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A quick Google search shows that you should be able to click the down arrow in the top right corner to reveal the settings for the Activity Log.
Community Manager by day, writer for Cocktail Enthusiast and creator of Noiselace, the earplug necklace by night! Darby Smart – Simple Stylish DIYEvery few months I binge buy crafts on here and always LOVE what I get!
Noiselace Earplug NecklacesI created these necklaces out of the need to protect my ears by attending almost 300 concerts a year. Stitch Fix РAwesome Clothes Delivered to Your Door!I signed up for Stitch Fix and can't wait to receive my box every month. Have you received messages from people asking you if you have seen their posts on your Facebook Timeline Wall? If you are the Adminstrator of the page, you can see what else have been sent to the spam folder. Get weekly start up and business building tips especially for Coaches, Trainers, Teachers and Training Providers and stay updated. I want to know how can you find out who hide your post on there wall and if they removed it? The results can be filtered by clicking on one of the available filters in the left sidebar.
Web Results: helps you find relevant web information outside of Facebook that is related to your search.
Posts by Friends: helps you find status updates and other content your friends have posted that are related to your search. Posts by Everyone: helps you find status updates and other content from anyone who enables their posts to be viewed by people other than friends. The very same page can be used to search for groups, pages and applications without having to be logged in to Facebook. This search query can be combined with other search parameters, like OR, And, - or + which makes it a very powerful option to search Facebook. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.
People You May Know looks at, among other things, your current friend list and their friends, your education info and your work info.

You post a status update on a brand’s Facebook page that you manage, but then the client decides to remove that post. This gave me access to EVERY thing that I’ve ever done on that Facebook Brand Page, including the hidden posts I had been looking for on this Facebook page. Following the Paleo lifestyle, not using shampoo on my hair and plugging myself into the wall at night are some of my latest adventures.
This stylish, but practical necklace makes it easy for you to wear your earplugs at any event, be it NASCAR, shooting guns or a rock show. I later found out that these posts have been sent to the Facebook spam folder; a little like how emails sometimes end up in spam folders. On the new Facebook Timeline format it takes a little effort to find where this spam folder is. This can be used by logged in Facebook users to find people or groups on the social networking site. It is for instance possible to only display people, applications, web results or groups in the results. To narrow your people search, just type a location, school, or workplace in the appropriate field and click the "Refine Search" button. To narrow your Pages search, select a Page type from the drop-down menu at the top of your search results. Groups that can be seen by everyone are viewable in search results; secret groups are not viewable in search results. Events that can be seen by everyone are viewable in search results; secret events are not viewable in search results.
To narrow your search, select a post type from the drop-down menu at the top of your search results. For wine it is groups, for names it is people that will be displayed in the search results. Facebook users can make use of the search page to find users by name or email, school classes or companies. It only allows to search for people but offers a better functionality than the default Facebook search. Simply click on a letter to browse the people directory of Facebook users whose last name start with the letter.

The main advantage of using an external search engine is that it offers advanced parameters that Facebook search does not offer. You can enter people, applications, groups and everything else in the search form to find information on Facebook. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. Last, but not least, for the email contacts that do not have an existing Facebook account, you will be asked if you would like to invite them to join you on Facebook. If the person you are looking for does not appear on the first page of results, you can narrow your results by entering where they live, where they went to school, or the name of the company they work for. Instead of deleting, you hide it to preserve the engagement that once occurred, keeping it visible in the Activity Log instead of on the News Feed.
To further refine your groups search, select a group type from the drop-down menu at the top of your search results.
Here it is possible to use data from third party services such as Skype, Gmail or Yahoo to find friends on Facebook. These applications usually only provide a more sophisticated way of searching the same set of information on Facebook. I suggest looking at this after you have added a handful of friends because Facebook will suggest friends based on the people you are already connected with on Facebook. All signs were saying that the Activity Log should be there in the settings, yet I wasn’t able to access it via a brand page on Facebook. If you search for wine for instance you find Wine groups on Facebook and below those Bing search results. Please note that this means that Facebook will be able to access the data at the other service. You search the Facebook Forums again, but all signs (from three years ago in 2012) are pointing towards that the Activity Log should be there.

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