For most high schoolers, this will probably be your first time abroad, or at least your first time abroad, on your own, for a significant amount of time. Many schools offer one or two-week study abroad trips, either for a language immersion homestay or to study certain subjects like history, art, or even science in another country. There are plenty of special programs and exchange programs that offer just that opportunity. You may want to go on a program that travels to various countries over the course of a semester or year, but the cost for such a program will be higher than, say, an exchange program with a homestay. Direct exchange programs through your high school, or a provider partnered with your high school, will usually be much more affordable.
Now that you've taken the time to sit down and contemplate the previous questions, you've probably got a much better handle on what it is you want from your experience abroad and what are the most important factors to you in selecting your experience. You will almost certainly be living at a homestay in your host country, you will be going to school and making friends with the locals, taking part in local customs, and most likely taking all your classes and having most of your conversations in your foreign language. Your school may not offer this option (if you aren't sure, talk to your guidance counselor), or they may not have a partnership with a country you want to go to.
Many schools offer short-term study abroad options -- typically a supplement to a class you take (language classes being the most popular ones to offer this). While it will generally be a more expensive option (although, again, many provide some manner of scholarships), they are the most likely to work with you to get you the experience on want.
But YOU want to say "That year of high school in Germany was the best year of my life." And who can blame you? It may be as simple as realizing that, man, you really do love math ("the universal language"), or that you want to work abroad some day and focus your college career on that. Fellowships and grant programs abound for high schoolers to go abroad -- lucky for you, the emphasis in international education continues to sway younger and younger!
Often these kinds of programs can be very specific -- typically focused on language or an important global issue like sustainability or food security -- which may a good or bad thing depending on what you're interested in.
Groups or Google Groups) where people subscribe to receive updates and can send emails to the group. For example, the local listserv in Urban Martial Arts’ neighborhood is the Flatbush Family Network.
You know that if you go now, you can have that whole new world of ideas and possibilities opened to you BEFORE you make those big decisions. After you join, you can either search the archives of the listserv for mentions of local after-school programs, or send an email to the group asking for recommendations.

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