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The Internet has allowed an underserved community to unite, but no amount of magic or fantasy erases the racism and sexism they face in the pursuit of their unconventional passions.
Broadnax isn’t the only African-American woman who supports others in the embrace of interests and hobbies typically linked to geekiness. Of course, having a place to belong doesn’t mean that racism and misogyny magically cease to exist when you enter the nerd realm. According to Broadnax, merchandise that fans buy from very popular mainstream nerd sites rarely include representations of characters of color, particularly female characters. Ashlee Blackwell (second from right) discussing horror and horror fandom at a film screening she curated back in February 2014.
However, even when the diversity issue is drawn to the attention of content producers, Broadnax said, they sometimes still refuse to address or acknowledge it. For Blackwell’s particular fandom, it is the misogyny that feels much more prevalent.

While managing negative respones like these, she also focuses her attention on spreading the word about things like the fact that black women have been present in classic horror films from the very beginning.
Of course, that is not to say that these self-proclaimed nerdy black girls haven’t had great experiences. A prime example was the recent announcement that Sam Wilson (aka the Falcon), who is black, will be the new Captain America. My Boyfriend Wants Me to Pay My Share on a Trip, but Why Should I Chip In When He Makes More Than I Do? Herea€™s How10 People of Color Hillary Clinton Could Pick as Her Vice PresidentWill Party Loyalty Trump Fears About Donald Trump for Black Republicans? Ashlee Blackwell has created Graveyard Shift Sisters, a growing community for black women who are into horror.
The lack of diversity within the fandoms, as well as the lack of knowledge of black characters, is a much-discussed problem.

This prompted her to start regularly spotlighting black female characters from comic books. So it’s not uncommon for a young black girl who may be into comics, science fiction, horror or anime to ask herself, “Am I the only one? When she focused on the first black female superhero, Butterfly, the reactions to the post amazed her.
But that positivity is dampened when they go on to mention the aggressions, micro or otherwise, that they’ve experienced or heard friends talk about.

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