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Economic times are really tough throughout the UK and most of the world at the moment, and many people are struggling to make ends meet. Basic, low-paid jobs are attracting hundreds of applications, so the more lucrative positions are proving to be almost impossible to find.
The huge competition for jobs at the moment means people have to excel during the interview process to even be considered for a role. However, employers that use agencies often have a close working relationship with them, and that means agency staff will be best-placed to advise applicants on the best course of action. Major recruitment agencies will often employ people from the industries they are recruiting for. Large recruitment agencies are always on the side of the applicant, as a successful job application results in a hefty commission. Subscribe to our NewsletterJoin 103,000+ readers and receive daily career tips in your Inbox! Basically, a situation where a hero's relatively useless abilities turn out to be phenomenally useful because everything's contrived specifically in order to make them useful, even though realistically there's no reason to expect everything to be so convenient. Contrast Plot Tailored to the Party, where the same contrivance is used to make the members of a team seem equally useful, rather than to make one specific hero look powerful on his own.
If the character constantly uses a power to solve all his problems, but it generally makes sense (if you have a big sword, and fight monsters, it's not exactly contrived that a lot of monsters can be hurt by a big sword), see When All You Have Is a Hammer.
The exact opposite of this would be Kryptonite Is Everywhere, when it's a hero's weakness that is far more commonly available than makes sense. The backlash against this trope may well be the biggest reason Only the Pure of Heart has started to fall out of favor. True to the spirit of the trope, most of Misty's character-centered arcs were based around the usage of Water-type Pokemon. In Tokyo Mew Mew, while Mew Lettuce's powers are less useful than those of the other Mews, she is useful on a few occasions. Season 2 of Darker Than Black has the character April, who in the first season used her ability (essentially to make it rain) primarily as support for her partner who can freeze things, gets a freak chance to use her ability offensively.
In SD Gundam Force, the Gundivers were only good for underwater missions, and as such were only useful whenever something important fell into the sea. A Certain Magical Index: Touma Kamijo is an odd example in that Imagine Breaker is useless for fighting anything that is not magic or an esper ability. One Piece: In Thriller Bark, Perona ate the Hollow-Hollow Fruit, which allows her to generate ghosts that cause whoever touches them to become extremely negative and emotionally hollow.
Part 6 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has Survivor, who was said to be the weakest, least useful stand in existence by Dio and Pucci. Comedian Dara O'Briain had a bit about various actors who'd played the Milky Bar kid (one of whom actually was in the audience, or so they say).
Aquaman, of course, was notorious for such convenient obstacles, both as an Plot Tailored to the Party as part of a team, and alone in his Filmation cartoon (down to Aquaman actually becoming an astronaut because they needed to explore a water planet). This trope is parodied in Shadowpact where, after having his magical trident thrown into the middle of the Pacific Ocean by The Spectre, Blue Devil reappears with it to fight the unleashed Seven Deadly Sins.
Specifically, they've taken his super-tough "ability to survive crushing ocean depths" and super-strong "ability to swim really fast" and used them a lot more; as someone noted in his "Heart Is an Awesome Power" entry, punching people in the face at five hundred atmospheres or more puts him in the same tier as Superman.
In another issue of JLA, as part of the World War III storyline kickoff, Mageddon initiated a riot at a super villain lockdown and the Justice League were sent in to contain it since the warden and all guards had gone cuckoo as well.
This lead to a popular image macro with Aquaman handling a massive alien invasion that decided (fatally) to invade over water, summoning an incredible number of super-sized sharks to launch into the air to chomp them out of existence, as Batman and Green Lantern look on in amazement◊. On the other hand, the original Aqualad knew his limits at times in The New Teen Titans, Robin wanted him to rejoin the team, but he declined saying that his abilities are of little use out of an aquatic environment, but he promised to help out when he could really help.
In the first annual, Cypher, whose superpower was the ability to learn languages really really fast, ends up saving the solar system because he's the only one who can read an alien instruction manual.
With his recent resurrection, Cypher has turned this into Heart Is an Awesome Power, in addition to vindicating numerous fan theories about how his powers would work in the age of modern computers.
The comic X-Men Legacy was a particularly egregious abuser of this trope for a stretch of issues: It seemed like every single crisis could only be solved by two peoples' powers at once, or one person's power with another person's knowledge.
Before she got her incredibly versatile force fields, the Invisible Woman (then Invisible Girl) was often subject to this because her only power was Invisibility, so the team was put into situations where stealth was required so her power could come off as being useful. Speaking of the early Fantastic Four comics, while Namor the Submariner from their Rogues Gallery had some useful abilities on land (flight and super strength), he generally needed to spend some time in the water to keep them optimal. As blogger Chris Sims points out (with a reference to Knight Boat, no less), DC's annual Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer comic ran on this trope. The number of villains who think that it's a good idea to put Mister Miracle in some elaborate deathtrap is pretty astonishing, given that his primary selling point is being the universe's greatest escape artist. In an issue of My Little Pony: Friends Forever Thestra is a pony with a unique and highly unusual (even for MLP standards) ability of making skin and muscles invisible. In one The Far Side comic, the town's karate club are excited to see a group of plank-shaped and wall-shaped aliens invading Earth. For the cliffhangers in The Master Mystery, Harry Houdini constantly ended up imprisoned, handcuffed, tied up, locked in a crate thrown into the ocean, or otherwise captured in ways that his escape artist skills fit perfectly. Though not Super Power related, the murder case in Legally Blonde seems tailor made just so that Elle could help win it.
