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Improving the lives of New Mexicans, the nation, and the world through research, teaching and extension. Big or small, industrial sized…or homegrown, no matter how you slice it Skagit County’s medical marijuana cultivation is getting a lot of attention recently. Most of the 42 commenters at Tuesday’s forum, held by the state Liquor Control Board at McIntyre Hall in Mount Vernon, mentioned small growers, whether in passing or in passionate appeals to board members who were taking testimony. This was the fifth in a series of public forums about how to implement Initiative 502, the measure voters passed in November legalizing marijuana with certain restrictions.
Many speakers also brought up the potential economic boost legal marijuana could bring to the state, or at least to cities with retail marijuana stores.
The law allows people to possess small amounts of the drug and tasks the state Liquor Control Board with setting up a system to license cannabis producers, processors and retailers.
A news release from the agency said officers in Pharr encountered a large semitrailer Monday hauling a commercial shipment of coconuts from Mexico.
Authorities say the 1,423 pounds of marijuana were seized and are valued at about $285,000. The Columbus Police Department confirms the suspect in a northeast Columbus fatal shooting has been arrested. Columbus SWAT confirms 29-year-old Michael Cumberlander was arrested and charged with felonious assault. George Zimmerman has reportedly said he's sold the pistol he used to kill unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin during an altercation.
A New York City police officer shown on video pointing his gun at a bystander who was filming a police encounter has been stripped of his gun and badge. A father has been charged with second-degree murder after his 8-month-old daughter died in his overheated car in northern Mississippi, police said Friday. There is a chance of scattered light rain showers this evening with lows around 50 tonight.
The Food and Drug Administration and CDC found that the listeria bacteria in the blood of a person sickened in 2013 is genetically similar to the listeria tied to the recall. A tough new weed is threatening to crush crops across the Upper Midwest, and a lot of farmers are worried.
Scientists confirmed that palmer amaranth has been found in Iowa and in a few farm fields in South Dakota. It can overrun a farm field in just a few years and crowd out crops like corn and soybeans. Palmer amaranth, also called "carelessweed," is native to the desert Southwest and northern Mexico, and is now widespread in Southern states. They also need to be careful not to transport seeds from the plants on their farm equipment from one field to another.
One possible weapon in the fight against palmer amaranth is the cold winter weather in the Upper Midwest. Ag researchers in South Dakota plan to keep a close eye on the site where palmer amaranth was found to see if any seeds survive the winter, the Associated Press says. Herbicide manufacturers are also working to come up with new types of farm chemicals that will be more effective against the plants. As for Minnesota and North Dakota, Zollinger says it's just a matter of time before palmer amaranth reaches those states, too. Twin Cities Business is Minnesota’s leading provider of business news, insight, and analysis through daily online news stories, e-newsletters, a monthly print magazine and live events. Hold it right there, outlaw!This article is littered with spoilers, so I reckon you might ought'a mosey on down the road if you don't want to read any plot details. The Walkthrough, below, details everything that needs to be accomplished to achieve 100% Completion. The in-game "STATS" menu displays overall progress towards many of the goals, but without specific details. The requirements for 100% Completion come from eleven different aspects of gameplay as detailed in the subsections below. For 100% completion, eight bounty locations must be completed in New Austin, eight in Nuevo Paraiso and four in West Elizabeth. In order for the bounty to count, the on-screen message about capturing the target dead or alive must be displayed.
Eight New Austin Bounties are posted at Armadillo, Rathskeller Fork, and MacFarlane's Ranch.
Completion of 18 of the 19 available Stranger missions counts for 0.5% each, for a total of 9%. For each minigame to be counted towards the 100% completion stat, the player must beat all players at the event (in line or at the table). Three locations sometimes fail to register as "found" even after purchasing and using the appropriate maps: Repentance Rock, Tanner's Span and Mason's Bridge. Some may have trouble locating The Old Bacchus Place given it is mistakenly placed in Diez Coronas in the fold-out and in-game maps.
To save time, effort and money in the minigames some of the players can be made to go away. Instead of going to all 94 locations, the player can simply purchase all of the available maps saving a lot of time. If only 31 out of 32 locations are showing as discovered in Nuevo Paraiso, try heading to The Old Bacchus Place.
After applying Title Update 1.04, some players were unable to fully complete the game due to a bug with locations and bounties not being tracked properly.
