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How to hook up with a girl Step 2: Fill out your profile and don’t forget to upload a picture.
How to hook up with a girl Step 5: Arrange to meet her at a neutral location, like for coffee or a drink.
Use the friend group: Even though you might want a new beginning, you should still tap back into those old loving feelings.
Tap into your romantic side: While chivalrous acts aren’t the most important thing, they are important. She’s not going to want to meet you if she doesn’t know what you look like (you’d be surprised how many guys don’t add a picture… you can imagine why they don’t meet any girls).
And think of something more original than “Hi, we should hook up.” That will get you no where.

An easy way to recreate happy times is to meet up in a safe, familiar environment—like an outing with your mutual friend group.
You both up and went on with your lives while you were apart—but that doesn’t mean you need to talk about what went down. Chocolates, cards and flowers (sent to her office so all her co-workers can get green with envy) are time-honored cliches for a reason: They kind of work. She gets a lot of emails, so a good way to increase your chances is to start off with an original subject line so she actually opens it, followed by a message that shows that you read her profile.
Focus on the positive qualities that brought you together in the first place, like your crazy sense of humor, or the way your laid-back personality complements her type-A tendencies. But here’s how to make it a legit, not cheesy, gesture: “Write a love letter,” says Frances.

But if you’re absolutely positive about this girl, the ultimate bold move has had unparalleled success, says Frances.
You can learn something here: You have got to step it up and have a plan for the relationship. You may want Friends with Benefits, a No Strings Attached fling or you’re just looking for some Discreet encounters.

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