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You sir, are not fit to be in your practice and just reading the ignorant crap in your article makes me sick. I am in legit pain every day of my life, and it is doctors like you who make it hard to get the medications we need to function in our daily lives. And mind you I am on gabapentin and whatever else for nerve pain among other things, but I need my opiates as well. I have had lower back surgery, lost a breast, had a triple neck fusion, suffer migrains that stop me in my tracks, and a numerous amount of small things.
We are tired of being labeled as drug addics and just want to be treated as normal human beings. It seems to me that a methadone clinic would be the last resort for all these suffering people-you know they also treat people with pain.I know many people will probably be against it but most clinics will help you if you really need it.
Doctor, it shouldn’t matter to you if 90% of the people who claim to need opiates are lying to you.
Potential legal issues notwithstanding – if a patient is hurting, you have a moral and ethical obligation to treat them. For just a moment, think about those patients who must try to go to sleep every night in pain; if they can ever get to sleep, they wake up in pain every morning to endure unimaginable pain and suffering for another day, with no end in sight. Please don’t follow the recent trend to deny opiate pain medications to your patients.
All in all, I do hope your medications are helping U, and will be stopped by an insensitive doctor. There are so many limitations when your in pain, U look for a doctor who can be compassionate with U and pray that they can understand how much U need them.
I truly wish U were located near me so I could sit with U and make sure U are understanding everything I’m telling U. I have no problem signing them, taking urine tests unannounced or anything else to prove I am a valid pain patient.
As much as U really want to go after this doctor for dumping your husband and his treatment…Keep your money in your pocket is all I have to say.
Also, what U have to realize is that my pain comes from Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, which most doctors cannot get a lot of success at treating this pain at all.
All the pain doctors want to do these days is give shots or treatments of some kind that are useless to me. If I don’t find a new doctor to continue my current medication within 2 more weeks, I will be without any and lost in the process of looking for a new doctor. I’ll likely try to go so I can at least have one more month to try finding this new doctor. I agree that there are a lot of people who claim they have severe back pain & go in to get an exorbitant amt.
Being a pain patient for awhile now, I can tell U that I’ve seen some in that waiting room that I could physically see they were taking too much pain meds. If I should develop cancer in my future, I truly pray that I can be brave & not take too much medication for my pain. Are U willing to do that, just to be able to tell everybody that U don’t take strong medications ? It’s my guess that your relative did have either a high pain tolerance, or was taking other treatment to help in addition what U knew of. Can U say that U can compare the pain of falling down & cutting your knee, to the pain U may have from a bad toothache ?
I know that there really is people out there who are in pain, and who are we to say that they aren’t. U should be more careful of which patients U accept to treat, but not deny those who actually need the Opioids for some relief. Also, the reason your patients are not telling U they are getting any relief is probably because you are under treating their pain.
Since this pain started about 18 years ago for me, I have tried several different approaches to find relief. Once again…thru no fault of my own, I am without a doctor to go to to help relieve my pain. The last one I had just plain decided out of the blue that she would not be writing any scripts for any of her patients unless they were also taking injections from her. All the deaths U speak of are mostly famous people who it’s well known that they abuse the use of these drugs.
I really wish more pain management doctors would just be more careful about the way they accept patients. Osteoarthritis of the knee is best diagnosed and treated by an orthopedic surgeon, also known as an orthopedist. If you have a family doctor or primary care physician, ask him or her for a referral to a doctor who specializes in orthopedic medicine. If you don't have a doctor who can give you a referral, go to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) website and search for orthopedic doctors in your state. In the "Search By Zip Code" box, enter your zip code and search by distance from your home. Physicians will be listed alphabetically, and the doctor's information will include location, contact information and "Anatomical Specialties." Look for doctors who list "Knee" as a specialty. After you have a list of possible doctors, check with your insurance company (if you have insurance) to see which doctors are included in your plan.
