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Find Your Voice Kit - rukristin papercrafts Shop rukristin: feminist scrapbooking Shop Login or RegisterAlready registered? If you love to sing or have a child that has a beautiful voice, make sure to enter Disney “Find Your Voice” contest for your chance to share your voice! Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Whether you are going out to a networking event, giving a class or being interviewed, be aware of the image you want to portray, and dress accordingly. Whether it is an hour-long presentation or a networking event, think in terms of the takeaways you want to provide.
Make sure to describe your presentation well in your abstract so as to attract the right audience. It does require preparation, practice and the right attitude – the generic recipe for success in any endeavor. If you would like to write for the Adventures in Technical Translation blog or participate in one of our ongoing series, please visit the Guest Posts page for more information. My plan for this year is to become more visible and to present myself as an expert in the field of translating and teaching English to professionals. It reminds me of this story: when I was young, my father was a hunter and an occasional competitor at a shooting club. Faced with a challenging situation, I ask myself: whom do I know, from my past, who would have handled this situation well? Visit the official contest site to see how you can use your voice to win a trip to LA for a VIP experience and other great prizes!
I felt a bit like a fish out of water, because as a TV host that also was also a parenting blogger, I defied traditional ways of classifying what I did.
Little did I know that there lay the building blocks of my new path, inspired by so many amazing bloggers and people who were changing the world one post at a time.

I keep encouraging my children to find their voice, to find their passion, and to try their best whenever they do something. She decided to sing her own version a capella, proving once more she is so much braver than I am and that even at seven, she has no problem finding her voice even if she has never taken singing lessons. The HR manager is looking to fill a spot in the company, the guy at the networking event is looking to expand his circle of acquaintances, and the audience in the room wants to learn from you. Face your feet forward to project a stronger image, and keep your hands above your waist line.
The way you look has an impact on how people react to you and how much weight they will give to what you say – especially if this is your first time addressing them. If you do not feel confident enough, emulate someone else’s energy – just make sure it is someone appropriate for the occasion.
I can guarantee that delivering a presentation geared to freelancers to an audience of employees has a very high likelihood of going wrong. The above will not turn you into a Cicero or a Bill Clinton, but I hope it will help you feel more comfortable about doing a presentation or simply encourage you to attend that next networking event. Many years later, when my son was about the same age, my father took us to a shooting range.
Plus, I had grown up in another country and my brain works in two languages, so I never really fit in. Then my first social media conference came along, and my online friends became my offline buddies. No longer did I feel like an outsider, wishing to be fully part of a world that I saw from afar. So here are a few quick tips to help you get over the hump and do better at your next engagement whether it is a presentation, an interview or a networking event. It’s not that hard, just finish this sentence and emulate that person’s energy: I wish I was [person’s name] right now.
As a writer, Gio has contributed to ATA’s The Chronicle, revived The Interpreters Voice (for ATA’s Interpreters Division) and FLATAFlash (for the original Florida Chapter), created CMI Tides for the National Board, and Speaking Out!

It was February 2010, at Walt Disney World, of all places, where you see the power of one man’s dream. I realized that within that circle of friends that first met on Twitter was the world where I could fully express my voice.
Engage your audience by asking questions – at a presentation, plant a mole or two in your audience if you must, if you know someone’s name, direct a question or two at that person.
But, since audience members are your allies (refer to #1 above), you can also count on their support. I am awkward at networking events and prefer it when people come to me, but that is leaving too much to chance, so I always go over my E.P. There, during Disney Social Media Moms, I realized it was okay to let my voice shine through and that it could be very powerful.
When she was younger, we used to watch The Little Mermaid all the time and the sequels, too. Be sincere in your desire to get the answers the audience asks for and you do not have, get email addresses (you may already have them in your sign-in sheet), and follow through. She frequently gives presentations both in the US and abroad on the subject of translation and interpreting.
And, yes, it is okay to share your frustration with your audience, just do not bad-mouth your host.
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