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Nietzsche saw 'mind' in the 'mind body dualism' behind 'rationality' as a misleading way to suggest abstract 'intelligence' behind human behavior. The divide in 'mind' labor ('thought') and physical labor is the usual academic conceptual scheme since Immanuel Kant.
A division of life in 'rational' (metaphysical) and physical (the design behind 'creation' and the actual realization of life). Nietzsche's intuitive philosophy is a break with the 'rational' tradition of Enlightenment philosophy, and in particular with the thinking of Immanuel Kant. An alternative view that took ages before it was repeated again by first Ludwig Wittgenstein and later Thomas Kuhn. For Nietzsche, Kant's 'critique' took the form of 'law and order' (categorical imperative). In Nietzsche's view Kant’s critique failed as challenge to revalue the (western) cultural concepts 'knowledge' and 'moral'. We need to stop 'thinking' that we have to resemble some cultural concept, and start being ourselves. Nietzsche considers it as absurdity to expect the natural world to conform to an idealist standard, some herd morality. This set of morals has been passed throughout many western generations, which has made it acceptable as Truth. Nietzsche rejected the ROMAN Christian dualism of sorting existence into two active opposites, with absolute 'good' and absolute 'bad'.
Nietzsche agreed with his teacher Schopenhauer that life is Will, but fought zombie behavior (addicted Will, drugged by the initial sucess of abstract Ideas). Western history abruptly rediscovers the common sense of Nietzsche in a recession and accompanying Paradigm Shift.
Much later in WWII an abstract harness strengthened by cleverly used mass media addicted many Germans into behaving like grey zombies and to become Nazi.
The Nazis had already trained total annihilation in the Basque town Guernica, when assisting Franco during the Spanish Civil War (this left progressive Spain and especially Basque Spain with a HUGE trauma). In 1 Nietzsche says that any ethics (logic) makes only sense to its own users, and he denies 'universal' ethics. The romantic reaction to Enlightenment stressed (3) free creativity, but also (1) the self [liberty], (2) individual fantasy [pure reason]. In fact EVERY sense experience is 'objective' (seen from personal viewpoint), and 'subjective' (seen in cultural way). Kant practiced 'Idealism'; the belief that what we call the 'reality" is somehow created by our minds. Especialy fundamental Lutheranism Nietzsche knew intimately (English people might think of 'Pietism') . Nietzsche fiercely attacked Socrates, but I think what he attacked was the notion 'reason' as introduced by Aristotle.
Realize: in Nietzsche's time ancient Greek history (following the transition from common sense guys like Socrates and Plato to a murderously ambitious fantast like Aristotle) was seriously twisted.
Socrates was executed because he stayed in Athens under 'the dirty thirty' during the Pelepponesian war.

Socrates might have had other reasons too, but Socrates obviously saw leadership as being there were the trouble is. Nietzsche was mislead by his fellow scientists interpreting the word 'reason' in Aristotelian way. That would be OK is god is seen as DNA, but Aristoteles' structure of the Universe (god) is much more 'cultural' (Nicomachean Ethics). Henk Tuten: it feels as if Aristotle seriously underestimated the cultural influence in his views.
Friedrich Nietzsche was ready to be a cultural guide for 'rational herds', but all he got was an obscure place in a 'rationalized' history. Nietzsche realized learning from the experience in passive way (of teachers) has its limits.
Often Nietzsche in Christian Science was described as a devil, and at present he still raises strong emotions. Wittgenstein in his masterwork Philosophical Investigations' (but lost in the bray of sometimes remarkable thoughts). He should have shown 'guts' and should have fought like a lion for an own cage for abstract thinking. And Kant in his Prologemena showed to underestimate the ENORMOUS dangers of abstract thinking not limited by a robust ethical 'cage'. But what he did was releasing the mind tiger 'rational thought', disguised as a harmless white rabbit.
Fighting would have resulted in a motivated opinion about the similar (absolute) 'a priori' behind rationalism and empiricism. It made him rightfully observe in his work The Gay Science that all really exceptional men first were considered to be evil. Mencken also wrote that rational thinking seemed to obscure the DIRECT message in Nietzsche's common sense words.
Nietzsche had left the Western ideas of individual freedom, individual rights, rational equality, nationalism and patriotism. Even Fjodor Dostojevski worried: If God does not exist, doesn't that mean everything is allowed? Ethical Laws (common sense in rules) only in Hebrew OT times were believed to be made by Gods.
The magnificent 'fireworks' of Nietzsche where in the Western World very reassuringly considered as 'pagan' frustration.
One word about Nietzsche's supposed nihilism (complete denial of all established authority and institutions). He opposed authority without wisdom, and in his main work Also sprach Zarathustra brilliantly 'dismantled' the arrogance of some 'leading classes'. And 'rationalism' end of Enlightenment made the 'liberal' money loving part of Roman Christianity race across that point.
A seeming paradox because humans need rules to survive (religions in any shape), and also for survival at certain moment need to leave those religions.
Friedrich Nietzsche used all his willpower to get man out of a 'ruin' on the way to a 'paradise'.

The One: When he had been born in Asia, then Nietzsche might have been recognized as succesor of Zarathustra, Buddha and Jesus. Surprisingly even the very self assured Nietzsche still was way too modest, already stealthily too much spoiled by Western ideas about individual equality (or Western Democracy).
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Specific within cultures (thou shalt not kill), guidelines for all cultures (honor all life). In these suffocating surroundings his strong willpower and huge sense of humor made him a feared freethinker. But one that instead of stopping the since Enlightenment developing rationalism of Descartes , aided in making it accepted. In Nietzsche's view, instead of seeking compromise with his hero Hume, Kant ought not to have mystified abstract thinking in the crooked compromise 'rational thought'. The human will to power shaped in Laws separated humans more and more from being just 'animals'. Human rulers should reject all gods and religions and trust the moods produced by intuition.
And if you would like to send this wallpaper to Facebook, Twitter or Delicious, please be our guest! Celebrated to be able to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, this festival also holds by itself a holy message for that followers of the religion that God may be the supreme power and he is past the life and death cycle of earth. At this juncture, Christians all over the world take part in merry making and feasting to be able to express their happiness.
Because this festival holds a great importance among the Christian community, several folklores are also popular relating to thisEaster Poem for Childrenfestival. You will find different kinds of Easter poems like for prayer purpose, you will find rhyming hymns and for kids there are Easter bunny poems. The prayers poems are utilized in church while the kids’ poems should acquaint Children with the Easter traditions. You can undergo some of these interesting poems within our related section.Easter BunnyEaster and bunnies are symbolic of ach other. When the bunny was brought in the store on the eve of Easter, he was pampered through the entire household and received the best possible care.
Easter Comes But when a YearSeveral Easter folklores and poems should make the kids understand the deep sited meaning and spirit of this holy occasion. This poem narrates the way a bunch of children enjoy the festival of Easter.Easter HolidayEaster is an excellent festival which is celebrated to be able to commemorate the resurrection of Lord Jesus.
This festival is recognized as very holy and auspicious because it does not only strengthen the religion of humans over God and goodwill but additionally stands as an epitome of hope.

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