Contact the doctors who remain on your list, and ask if they prescribe Breg's Freestyle OA knee brace. By following these steps, hopefully you will have found a good match with an orthopedic doctor!
Breg OA knee braces, including the Freestyle OA, are commonly used by individuals with unicompartmental osteoarthritis. Before wearing any knee brace, carefully read fitting instructions and warnings prior to use to ensure proper performance of the brace.
If you experience increased pain, swelling, skin irritation, or any adverse reactions while using a Breg knee brace, immediately consult your medical professional. When using braces bilaterally, modify activity as necessary to keep medial hinges from contacting each other. This service matches individuals to surgeons who specialize in orthopedic surgery and are members of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS).
You say Dr’s dont like the difficult patients but that is why YOU have a job, because of people who are suffering.
Please note I have tried over 100 non-narcotic meds, with little luck here and there, and nothing taking away my severe pain in the full. NO MEDS NOTHING FOR MY PAIN I WAS IN THAT BED FOR 3 HOURS AND NOTHING THE STAFF WAS MAKING FUN OF ME IT REALLY HURT MY FEELINGS THE WHEN I ASK THE DOC.
At least 5 times I have gone to a different providor, bottle in pocket just in case, and explained how I was on Xaxax 2 mg a day and adderall xr mg 30 a day.

But that being said, isn’t it the primary obligation of ALL medical doctors to ALWAYS consider the patient first? It is impossible to describe the hopelessness and depression that accompany untreated chronic and severe pain. Sometimes, it takes many years and many combinations to have any success in treating pain for certain conditions.
It is possible they may need more, or a better combination of medications to reach their level of pain. What I do object to…is the doctor who turns down treating U with medications U need, when they know U have valid pain and nowhere else to go. I did say that I get some relief but I don’t remember saying it was only for a short time. Not by my own choice…but because once again, another doctor decides they no longer want to treat patients who have to use medications only to relieve their pain.
But I feel like some people that are in real pain play up there symptoms to get more pain medication then they need. Just because U are sick of certain patients, it doesn’t give U the right to say that all of us are the same.
If I can find anything that gives me relief, or that may end my need to use Opioids, or at least cut it down, I will do it. Proper rehabilitation and activity modification are also an essential part of a safe treatment program. Follow the removal and cleaning process described in the "Instructions for Use" pamphlet which comes with each Breg brace. They come to you for help and instead of helping them , you deny them then gossip behind their back. This sounds like the typical doctor, listening to his patient and when the past use of opiates for pain pops up in the conversation, a little door shuts in his mind. I do hope you learn that there are legit people out there who do need opiates, and just because in your specific practice and office you dont see opiates doing much help, it doesnt mean it is un-needed and that all users are into snorting or chewing up pills. Hurt by the things I did when younger and hurt at work to the point of having to stop working a number of years ago. The State has come in to override the doctors and the doctors are to afraid to tell the stat that they went to school to learn how to treat humans. SO IM AT HOME AND HAVE TO WALK ON A VERY SOAR FOOT AND JUST DEAL WITH THE HEADACH AND MY TAILBON IS BRUISED MY BODY HURTS FROM THE SEZ, AND SHE GAVE ME NOTHING !
At some point, you need to separate your personal opinion of opiates from your OBLIGATION to ease suffering. That is, if a patient is suffering – don’t all physicians have an obligation to prescribe appropriate medication(s)?
In other words, a chronic pain patient, (or a group of patients), will bring a malpractice suit against a physician for refusing to prescribe a medication that would have alleviated the suffering of that patient. Do you realize how many problems are caused by doctors who refuse to prescribe proper medications on the grounds that they are scared of legal issues?
She had an ovarian cyst and her uterus removed last year and they botched her treatment and had to perform surgery on her abdomen, which they later said was unneccessary. U said I told U I only got relief some of the time, so why take the opioids because they don’t work ? I have sometimes asked to get a refill a little sooner than not because I feel afraid I might run out, and running out is a scary thing for me.
