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Best to install and open a compressed file, simply right click, and choose 'Open with IZArc'. Be careful what you do to your game - play for a while and you will find that learning the game mechanics and developing the right skills for your style of play will have you a Dragonslayer in no time. I have over 200 hours into this game, and I've found that even consoling in modifications can be unstablizing, so always work off of a saved file when trying anything. Having said that, I had to find a program to remap the keyboard (outside of the program) before I could navigate what was the worst interface design ever done by Bethesda!
In some menus a left-click is a right click - put something in your left hand with the right mouse button? I've worked around many problems, used the bat command in the console a lot, and still, the worst interface when you need to DO something other than fight. However, you do not need any mods or console commands to thoroughly enjoy this game and to 'win' with many characters; once the main quest is over, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of other things to do, adventures to go on, careers to try, things to explore, and a visual world of unending beauty. 90% of the 'mods' so far are files that replace current graphic files by overwriting files or adding additional graphic files in, most aimed at 'improving' the graphics, a concept that so far seems utterly irrelevant, as it is such a beautiful game.
These are not developed by hoards of programmers, it's one person on a computer, mostly, so their testing cannot possibly be comprehensive, I doubt most are cross-platform or OS tested, and rely on user feedback (it didn't work-type feedback) to fix them.
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If you want to install it with NMM, open NMM and click on the little drop down arrow next to the folder button along the top. There are tons of mods on offer; for this guide example I'm going to install an enhanced night sky, called Enhanced Night Skyrim. Until the Construction Set is released there can be no real mods based on a non-existing Construction Set.
Buy the Official Player's Guide -it's 600+ pages for $25 and lays the game bare for you so you can enjoy its fullness for the next decade. If you remap the keys (AND YOU WILL) "E" becomes useless and it is the only key to pick up and retain books with. They may not be specifically the type of mods you are looking for, but they modify the game, which is the definition of a mod however it is achieved.
Finally, in my experience, the files that caused the most instability were graphic modifications to all the other Bethesda games, and often caused more problems than were solved.
Better to wait, and investigate the 'mod' in the forums for comments, look at how many times it has been downloaded; some sites will rate them, some sites count their 'endorsements' as well - this game (interface excepted) stands on its own better than any game before it by Bethesda, which is why the mods can and should wait.
I can't find the COMMON folder in STEAM folder?T__T I installed the game separately, not downloaded it from steam??
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