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6. If you don’t know the date, search each entry looking for the names of the child, or the parents. Sometimes the christening date was recorded according to the religious “feast day” such as Ascensionis Domini (in latin) or Kristi himmelsfardsdag (Swedish) which converted to May 9 in 1771.
With the Baltic Sea to the east, and the North Sea to the south west, there is a good chance that someone in your Swedish ancestry was a sailor.
It can be difficult to follow a sailor in the church records because of the constant traveling from one place to another. A sailor would register with the sailor’s home at the “home port” and make donations with the agreement to eventually receive retirement care.
The easiest way to search these records is through ArkivDigital as they have digitized sjomanshus records from 37 cities. In the middle of the 1800’s  there were about 100, 000 torps (small farms) in Sweden with roughly 500,000 people living on them. If the Torpare (farmer who ran one of these small farms) rented the torp from a larger farm, then there was no property tax on the torp. In the late 1800’s there was a massive emigration from Sweden, plus migration to the cities due to the industrial revolution, and the practice of the military Allotment System and its soldier farms was discontinued. Photo by GFrobergMorris, Soldiers cottage at Skansen outdoor cultural history museum, Stockholm 2008. While reading Borja forska kring ditt hus och din bygd, I learned some interesting things about farms in Sweden. Historically the largest cities in Sweden have been Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo, and Norrkoping. A priest in the Swedish Lutheran church was responsible for keeping birth, marriage, and death records for all the people that lived within their parish boundary.
Because there were so many people to keep track of, the parish priest and his staff struggled to keep accurate household examination and moving records. The larger cities had an increased military presence made up of professionals, and non-professionals in the army or navy.
1878-1926 Roteman database (Stockholm City Archive), also available for purchase on DVD through Sveriges Slaktforskarforbund. The DDSS database was created by volunteers (many of which are unemployed or unable to get employment), genealogists, and the staff at the regional archive of Lund. A migration database that is created from the parish moving-in and -out records of 9 parishes. The DDSS website allows you to search data from the three sources (DDSS, Malmo City Archive, SDD) at the same time. First names, last names, titles, place names, and causes of death can be searched using a standard or non-standard spelling. The registration for a parish always begins with the records of the late 1800’s, and then progressively works back earlier in time.
You’ll find there is some inconsistency to the extracted data, for example some birth entries include godparents and others do not. A database which includes most of the marriages in the county of Halland, called the Vigselregister Halland which is available on the DDSS website.
A database called Sveriges Skepplistor, which is a database of Swedish ships between the years of 1837 and 1885. The Karlskrona Sjomanshusdatabas (Karlskrona Seaman’s Home) is a collaborative effort by ArkiVara in Karlskrona, the Municipality of Karlskrona, and the Regional Archive in Lund. The elegant and stylish porcelain pattern Swedish Grace has become a true classic that you can find in many homes all across the world. Tess Montgomery, model and blogger, writes about beautiful things in fashion, design, jewellery and interiors!
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The kingdom of Sweden has some of the most comprehensive records for genealogy in the world.  Beginning in 1686 every birth and christening was to be recorded by the local parish regardless of religious affiliation. The birth entry will also include the marital status of the parents, place names, and maybe the occupation of the father.

The technique was to rub powder from smallpox scabs or fluid from pustules into small cuts to create a controlled exposure to the disease. At that time there were about 3.5 million people in Sweden, so about one seventh of the population was living on torps.
Torps in northern Sweden were often owned (as there was no large scale farming in the north.) Either way the torps generally did not have the best plots of land for farming. As part of the contract the Torpare made a payment at the beginning in exchange for fewer obligations in day labor. With so much change in society, many of the torps were converted into summer cottages in the early 1900’s. Over time the government sold Kronogards to independent farmers using transactions called Skattekop. When you rank the cities by size, you’ll find the order of largest to smallest varies according to time period.
In Sweden the government controlled the privileges of a town or city to participate in these activities. As the population increased and the number of members within a parish increased, the diocese would split the older parish to create a new parish.
It could be the death of parents, a single parent unable to provide for a child, or a temporary situation of failing health, or imprisonment. Fodda, Vigda, Doda i Adalen, CD available at FHL or can be purchased through Riksarkivet for Harnosand and Solleftea. It is a product of 3 databases called the Demographic Database of Southern Sweden (DDSS), the Skane Demographic Database (SDD), and the Malmo City Archive Birth Register Database. Because the data is also for academic use, every entry is reviewed by an experienced genealogist. If you want to search using a non-standard spelling type a quotations mark (“) before the word. This is because the birth data has been contributed by multiple organizations that had different rules in the extraction process. They are extracting the registration records from the Karlskrona Seaman’s Home between the years of 1871 and 1937. The series has a beautiful scandinavian design, where the classic relief pattern was designed by Louise Adelborg for Rorstrand 1932. Then I took it to Earl Scheib (“Any car, any color – $29.95”) with a coupon out of the paper for $10 worth of free bodywork! There can be reasons of course, buying a new house, new addition to the family, or just need money, etc. Other times the priest kept an ongoing record of all services (births, marriage, deaths) in a chronological order. The hope was that a person’s immune system would develop resistance through small exposure.
Batsman were sailors in the Swedish navy and the military kept track of enlisted personnel.