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Peter Dykstra, publisher of the Daily Climate joins host Steve Curwood to discuss some environmental stories from beyond the headlines, including pesticide use on marijuana fields and NSA spying at international climate meetings.
DYKSTRA: They clear the land for this booming business, and as that happens, silt is washed into creeks, salmon runs are damaged, amphibians, small mammals, other wildlife is harmed.
CURWOOD: And it sounds like the spying business is going from the Cold War to global warming, huh? CURWOOD: [LAUGHS] Hey, Peter, before you go, tell me, what do you have on the calendar this week? Donate to Living on Earth!Living on Earth is an independent media program and relies entirely on contributions from listeners and institutions supporting public service. The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment: Committed to protecting and improving the health of the global environment. Contribute to Living on Earth and receive, as our gift to you, an autographed copy of one of Mark Seth Lender's extraordinary hummingbird photographs. Over the weekend we had some technical difficulties which means that Valya’s video series has been delayed.
We are currently enjoying lamsquarters in our green smoothies, so we wanted to share with you some useful recipes and information about this common edible weed. You can find lamsquarters all over America and in many different habitats from rich farm soils to empty lots in desert towns. Lamsquarters is one of the highest natural forms of nutrition, it is right up there with dandelion, watercress, and stinging nettles.  It is a huge source of vitamin A and K. Rose Barlow, on her web site Prodigal Gardens says that “Lambsquarters can be used in any recipe that calls for spinach.
I just finished the book The Green Smoothie Revolution (bought it yesterday and could not stop reading).
You can also access the highly rated Green Smoothie Recipe App from your computer any time by visiting the Green Smoothie Recipes Web App or visit the iPhone App Store or Android Market to purchase the Green Smoothies iPhone App. A recent public hearing held by the Washington State liquor control Board got an earful of ideas. Mary Margaret Haugen attended the forum and said she found many of the ideas interesting, particularly about pricing, quality and product testing. Customs and Border Protection says officers discovered over 1,400 pounds of marijuana hidden inside fresh coconuts at the United States-Mexico border in Texas. The vehicle was referred to an inspection point, where officers found 2,486 separate packages of marijuana concealed inside the coconuts. The  “super weed,” palmer amaranth, is highly resistant to herbicides and grows so tall and thick that it can stop combines in their tracks.
It hasn't reached Minnesota or North Dakota yet, but those states are on high alert, according to the Associated Press.
Once established, it's incredibly difficult to eradicate because the plants have developed a resistance to many of the most common farm herbicides. Zollinger says farmers need to be on the lookout at all times for palmer plants, and if they find any they should get rid of them immediately.
Seeds have not survived cold winters in the past, according to Paul Johnson, extension weed science coordinator for South Dakota State University. Maybe that will be the change it makes — adapting to a northern climate,” Johnson said, according to the AP.
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A safehouse count can be quickly checked in Stats under "General," after the list of hideout completion times.
The PS3-used-to-be-exclusive hideout, Solomon's Folly, does not count towards 100% completion.
Note: It is possible to need 9 bounties in New Austin and only 7 in Nuevo Paraiso, plus the four in West Elizabeth. For example, to complete Arm Wrestling the player must beat the person at the table as well as any people in line after him. The former is a cluster of steep rock formations in the middle of Rio Bravo (west-north-west of Fort Mercer); the latter two are railway bridges located to the southwest and southeast, respectively, of the Pacific Union Railroad Camp. In Arm Wrestling and Five Finger Fillet the people in the line can be knocked over (but they will stop playing the game if pushed or attacked) and will then wander away leaving only the man at the table.
This location will sometimes show up as a missing location in Nuevo Paraiso, even though it is physically located in New Austin. Turning off the Xbox and reload the game may unlock the achievement automatically on the next game load. Peter Dykstra, publisher of the Daily Climate and Environmental Health News, combs the Internet for stories of environmental change from around the planet along with his team. Bugs and grass, but not the bugs and grass you might expect to hear about in an environmental news show.
The farms grow bigger, and there’s more and more pressure to load fertilizer and illegal pesticides into the operation. In fact, they only got one phone number, and that was the phone number of the Chief of Police in Bali. He probably ranks, however, with people like Albert Einstein and Jonas Salk among the most impactful scientists we saw in the past century.
I’m wondering if the toxic inventions - that lead - might have played a role in Midgley’s death?
