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I was really inspired by the So You Need a Typeface poster and figured, why not make one for which YouTube channel to watch?
Not to detract from an amazing flowchart, but isn't SisterSalad technically three people? This is so awesome.Especially if you choose not to support charities, your punishment is fred! Ladelfuls of hot fudge, scoops of broken-up candy bars, crumbled-up brownies and cookies and pies, sprinklings of fruits and nuts (and sprinkles) are all awesome, sure, and can go a long way in camouflaging a weak ice cream product. When tasting the milkshakes, we evaluated them on consistency (were they creamy, dense, and smooth?), flavor (clean vanilla and dairy is what we were after), and value. When Chick-fil-A changes their storefront marquees to announce the rollout of the Peach Milkshake in summer, you can watch local traffic patterns change. The Styrofoam cup was a bit of downer, mainly because I love getting the tall glass with my table service and having it accompanied by the leftover in the stainless steel mixing cup, so I can top myself off as needed. There was some debate about whether or not Wendy's classic Frosty even qualifies for our little roundup here.
Plus, the large Frosty was the cheapest of all the milkshakes—by an entire dollar—and nowhere near the smallest. Todd lives the glamorous life of a stay-at-home freelance writer in the suburbs of Atlanta. Leadership coach Lolly Daskal and Psychologist Art Markman answer our first reader question. When I started out my career, I was incredibly passionate and had a burning desire to succeed. How do I map out the next chapter of my life and maintain the drive to keep going onto the next stages of my career? Given the way you described your situation, though, I’m not surprised that you are feeling unmotivated now.
If you want to advance but need a jumpstart of motivation, start thinking about what you haven’t accomplished yet. To help you explore your options, I recommend the technique of looking back to look forward.
Studies on regret show that, when people in their 70s and 80s look back on their life, they often regret things they didn’t do (like never learning to salsa dance or playing a musical instrument) rather than mistakes they made or ventures that failed. This perspective often helps bring to light other dreams that you can pursue as you move forward. Once you set your sights on a new goal, it is time to generate a specific plan to get there.
Instead, you need to focus on actions that you can take on a daily and weekly basis that will move you forward in your goal. Even if you don’t want to go to graduate school, consider what other skills you want to build. Finding the next step is not an easy one, especially if you had an incredible passion and now you have to cultivate it all over again. The road to connecting with your passion and desire begins with going inward—slowing down, tuning in, and spending time with yourself. It means you literally have to shut off your mind so you can hear your heart speak and find the things that bring you meaning. Add value and share content with your followers to nab your next gig, 140 characters at a time. You’ve probably heard about people who landed a book deals from their popular tweets, or that Seth Meyers found several writers for his new show on Twitter. Capperella suggests adding value by providing your perspective: Do you agree or disagree with the article?

When Laurie Wang wanted to switch careers from finance to digital marketing, she turned to Twitter. Taylor Aldredge reached out to 10 marketers he followed on Twitter and made an ask: Would they speak with him about how they got to where they are today? Several years ago, Stef Woods, a lawyer turned sex educator and blogger, was invited to speak at American University as a panelist at a social media conference. It was a bit of a bigger undertaking than I originally anticipated, taking about 3 days from start to finish. I've been reading almost since I found you April '09, with a few skipped posts, BUT!
Such a smooth and lovely flavor that complements so many things, yet the word itself has become shorthand for "boring, plain, and unexciting." Take vanilla ice cream, for example.
Without all the add-ins and crazy bells and whistles, you can even get away with calling a vanilla milkshake the "drink" that accompanies your meal without looking like a glutton.
Which fast food outlets have vanilla milkshakes that actually go beyond "boring, plain, and unexciting?" We tasted shakes from nine nationwide chains, put our waistlines on the line, and braved the worst case of brain freeze in recorded history to find out. Not all of the shakes made the grade—some were soupy, some had artificial or freezer-burned flavor. I point this out mainly because I think it adds to the "genuineness" of the overall package; a cherry with a stem feels less like an afterthought that was plucked from a jar of red dye and syrup. With genuine-tasting ice cream (even though they insist on calling it—cue the eye roll—"Icedream"), enough of it to feel substantial, and the ideal middle ground between thick and drinkable, Chik-fil-A hits it out of the park every time.
Dozens of flavors and half-price happy hours are sweet enough, but Sonic's large shake weighs in at well over a pound and a half. And while it may be tough to bypass some of the exotic flavors and side-by-side twofer shakes, the vanilla is no slouch. He explained to me that a Frosty Shake (chocolate, strawberry, or caramel) "comes shooken up" (his words). It had that traditional almost-gritty Frosty consistency that made me want to start dipping some French fries in like when I was 8.
I mean, yes, they built their entire brand on ice cream, but no one ever really raves about their ice cream, either. Besides being paid to eat and opine about cheeseburgers and pizzas, he's written and produced over 1,000 hours of television and penned Building Chicken Coops for Dummies. To help you navigate the often uncertain terrain of work-life, we’ve tapped a panel of experts to answer your trickiest questions. His latest book, Smart Change, focuses on how you can use the science of motivation to change your behavior at work and home. Psychologists have found that the more satisfied a person is with what they have achieved, the less motivated they are to advance, and vice versa. A common thing that holds people back from really committing to make a significant career contribution is that the path isn’t clear because their career goals phrased abstractly.
If you want to completely change your perspective on work, or start an entirely new career, consider a master’s degree. The first step is letting go of your expectations and trusting what you may uncover in the next phase of your journey. There is also a wealth of courses and coaches to help you find your inspiration and tackle any confusion you might have—which is the most detrimental feeling of all. When you don’t know what to do for sure, try something that you think might be on the right track.
By trying something new even if you're not sure of the outcome, you may discover a passionate interest by accident.
While LinkedIn is commonly associated with job-seekers, more people are using Twitter to supplement their job search.