It has information from the sailors’ homes in Harnosand, Gamlakarleby, Vastervik, Hudiksvall, Soderhamn, Gavle, Karlskrona, Oskarshamn, Visby and Ornskoldsvik.
Sometimes they were used to break a new section of ground for farming next to a large farm, or from government owned land such as the Kronotorps in northern Sweden.
Rent for the torp could have been paid in goods or labor such as the day labor torp (dagsverkstorp.) Other terms for this kind of torp were Jordtorp or Stattorp.
Another type of torp was the undantagstorp which was in consequence to an inheritance or sale. You might see the title Soldattorp, Ryttartorp, Batmanstorp, or even Knekttorp in the records.
If your ancestor was listed as a Skattegardsman (or Skattebonde), the farm was privately owned. The parish was still responsible to keep the vital records of birth, marriage, and death, but there are unique differences due to city life. Although Sweden had the Lutheran state church, they allowed other groups of people to practice their respective faith.
In the larger cities, there are congregations that gather for other reasons such as language, or the military.
Within DDSS there is the Halland Marriage Database that will help for the cities of Falkenberg, Halmstad, Kungsbacka, Laholm, and Varberg.
The goal is to create one database that has all the birth, marriage, and death information (up to 1894) for the parishes within the geographical area that the archive is responsible for.
Although this ongoing project has had economic challenges at times, the database has continued to grow.
This pertains to all seamen who registered and donated money to their future care, and retirement.
Because it is original, it is a bit tired but still in great condition and a draw at local car shows. But not knowing the reason why it’s for sale, with little use since completion, does make me wonder what might have gone wrong with it. We have several PV 544s already entered, but this car would be a blast to have in our race group. An emergency christening could be performed if they thought the child might die before getting to the church.
Eventually they were established in all Swedish ports that had rights for international trade. In later years you will find the sailors name, birth year, birth place, social standing, place of residence, registration numbers, and when they ended active employment.

These were small farms used for the soldiers of the Allotment System starting in the 1680’s. The newer cottages were given newer names, while many of the older torps were re-named by new owners to dis-associate from the social stigmas of the old torps. On every farm you had the family who owned or leased the farm along with servants (usually from the younger working class who probably came from nearby.) Often the farms had smaller leased torps or backstugor associated to them. The Kronogardsman (or Kronobonde) had a lease to a government owned farm, and the Fralsegardsman (or Fralsebonde) had a lease to a farm owned by the nobility. This article will help you understand those differences and offer some resources to find your ancestors in the cities.
As the natural resources and opportunities vary by location, you find that towns and cities became known for certain products. These parishes are called Non-territorial parishes because there isn’t a geographic boundary within the city.
Over time your new surname would become what you’re known by with your friends, family, employer, on the church records, and with tax authorities. The regional archive of Lund has responsibility for the counties of Skane (Malmohus 1669-1997, and Kristianstad 1719-1997), Blekinge, and Halland.
As of April 30, 2014 the database has over 1.5 million searchable entries from about 400 parishes. Then click on the Harad or City on the next map, and then browse down the list of parishes.
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This re-naming can be one reason why you have a hard time finding the location of an older torp on a modern map. Between 1850 and 1930 the population of Stockholm increased to 500,000, and Goteborg to about 250,000.
In most cases there is a city parish (Stadsforsamling) for people who lived in the city, and a rural parish (Landsforsamling) for the people who lived near the city. Residency in the records is listed by Rote (like a neighborhood), streets, or even households within a building.
Although Halland belongs to the area jurisdiction of the regional archive of Lund, the data for Halland is being registered into the Svensk Lokalhistorisk Databas. After they painted it and ran it though their huge baking oven, they rolled it outside into a thunderstorm. Over time the government became involved with the sailors’ homes, but there was no legal requirement to have a sailor’s home in a Swedish international port until 1864. The farm was too small to be self-sustaining so the local farmers with large farms were obligated to provide agricultural products and use of draft animals. Also, there was a wider variety of given names in the cities, many of which came from other countries. You can click on Databases, choose a birth, marriage, or death database and then use the drop down menu to see if a specific parish in included.
The resulting water spots would not come out, and they ended up painting it again for free a week later.
Vaccination against small pox was quickly recognized as an effective practice to prevent epidemics of the disease. In some parts of Sweden the soldier farm was given to the soldier at the end of military service. You can use historic maps to find the location of an older torp and then try to find the same place on a modern map. By 1810 the practice of small pox vaccination was wide spread in Sweden and was performed by doctors, priests, and church wardens. More commonly, the soldier and his family had to move after the discharge (or death) of the soldier.
Because the church assisted with vaccinations, you may find vaccination records in the ministerial book, household examinations, or in a book of its own. Most of the chrome has been rechromed, new IPD front and rear sway bars, halogen headlights, lots of little things (changed trans and diff oils, all new exhaust system, new water temp gauge, oil pressure gauge, front and rear seat belts, back up solid state fuel pump, new oil and water and fuel pumps) a very, very, VERY nice example of this lovely car. I had a lot of fun working in that back alley in front of his garage in downtown Baltimore. The disease still had outbreaks in the 1800’s in Sweden but effected mostly elderly people who had never been vaccinated.
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