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The heart wants what the heart wants; time and again devoid of judgment and from time to time realism.
The first date, the first kiss and the first love- are the holy trinity of reminiscences that have everlasting impressions in our hearts. Get a makeover; indulge and pamper yourselves or go out with friends; the bottom line is you need to get over what was once your present but is now only a shadow of your past! Often after a break-up we go over the gifts that we must have exchanged in the happier days. You sit with the laptop at night; login to your Facebook account and type his name in the search box.
To let go of someone who is dear to you is hard but to hold on to someone who does not feel the same love for you is even harder and painful.
Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Love is a sensation that overwhelms each and every one of us at some point in time during our lives. When cupid strikes he changes our lives forever; the equation changes and we set eyes on happiness with someone apart from our family. The excitement that one feels while opening the letters to find out what one’s partner has to say is not something that is easily forgotten.
You are curious as to what he has been upto or who is the annoying new girl with him in the pictures. They say Once Bitten Twice Shy but let not the scars of the past thwart you from moving forward in life.

However hard you try; you inevitably end up enquiring about him or simply gather news and updates about him. Do whatever it takes to wipe of the blemish that the relationship would have left within you.
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. You’ll also learn why it’s so hard to forget your ex – even when you know your relationship was unhealthy and even toxic.In How to Let Go of Someone You Love, I share 75 things that help people move past the past, forget about the ex, and even get excited about the future.
We laugh, we cry and we walk together whispering sweet nothings whilst dreaming of a future of togetherness. We form relationships with threads of trust and feelings; nevertheless there are often instances when these very threads get strained and every now and then rupture. A rapport which has been tarnished is better to be left behind than making repeated attempts to carry it along. They take you back down the memory lane and re-kindle those feelings and experiences that cannot be recreated.
We preserve these souvenirs for the lovely recollections they preserve but what happens when the very person who wrote that beautiful sonnet for you refuses to be a part of your life further?
Things become awkward and inept on occasions when in the company of the same set of friends.
Yes the memories could be good but revisiting them when the wounds are fresh isn’t going to help you cross over to a new beginning. False hope and the innate realization of loss that these gifts are a sign of can never allow you to heal; hence it is always best to get rid of them or give them up in an effort to start afresh with a renewed fervor.

Does the letter still stir up the same pleasant feelings or does it whip up bitterness within you?
So stop peeping into his life and if you can’t just un-friend him; because holding on to this obsession will do no good to you instead will only hinder your progress into looking at life in a fresher perspective.
So the idea would be to avoid any common acquaintances and connections atleast till you are well over him.
Remember the end of love isn’t the end of life and there is so much love in the world that the absence of one person mustn’t get in the way your shot at a wonderful life!
I knew I couldn’t figure out how to forget about my ex alone, so I interviewed several psychologists and counselors for tips on letting go. It is bigger than that and we need to ensure we move on without a doubt into the welcoming arms of the future. I share what I learned in the ebook.These tips on how to forget about your ex are inspired by a woman who commented on one of my articles here on Quips and Tips for Love and Relationships.
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