We asked several Twitter users to share how they’ve used the microblogging site to find their dream jobs. After reaching out to key influencers in the digital space, she met several for coffee or lunch, and started working in the industry six months later. I began by making a list of everyone I’m subscribed to and other popular YouTubers I thought should be on it. And if you want to see more of my design work, click through the rest of this blog or check out my website.
Hand-spun and crowned with just the right amount of whipped cream and a cherry**, it has the perfect consistency: pleasantly thick, but it can still be worked with a straw almost immediately. This was honest-to-God, hand-packed ice cream scooped out to order and combined with real milk.
I can't help but wonder if you get less shake for your dollar if you don't eat in.* Still, an awesome milkshake.
I found the vanilla version to have a somewhat artificial taste, but I could have closed my eyes and told you that this was unmistakably a Wendy's Frosty. The shake was on the swishy side; I could suck it through my straw immediately and with ease. These individuals have learned to navigate urban environments by leaping over obstacles and climbing walls.
A song on the radio, conversation with a friend—anything may give you an indication of those things that will lead you to your passions. Reflecting on what makes you special, through your own perspective or that of a friend, a coach, or mentor, will help you with the next adventure in your life.
Committing to the next step can be quite daunting, but taking small steps each day inward can help you take giant steps outward. One of those meetings led to an interview (and subsequent position) with the marketer’s former employer, Grasshopper, a virtual phone system for entrepreneurs. Then I divided them into Vloggers, Musicians, and Everyone Else, and just went at making a really ugly graph showing all the different routes. Pepper when I go (don't you tell me that the Styrofoam cup doesn't improve the taste), but when I have a hankering for a milkshake on any day but Sunday, it's awfully tough to do better than Chick-fil-A. It's also more expensive than the classic Frosty, which comes in chocolate or vanilla and is "thicker." So there you go.
The people interviewed talked about how their growing skills helped them to see handholds and footholds that were invisible to them before. Now a digital marketer, Aldredge says being proactive and approaching professionals whose careers he admired was key to landing his current position with Grasshopper. I feel like it's missing a bit more, like the tech vloggers, the game vloggers, the beauty vloggers (apart from Michelle Phan). Similarly, the expertise by expanding your skillset will help you to see opportunities that lie dormant in your world. Isn't that how sundaes and splits and Blizzards and DIY sold-by-the-ounce fro-yo bars were born, from this instinctive need to take vanilla and improve upon it by adding other stuff? If I had to slurp through some of the bottom-feeders of this list, there was no way I was not getting in on some shake from a place that knows what they're doing. Also, it's a reminder that I need to make friends with someone who can do that trick where they tie a cherry stem into a knot using just their tongue. It may get lost in the shuffle of Blizzards and Peanut Buster Parfaits, but the DQ milkshake may be one of the best values on the menu.

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