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Jerzy Janowicz is a sexy tennis player from Poland, some people think he is way too explosive for their taste, but to his females fans the 6’8”bad boy is just a very hot mess, so we wonder is Janowicz single?
22-year-old Jerzy Janowicz became the first Polish tennis player to reach a semi-final in a Grand Slam tournament, he reached semifinals at the 2013 Wimbledon when he defeated his friend and compatriot Lukasz Kubot, putting face to face to the player he defeated at the 2012 Paris Masters, Andy Murray the US Open champion and World No.
Janowicz who currently trains with former Finnish tennis layer Kim Tiilikainen, 37, has been quite shy about his private life, this year there area few names we have been hearing  concerning Janowicz’ romantic life, let’s begin with Paulina, an attractive brunette seen with him early this year, some reports identified Paulina a Jerzy’s girlfriend , her full name is Paulina Dziewczyna or Paulina Klejnowska. And then there is that blonde, statuesque beauty that the t.,v cameras kept showing every time he score a point during his last match.
We are talking about 27-year-old Marta Domachowska, whose long, endless legs  and bare chest were featured in the latest issue of Polish Playboy.
Apparently Jerzy and Paulina split up this year and he hooked up with Marta Domachowska this Summer, she previously dated world champion swimmer Pawel Korzeniowski who she dated for five years.
Marta Domachowska was born on January 16, 1986 in Warsaw, Poland to Wieslaw a construction engineer and Barbara a jewelry store owner, her older sister is Magdalena. 5’9” Marta Domachowska turned pro in 2001, in May, 2006 she reached the Tour Rankings at No. Some of Marta Domachowska’s top results when she reached the fourth round at the 2008 Australian Open before she was defeated by Venus Williams. My wife and I have always enjoyed Christmas, even though the structure of the holiday has changed during our marriage.
That joy was sapped last Christmas because of a villainous invader whose very presence was meant to enhance that Christmas experience, not destroy it.
If you're not familiar with this growing holiday tradition, the Elf on the Shelf, in the form of a cheaply made elf doll that will set you back 30 bucks, is dispatched from the North Pole at the start of Advent to keep a watchful eye on the children and make sure they belong on Santa's "nice" list.
The Internet is full of hilarious images of elves doing mischievous things to the delight of the children. Missy would find herself in some predicament, to the delight of the kids, but as Christmas was getting closer, something began to happen with my usually happy-go-lucky, bright and smart 6-year old daughter, Kelsey.
While we prepared our home to host Christmas Eve dinner, Kelsey was working through some crying spells while pretending to put on a brave face.
Christmas morning arrived, and with it a ton more presents, but it didn't take long before the sadness and tears came back.
With another Christmas approaching, my wife and I decided we could not have a repeat of a year ago.
We softened the blow by telling her she could always keep Missy and that the elf would never have to "leave" again. We walked a delicate line telling her Missy wasn't real, but kept her belief in Santa alive.
Ten years from now I imagine we'll look back on The Elf on the Shelf ordeal and wish we could deal with those problems instead of the teenage issue of the day. Perceptual mapping is a technique that allows you to visualize the positioning of different brands in the market.

Perceptual maps are based on how consumers view brand personalities, but this method doesn't require any new market research. Step Three: Draw a simple matrix with one criterion mapped to the vertical axis and the other mapped to the horizontal axis. Simply going through this exercise gives you a new perspective and forces you to answer questions you might not normally consider.
Here's one more map that compares songs about living in outer space in terms of how psychedelic and sad they are. Most of the times you see a perceptual map in a PowerPoint deck or report, it was generated the easy way. If, on the other hand, you wanted to map perceptions on two different axis for multiple car brands, you have to ask people how similar every possible pairing of cars is. If you do manage to incentivize people to invest the time to completely and accurately fill out your questionnaire, you still have to process your data. Theses unlabeled maps will show you that Brand X and Brand Y are very similar or that Brand Z has no close competitors in the lower right quadrant, but they won't tell you what the axes mean. If you're going to be relying heavily on perceptual mapping to reposition a brand, this is the ideal method. Valentine's Day is almost here, and if braving the shopping frenzy at the mall isn't for you, consider gifting your loved one with something handmade.
Sure, store-bought gifts are great, but given that most Valentine's Day offerings tend to be a little on the corny side, a handmade trinket tends to be a more stylish option. If you're looking for some finger bling, look no further than these fingerprint ring bands from Rock My World Inc. 2, Murray a favorite in Wimbledon has his pretty longtime girlfriend Kim Sears to cheer him up so who will cheer for Jerzy? He or she (they come in different sexes and skin colors) maintain a distance and provide a watchful eye for Santa. We thoroughly annoyed our Facebook friends last year by constantly broadcasting the foibles our children's elf, Missy (short for Mistletoe), got herself into. Another rule says the elf leaves one final time on Christmas Eve, hitching a final ride back home on Santa's sleigh. During the night's festivities, which included playtime with her cousins (one of her favorite things) and the opening of presents, Kelsey seemed sad and distant.
It was a good number of weeks into January when Kelsey didn't casually mention Missy, cry at night or carry her picture around. We could not ruin another Christmas, and quite frankly, it wasn't fair for Kelsey to be ridden with sadness on Christmas.
Kelsey had seen a toy ad that displayed the Elf on the Shelf, so we used this as a way to tell her that while Missy was not "real," the idea behind her was real.
While there have been quite a few tears over Missy not being real, Kelsey has been happy to have the elf with her all the time and has even started conspiring with her little brother to stage crazy antics to fool and amuse her parents.

This is hypocritical, I know, but show me a parent who says they are not a little hypocritical and I'll show you a liar. We may even look back on it with some regret -- as we sometimes do now, just weeks after ending the sordid elf affair. Using perceptual maps, you can quickly compare yourself to competitors and make strategic decisions about whether or not you need to reposition your brand.
Instead, it's simply a way to visualize and refine your current understanding of your market.
For this example, I considered comparing different brands of cars or laundry detergent, but I thought it would be more fun to try something off the beaten path.
In fact, The Arts Business Institute has a selection of handcrafted Valentine's Day alternatives from skilled artisans.
Each band is custom-made to showcase all the ridges and indentations of your fingerprints around the band.
As it is with most parents, we are now content to live vicariously through the joy seen through the eyes of our children on Christmas morning. Activities ranged from sitting atop the water cooler with a line of string into a bowl of water with a sign saying "Gone fishin,'" to the elf lying among some empty beer cans to give the impression of going on a bender. We suspended some rules and let Kelsey hold and take pictures with Missy, and let her snuggle with the elf while falling asleep on Christmas Eve, her final night in our home. Nonetheless, she still displayed elf-related paraphernalia in her room throughout the year.
Think back to the best Christmases in your life; most probably took place during childhood. We introduced the elf to our children as another way to bond with them, have fun and create long-lasting memories.
We are particularly enamored by this 8" by 10" giclee Hedgehog print by artist Jessica Boeman.
Unfortunately, it also takes about four weeks to make, but if your love can wait, it'll make a truly memorable gift.
And if you're looking to get sucked into the internet for a few hours, there's always Etsy.
Secondly, the elf must never move or speak when people are home or awake, but can "move" from place to place when no one is around. We were concerned that Kelsey's childhood Christmas memories would be forever clouded with sadness.
The deeper they get into the survey, the less concerned they'll be with providing accurate answers.

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