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Your wife is only a few years younger than you, but from the day you got married you always thought of her as your trophy wife.
Now, if you still work, that age difference can make it difficult to decide what to do about Medicare. For example, say you work and your employer only charges you $17.32 per month to be on the employer plan. Leta€™s say your employer charges you $211.79 per month to be on the plan, and the Medicare Part B premiums would be less. If your wife still works and her employer offers coverage, consider that option first as it is likely to be the best. If your wife doesna€™t work, then consider her staying on your employer plan through COBRA. If you drop your employer plan for Medicare, your wife may need to find an individual or other policy to cover her until she qualifies for Medicare. If you work and your employer contributes a lot towards your premiums, that plan could be cheaper than Medicare and it may make sense to stay on it.

Leta€™s further assume that it is a good health plan that you like and that counts as creditable coverage. Next, you would want to compare the benefits of your employera€™s plan versus the available Medicare options. Bear in mind that the cost of COBRA will be the full cost of the premiums for your wife plus 2%. These are available on private web exchanges, insurance company exchanges, and the new subsidy exchanges opening on October 1st, 2013. Even if you want to just keep everything the same as it is now, there may be Medicare-related paperwork to file. You can delay your enrollment without a penalty as long as you are on a group health plan sponsered by a company with 20 or more employees.
If that is the case, you would want to stay on the employer plan and delay enrolling in Medicare Part B.
If you are able to find a plan with Medicare that is just as good or better than your employera€™s plan, then you would want to drop your employera€™s plan and enroll in that Medicare option.

If she signs up on the subsidy exchange, she is eligible for federal subsidies that depend on your familya€™s income. If you find it is worth it to make changes, then youa€™ll need to notify your employer and enroll you and your wife in the new coverages you identified as being best for you. Part B premiums are at least $104.90 per month, so delaying enrollment would save you a lot of money. If your employer didna€™t contribute very much for your spousea€™s premium when you were on the plan anyway, then you may find the cost is about the same as what youa€™re paying now for her.
Just as you would with any insurance policy, you will want to compare the premiums for these policies with the benefits they offer.

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