A large number of doctors have no idea what amount a patient actually needs to find relief. I’ll bet U, if everything your telling me is true, that most of them would be devastated if U threw them out like my doctor did to me.
I have arthritis in my wrists, every joint of my thumbs and the top two joints of every finger.
And when I see a doctor like U tell everybody that U don’t want to accept patients who must take meds for their pain, it upsets me a great deal.
From what I’ve seen or been told, different cancers bring different levels of pain for each person.
If they would take more time to listen to their patients, then give them the correct dosages of meds, maybe they would be getting enough relief ?
That really makes a good person start to think if they could take the chance on a street seller. After starting opioids, patients don’t return to work, or function at a higher level, or even say that they are more comfortable. Because the DEA has scared them all into dumping all the patients they have who need medication to relieve their pain.
So I guess I will have to remain in intractable pain the rest of my life, because there is no doctor I can rely on to be there for me. How can U say U are in such a bad position when it comes down to treating patients in real pain ?
As a doctor, it is your sworn oath to treat your patients with care, as long U do not cause harm.
To find a doctor, consider the doctor's location, whether you were referred by another health care professional, if the doctor participates in your insurance plan, and whether the doctor uses knee bracing to treat osteoarthritis. Failure to properly position the brace and fasten each strap will compromise performance and comfort. Consult with your licensed health care professional regarding safe and appropriate activity levels while wearing these devices. When using Breg knee braces, it is important to keep dirt and grit out of the hinge mechanisms to maintain proper hinge mobility and brace function.
For people who have been prescribed these LEGAL painkillers for pain so severe they cannot function in daily life, you would think you could find a doc with a damned ounce of compassion. First you must drive 80miles to see a pain specalist, who will only address one issue at a visit. WRONG THEY PULLED IT OPEN MADE IT MORE PAINFULL IN TREOGE THE KNOWING I WAS A GAN-MAL SEIZSURE PAT.
The only way your going to be able to tell the difference between the real and the fake, is to spontaneously test all of your patients and keep a close watch on what’s going on.
My reasons for running out could be that I had a few really horribly painful days and took an extra dose accidentally.
I got a letter from my old doctor the other day…saying ai could go in to see her for one more month of meds if I needed it, but it had to be before a certain date. Then when U have one, they feel they can do anything they want, with no regard to what the results do to U. Can’t even get a new doctor to take over because all of them are afraid to take U in as a patient if U need meds. If U were to require each new patient to bring in their proof of why they are in pain, why would it be difficult to treat them ?

If a doctor is not familiar with the brace, he or she can get more information by calling Breg at 800-321-0607, or by visiting Breg's website. The lifetime of any device is limited and depends on several factors like patient weight and activity level. The Orthopedic Surgeon Locator is not intended as a recommendation, referral, or endorsement of any particular surgeon or as a tool for verifying the credentials, qualifications, or abilities of any such physician. But no, you find QUACKS, (and yes sir you are a fxcking quack) who are too scared of the iron fist of the FDA to prescribe medications ALONG WITH A CLOSE EYE MIND YOU, for whatever fears they may hold. There was a law passed some time ago that said we, The people should not be allowed to suffer.
And then wait until they and your pcp have had time to go over his findings before you might get anything. Therefore, I think it is time WE the People take a stand and tell each of out states to get out of the medical profession and go back to what we voted them into RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT. SHE SAID NOW GET UP AND WALK BACK OUT TO THE WAITING ROOM AT THIS TIME MY BLOOD PRESURE WAS NORMAL AFTER THAT MY BLOOD PRESUE SHOT UP AND MY FRIEND HAD TO ASK THE 3 TIMES TO GET ME SOME ADDIVAN SO I WOULDN’T SEZ.