Parodied in the superhero comedy Mystery Men, in which the "Invisible Boy" can become invisible only when absolutely nobody is looking at him, including himself. Not superpower-related, but improbably convenient, is the climax to GI Joe The Rise Of Cobra.

Team America: World Police parodied this trope with Gary's acting talents, to the point where Da Chief says that sending his agents off to an aerial dogfight without an actor was like lambs to the slaughter. Sky High (2005): At the end, all the kids with "lame" powers such as melting, glowing, and turning into a guinea pig work together to thwart the villain and save their parents. Kid Omega's only kill in X-Men: The Last Stand was Kavita Rao (the scientist who developed the mutant "cure") whom he hugged, then deployed his quills. Let us not forget the way that James Bond always seems to find himself in a situation that requires the use of whatever gadgets Q has presciently seen fit to supply him with. The Poseidon Adventure: As the survivors try to reach rescue, there's a need to get a rope across a submerged passageway that's too long to swim across. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test, which measures preferences like introversion and extroversion, has been part of business culture for decades.
While the list below is in no way definitive a€” and personality preferences can be flexible over time a€” it may serve as a helpful guide for understanding yourself and what sort of personalities gravitate toward certain jobs.
Pleated-Jeans created The United States of Shame, a map that shows the statistic that each state is worst at. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day.
However, a bigger problem is that of unemployment, and millions of workers are finding their dream job is simply not attainable. However, using a national recruitment agency such as Adecco or Modis might actually tip the scales in the applicant’s favor, assisting them in finding the best employment opportunities.
An employer will need to formulate a shortlist as soon as possible, and the criteria used during that process can differ greatly between companies. Impressing a particular employer may be something as simple as having shiny shoes, yet it could be something much more fundamental.
The lack of demand in the UK economy means that businesses are fighting for every sale and contract. This financial incentive ensures that an agency will make every effort to secure their clients the positions they want. Compare Heart Is an Awesome Power, when the power seems uselessly specific but turns out to be useful in many situations. This included (but is not limited to) a battle with Ash over a Totodile they both claimed they caught, battling a gym trainer who specialized in underwater Pokemon battles, and an entire Pokémon League-esque tournament that required all participants to use Water-type Pokemon. She also happens to be female, meaning that she's the only one on Ash's team not affected by Snivy's Attract.
In one filler episode, she, being a bookworm, can resist falling asleep as a Chimera Anima made from a book reads aloud, and can counterattack.
By the final battle of the series they were upgraded with flight capabilities, becoming the Gunchoppers. True to Aquaman form, though, he lives in an environment where he's surrounded by espers and gets harassed by magic users. 5D's, Crow's Black-Winged Dragon is considered to be by far the weakest Signer Dragon, because its only effect is being able to stop Burn damage - a strategy that is niche at best in real life. This power has been shown to bring down even the 'Monster Trio' of the Straw Hats, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. Its power is to cause a weak electric impulse which stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for aggression, and allowing those affected to see their opponents' weak points, turning those affected into expert, relentless fighters. He asked the audience what superpower a hypothetical Milky Bar kid superhero might possess, to which they provided a series of bizarre answers such as "super-taste", "the ability to turn people into chocolate", etc.
Modern authors usually subvert this however, pointing out that he's at least a Badass Normal on dry land, having him use his additional minor powers or a skillful application of his Required Secondary Powers. Someone asks him how he got it back, and there's a one panel flashback of Aquaman retrieving it for him before going off to deal with his own problems.
His telepathy is also shown to have some limited degree of usefulness with non-marine species, Depending on the Writer.
While the rest of the team was handling things elsewhere in the building, Aquaman all by his lonesome busted into a room filled with about fifty bad guys with light-based abilities. When evil counterparts of the Justice League from a parallel universe invade Washington DC, Aquaman shows up to stop them — with the entire Atlantean navy backing him up. Bob Haney clearly had a hard time figuring out how to make Aqualad seem useful, so he'd often throw in contrived water-based set pieces to give him something to do (such as a swimming pool in issue #4, a high dive tank in #6, and sewers in #8).
Good thing Rogue's power is to absorb the powers, skills, and attributes of anyone she touches. In one early comic where Doctor Doom teamed up with him to try to eliminate the Fantastic Four, only to betray him along with them (since Doctor Doom wanted no super-powered competition from the Submariner either), Namor was only able to power up enough to pull everyone's fat out of the fire because the Fantastic Four happened to have a big tank of water handy in their building for him. Joe: A Real American Hero (Marvel), Barbecue the firefighter is disdained by Shipwreck, who doesn't see the point in a combat unit having a fireman attached to it.