It is endlessly versatile in the kitchen and can be included in all kinds of dips, dressings, sauces, soups, salads, and main dishes. As Lamsquarters grows in Spring, we enjoy making smoothies pears and apples and strawberries.

My neighbor had some of the neighbor women over for a green smoothie party yesterday and I was in love!!!!
Haugen was defeated in the 2012 election and now hopes to be appointed to a position with the Liquor Control Board. We discuss today’s most pressing issues, examine trends and outlooks, and provide the context, perspective, and information leaders have come to depend upon.
The other three are grass, pine trees and oaks, not all of which are relevant to Australia.
The Tomahawk Mastery and Explosive Rifle Mastery Challenges added by the Legends and Killers DLC do not count towards 100% completion. Bounty total for each location can be viewed at the bottom of (score) in the players (stats) menu. Manually journeying to these locations (and crossing the bridges) will unlock the locations and count towards 100% completion rate. Plata Grande is another commonly missed location (it's a loop between Tesoro Azul and Sidewinder Gulch).
They find everything from the off-beat to little-noticed topics that we should watch out for as they emerge over time.
The British newspaper The Guardian reported this week that at a UN Climate Change conference six years ago in Bali in Indonesia, the NSA teamed up with their Australian counterparts, the Defence Signals Directorate, in an attempt to get the phone numbers of all of Indonesia’s top security officials in order to bug their phones. And that fits in with the tradition of these UN climate conferences where everyone comes in with low expectations and everybody comes out with little result.
Back in 1921, he was working in the chemistry lab of an automotive manufacturer, looking for a way to end engine knock, it’s that loud sound that was a big problem with old cars.
I suspect some folks may want to look that last one up, and you can find it all on our website at LOE.org.
It has a mild, chlorophyll flavor like our domestic  greens.  Lamsquarters is a relative of swiss chard, beets and a few exotic garden greens like orach, all in the chenopodium family.
Its highly likely  that you will find some in your garden.  Not only does it grow everywhere but it has a very long edible season. Lambsquarters are not yet popular in health food stores, but you can buy bunches of these greens at many farmer’s markets. The starch is a lot like wheat and contains gluten, just like wheat and many other common cereal foods. At this time, a lawman will come and post the wanted poster (this may take a moment, depending on how close the Safe House is). For blackjack you have to leave the table with more chips than when you started, because you can't "win" blackjack. Similarly, on a poker table if there is more than 1 person sitting (Normally 3-4 players is too much) and the player wants to reduce the amount of players, go near the table, take out a gun and aim towards any one person (make sure that he is facing the player and able to see that the player have taken aim on him) but do not shoot! A lot of people think of pot growers as back-to-Earth, nature-loving types, and you might think of The Nation magazine being staffed by dope-smokers and Bohemian intellectuals.
I mean if you’re already farming something that’s illegal why worry about breaking a pesticide law?
After the spying attempt was revealed by The Guardian, the Indonesian Foreign Minister reacted with kind of a mild form of diplomatic outrage. Midgely eventually found a way to add tetraethyl lead to gasoline, and it made the knocks go away. It gets to  be a good eating size around June, being a late spring arrival, and its tender leaves are available for the rest of the growing  season. Some tribes also ate the raw green flowerstalk (the part that looks like a bottle cleaner) during spring. If that wasn't enough, the plant also has medicinal uses as an antiseptic, and when they are burned the smoke is said to repel insects.
It made Midgley something of a rock star in chemistry, so his next job was to tackle refrigeration and air conditioning, and he developed chloroflurocarbons, CFCs.
He wanted to market it to disabled people all over the world, but as he was working with it, he got stuck in the ropes of his own invention and was strangled to death by his own invention.
Another option is to grow your own, you can purchase Lamsquarters seeds at Seeds of Change. Now go to a nearby table like a blackjack table (preferably where an action is performed, like sitting down at a blackjack table or checking wares in one of the stores). Up there in the mountains in the secluded woods, there are thousands of illegal pot plantations, marijuana farms. As soon as the player sits at the blackjack table, get up immediately and go back to the poker table.
They don’t really do huge environmental damage, but the big ones are the cannabis equivalent of industrial farming. But we found a different story many many decades later, leaded gasoline is a major source of neurological damage, particularly a problem with kids, it was outlawed. If the player is playing poker, the player can get caught cheating, duel the player and they will be gone from the table.
CFCs are a huge problem in that they are primarily the culprit in destroying the ozone layer.

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