This Friday they plan to remove all her female organs including ovaries and fallopian tubes. To be able to walk thru the grocery store & not worry that I may have to scream out in pain when I get a sharp pain in my feet that was unexpected. Yet most doctors won’t treat it with Opioids, which have been proven to be the only effective treatment for it out there.
Or struggle just to stay upright when they attempt to walk outside for the mail…and not have to feel like they are stepping on rocks the whole way.
This is all not to mention also, that I’m made to travel all over the state to find a doctor willing to help. Unfortunately, my pain is not caused by something that can be relieved by any type of injection, and because those injections bring in a lot of money for these doctors and med only patients don’t, I am out of options. Not enuff for her part time Saturday morning job to supplement her doctor husband’s income for her. Give your patients a urine test sporadically to find out exactly if they’re using their meds correctly or selling them to others. This Orthopedic Surgeon Locator or any of the data, listings or other information contained therein may not be downloaded, republished, sold or duplicated, in whole or in part, in any medium, for use in any list of surgeons or for any purpose whatsoever. I have concluded that Dr’s like patients who come into their office with straight forward problems with a straight forward solution like a staph infection. So you get these quack doctors who see these people in legitimate pain, but once that opiate is mentioned, you might as well walk out the fxcking door. And let the medical profession get back to what hey are supposed to do TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES. Not what will satisfy the DEA, or any other parties that have no bearing on what YOU are supposed to be doing.
Then get your butt out of bed after maybe 2 to 3 hours sleep & put in a full day of work. I think these conditions are the ones that you get praised for your treatment efforts by the patient. Addiction, I have had to go many times without the meds the worst is the pain but more the lose of wanting to be with the ones I love. I’m aware my condition is extremely difficult to treat with any success, and I understand how a doctor can get frustrated with of being able to completely take away my pain, given he is using the strongest medication he knows. I can’t tell, I have so much pain some days, I feel almost like I have other diseases too. And are U comparing what dose your giving to a back patient with a minor disc problem to a patient who has what I have ? I do not want to take opiates but there are some days when the only thing that allows me to take car of my children is a percocet.
Unfortunately, once your in pain for a lot of years, U also develop a lower tolerance for it.
The states and people how2 think they know best have decided that we are all abusers and they have a right to control how we are prescribed our medication.
I have thrown out oxycodone pills and only take a very occasional Tylenol if I feel a twing of artheritis.
I used to have a very high tolerance, but I find I’m not as strong against it anymore. And that is that a lot of people who take the Opioids for pain, just get lazy about returning to work. I have news for you , anyone of us who has access to the internet could treat such a thing. You really shouldn’t let incentive checks dictate your opinion, or your practice of medicine.
The only thing I could think of to suggest to my suffering friend was that she guzzle about five strong Manhattan cocktails! But when your pain is chronic, and U cannot find any relief from any other type of medication or therapy, there aren’t many things U can turn to. A Dr’s job is to go above and beyond what meets the eye and help the patient who has a complex problem. For example, Tramadol is such a pitifully ineffective placebo that it should be banned as an insurance scam. Dr’s used to be people we looked up to, now they are just people who went to school longer. It causes nausea, dizziness, and ZERO pain relief for anyone who is suffering from actual pain. I am writing my federal and state congressmen as well as the president of the United States about this damn war on drugs that isn’t working anyway. The doctors seem to be more afraid of the state that does not pay their wages,[we do] then to listen to the patents. When it was too much medication for my body I hit a therapeutic ceiling and my body rejected the rest of the medication. When you can see, without a doubt, that a patient clearly has a condition that causes severe pain, then I promise you, that patient is not getting high on the medication. No percocet is not my only treatment, but occasionally it helps the rest of the treatments out. Sometimes when we refuse other treatments it is not because we are fishins for drugs but because the others (NSAIDS, Neurontin) have failed for us and we want to try prednisone, humira, or something that might provide better control. When those are not enough, then sometimes there are days when we need more help so that we CAN function.

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