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Since it’s technically a toy, assembly is incredibly simple, consisting of inserting four pegs and four screws before slapping on a board.
Still, it seems like kind of a waste to buy creature comforts for inanimate objects like dolls.
The Duktig comes bundled with a tiny little sheet, but most pet owners who’re dedicated enough to buy furniture for their kitties seem to spruce the bed up with some extra linens and blankets. Even though it wasn’t created with cats in mind, the bed turns out to have one very feline-friendly design point.
Much like with human beings, the cats’ reactions upon being woken up seem to range from startled to stink eye.

Of course, a lot of cat lovers have multiple kitties in their homes, which of course require multiple beds. If floor space is at a premium, though, drilling a couple of holes is about all you need to do to make a bunk bed. Really, you can never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep in improving your mood.
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The compact, 2,299-yen (US$20) Duktig is actually supposed to be used as a “bed” for children’s dolls. Since there’s a gap in the edge of the frame where a person’s toes would be, the cats have a perfectly placed opening to stick their tails through.

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