You'd think sooner or later someone would come up with a plan that did not involve confining him in something he was sure to escape from.
This skill turns out to be perfect and extremely convenient to fight a giant flying orca made entirely of mirrors. What comes in handy during the proceedings isn't her law training, or her studying and work at Harvard Law, but the fact that she's sorority sisters with the defendant, and knows fashion.
After spending most of the movie without finding any use for his powers, he becomes invisible to disable an automated security system which cannot detect him in his invisible state. The organization has a huge (like the size of Lake Huron) underground water tank and probably spends at least 80% of its annual budget on submarines.

At one point, the main characters meet up with a mysterious informant (played by David Duchovny) who reveals that throughout history male models have been brainwashed into becoming assassins.
Riddick in Pitch Black had escaped a life sentence from a prison where he was told he'd never see the light of day. Oh, wait: as a young woman, Belle was a champion swimmer who once crossed the English Channel. Just when they actually need exact change for a bus ride to the villain's lair, it turns out he left his utility belt home (with all his change) and they have to go on foot. Today about 80% of the Fortune 500 and 89 of Fortune 100 companies use it to analyze the personalities of employees, in an effort to get them in the right roles and help them succeed. As the CEO of SpeedReading People LLC, TiegerA has spent 30 years advising companies and people on how personality types can help teams work together. A recruitment agency will brief candidates several times throughout the selection process, and that greatly increases the chances of success. They often don’t have time to recruit for their premium positions, and that means they turn to recruitment agencies for help. However, this is also an opportunity for candidate’s to get some insider advice from those who know the industry personally.
Commission is often based on the final salary, so agencies have a vested interest in filling premium position with the very best candidates possible. In another, when the Mews get bound in silk by a spider-like Chimera Anima, she can still use her castanets, which only require her fingers, and defeats the monster. As some viewers note, he only ends up looking good at street combat because his opponents aren't very good at it either.
However, he has flight abilities, but they were utilized only one time outside of water, during the Grand Finale.
However, nearly every time it appeared in the anime, the opponent played a deck that utilized Burn in some capacity, and the arc after he got it featured the card Speed World 2 (which had a Burn effect) in almost every Duel.
Usopp, on the other hand, is so pessimistic that the ghosts have no effect on him, and in fact contact causes Perona to become negative! The reason why it's so useless is because it affects everyone in range indiscriminately, meaning that the user's enemies become expert fighters, while his allies turn against him.
O'Briain promptly mused that, if the hypothetical superhero possessed such a superpower, each episode of the hypothetical TV series would consist of this (and then provided an example of how absurd a crime for which "super-taste" would be necessary to solve it would be). Instead of admitting he needed Aquaman's help, he just says "I'd rather not talk about it" and keeps going. Some writers go to extremes by combining "can summon and control sea creatures" with "every living thing on Earth has evolved from sea life" to giving him power over more or less everything. He was Put on a Bus and replaced by Speedy in issue #19, and after eventually rejoining the team, he ended up resigning in issue #51 precisely because he'd developed an inferiority complex over his perceived uselessness.
Shortly afterward, Barbecue justifies his position with the team by ably dealing with several fires caused by a Cobra surprise attack.
And not the big, slow-moving submarines that real navies use; we're talking about two-seat submarines that have the speed and maneuverability of fighter jets because they're imported from Naboo.
On the other hand, that was when she was young, and she's years out of practice and out of shape. Managed recruitment is growing increasingly popular at the moment, and it involves the agency taking complete control over an entire selection process. This type of advice is priceless during the search for a quality job, and it can often be a deciding factor.
Many job seekers are avoiding recruitment agencies in their quest for the dream job, yet that could actually be harming their chances of finding it.
Funnily enough, a regular Trainer probably would've used Pidove anyway due to the Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors. Whenever he goes up against someone who has martial arts training, they tend to wipe the floor with him. The only situation where it could be useful is if you have someone you really want dead, and they're trapped somewhere with other strong fighters who could probably kill your target if a big fight started. The first issue of his new title has him weathering gunfire and leaping tall buildings which makes sense for a man who's legs are powerful enough to swim at 100 mph. They are always in peak physical condition, keep getting invited to exclusive events and most importantly have low intelligence and tend to do as they are told. Fortunately for him, the ship transporting him after he escaped crashed on a planet that happened to plunge into darkness during an extended eclipse. Agencies have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and employers trust them to fill their most lucrative positions. Whether the subsequent interview is a success or not, this is free coaching for the candidate. Coincidentally, this was the only time light-phobic monsters swarmed from underground caves to feed.
Turning to an agency may open up opportunities that were never advertised in the general marketplace. The advice and guidance given by an expert will give the candidate a huge advantage over rivals during future selection processes.

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