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The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) is the premier military institution of the country and is the training ground for future officers of the Armed Forces of the Phillippines. In 1950, the Academy was transferred to a sprawling 373-hectare compound in Loakan which is ten kilometers south of downtown Baguio City. The PMA site was developed into an ideal military training institution with facilities and infrastructure required of a growing military institution. Here it found its permanent home in a fort named after the young hero of the battle of Tirad Pass, Gen. It's rigid and unique 4-year curriculum has been designed to fit the specific needs of the major branches of service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
Local and foreign tourists visiting the city always make the Academy an important part of their itinerary.
Just like military academies in the United States, female cadets have also been accepted by PMA since 1993.

On returning home, she took up running to build strength and endurance, and began contacting authorities to ask about enlisting in the Israel Defense Forces."I felt this need to give back," said Kelemer, 21, from Jerusalem last week. A camera is a must to have when visiting the Academy especially during most Saturday mornings when the cadet corps undergo their outdoor inspection in ranks. These were my beliefs."Kelemer is one of thousands of American Jews who have signed up to fight for Israel since the creation of the modern state in 1948. It is here where you will witness the marching precision of the Cadet Corps of the Armed Forces of The Philippines. Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, a private nonprofit that supports the soldiers, said 20 are from Baltimore."The kids there really have a sense of understanding who they are and what they can do to protect Jews, not just in Israel but worldwide," said Philip Berry, director of the Midatlantic Region of Friends of the IDF, which is based in Rockville. Hundreds signed up with the Canadian military to fight in Europe before the United States entered World War I, and again before the U.S. For many, it's a fast track to citizenship: The United States has naturalized more than 89,000 service members and veterans since Sept.

But they are otherwise fully integrated into the military, where the requirements and expectations of the foreigners are the same as those of native Israelis, for whom military service is compulsory.Adam Harmon's interest in the Israeli people and culture led him to join a paratrooper unit in 1990. At the time, he said, he was older than most of his Israeli comrades and questioned how well he could take orders. Are you helping people or not?"And very quickly all of the differences completely melt away.

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