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Fried Chung cake, boiled corns and boiled sweat potatoes were among the most common foodstuffs featured at Cho Que. A traditional Vietnamese orchestra heated up the event’s atmosphere with their passionate traditional musical performance.
Recommend stories71 thousand USD collected for poor children(VOVworld)- 71,000 USD is the amount of money collected from the "Hanoi run for children 2013" (HRC) charity event for children with fatal diseases in hospitals in Hanoi.
Many tour organizers and hotels have demanded permission to list prices for their services in foreign currencies, an act that is strictly prohibited by the State Bank of Vietnam.

Vietnam will focus less on the amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) registered capital, but more on FDI disbursement next year, expecting to dole out US$10-11 billion, said an official.
Let’s say you were about to speak before a primarily Vietnamese audience, like at a festival, concert, or meeting, and your Vietnamese skills are not yet up to par, you would say this phrase to pardon any mistakes you may make.
Toi nghi la ngu?i d?y cung nen noi ti?ng vi?t luon trong khi gi?ng ch? khong nen noi ti?ng anh.
How do you say ( if =in vietnamese?) ,expensive ,look ,watch, fine,search, body stuffs,close ,open, the number=100,1000,10000!

You can also use this phrase if you will be only speaking English but you want to address the Vietnamese audience first out of respect.
Toi h?c ti?ng anh thi th?y trong cac video, giao vien luon luon noi ti?ng anh trong khi gi?ng.

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