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Just going off their sun signs, these two may just be attracted to each other by their looks. Aries doesn't pay attention to detail nor do they care for meticulously planning out their lives because, lol, ain't nobody got time for that.
Capricorn will plan out how they go through the flow, and take each step as cautiously as possible. Aries will likely feel bogged down by the Capricorn's undeterred need to finish whatever they set out to do. All in all, these two are just going to have to learn how to tolerate and be patient of each other. When Taurus sees him, she'll know just from looking at him that she's the one that she has been searching for for so long.
When Capricorn sees her, he'll likely see a soul mate in her, though he'll likely be too embarrassed to admit it. Taurus doesn't even need to do anything but look at him for that icy reserve of his to break.
Capricorn is perfect for Taurus since these signs want security in all walks of life, and Capricorn can provide that easily for her. I've seen a lot of Capricorns and Tauruses who started out as acquaintances at first but eventually one of them started to crush on the other, whether it's Taurus or Capricorn, and whether Taurus is a girl or Cap a boy, or vice versa. Even when they're just friends, either Taurus will start to feel more about Cap because of his cool and calm approach towards life, which she feels could provide her with the security she seeks. You remember how I said Taurus needs fuel from their partner, like verbal showings of their love or something along those lines? And Taurus is bound to get a little annoyed by this, but she'll just have to learn to use his showing of love through his actions serve as the "fuel". I once was in a relationship with a Taurus, and this is exactly how we ended up breaking up.
Taurus will need to learn how to verbalize these things that she cannot divulge, otherwise she might bring this relationship down without even realizing what she did to make it crumble down. Capricorn likes to follow a systematic path in life that's already been thought over and planned out a thousand times over. Gemini, however, are satisfied with knowing how to play the game, and once they figure it out (which will usually only take a matter of a few hours as opposed to a few days or weeks), they will move on to something else. This relationship could work out if both are willing to conform a bit to one another, but if they end up just being friends, that wouldn't be surprising. There's so much to say about why its so perfect that I'm afraid I'll confuse you along the way, so let's just start with the basics.
But it is these two traits that make them opposite signs that is exactly why they're so compatible. While Ieyasu's sun wasn't in Capricorn, he has a heavily strong influence of Capricorn that outweighs his sun being an Aquarius so much he may very well have been a Capricorn.
Capricorn provides the perfect home that Cancer, before meeting Capricorn, thought only existed in fairy tails, as well as giving her all the security her heart's desires. I've seen some Caps and Cancers married for 50 to 60 years at a time, so there's no doubting the compatibility here.
For Cancer, Capricorn is everything she wishes she could be, but is too sensitive and emotional to be that. And that's exactly why I think all those articles that talk down how good this relationship could be are so hilariously wrong. There's nothing wrong with being attracted to someone on the opposite side of the karmic wheel. There are two types of Capricorns when it comes to love, sex and the like: the dominate ones and the submissive ones. However, when it comes to making sure that the peace in a house is kept and providing for said house, no matter which type of Cap they are, you can always be certain that they'll pull through. In marriage, Capricorn wants a wife who'll stay home and give their children the best upbringing possible. But anyway, back to what I was saying--in this case, Cancer is the perfect person to provide this. Cancer will just simply have to coerce them into seeing things their way the same way she got him to open up when they first started dating: sweetly and gently. Even though they both make a rather harmonious relationship, in every cloud, there is a silver lining. If, and only if they get into an argument (mind you, it likely won't be that heated), both of them will retreat into their shells. Also, one of the pitfalls you may face is that one of you is too cold and distant for the other to handle. Both of them think of themselves as a step ahead of everyone else, though Leo is tad more snobbish about it, mind you.
Depending on the Capricorn you're dealing with Leo, he will either be very snobbish or very humble about his goals. Well, astrology has the answers, and I am here as the relayer of those answers, so let's get started!
Now, before we begin, I'm not saying that those obvious differences and loopholes that could danger the relationship are wrong. It's true that Capricorn and Leo yearn for dominance in their life, but they both have very different approaches towards getting their.
Meanwhile, Leo can teach Capricorn how to have fun and what he's missing out on, being center stage and all.
If they do end up being just friends that help each other out or business partners, it wouldn't be surprising.
They may go to extremes like robbing a bank or even committing adultery just to get that attention that they need. If a Capricorn had to choose between going out and staying in, they'd almost certainly choose the latter, like Cancer, their opposite sign.
I mean, it could work out if Leo could learn to be okay with her Cap not being there all the time, but such a feat is a little bit on the impossible side.
But it is not an easy task to force a Capricorn into doing something when they've settled in.
And Leo, don't even think about bringing a party into your home, at least an unsophisticated one. It may be something big like Capricorn wanting fried turkey for Thanksgiving, but Leo advising against it.
These two will have to learn how to make nice and compromise, otherwise this relationship is destined to fade into evanescence. When Virgo looks at Capricorn, she'll see a practical man, with aspirations, goals, ambitions, a head on his shoulders, someone with a plan and not just frivolous fantasies with no legit certainty of it actually happening. When Capricorn looks at Virgo, he'll see someone that can provide for him, his house, and the people in it, the perfect person to raise their children while he goes out in the world making his ambitions come true, a homemaker, a very supportive woman, someone who might actually possess the ability to untie the knots if they ever got close.
While these two signs are naturally very shy and reserved creatures, one of them may find themselves asking the other out. Intelligent: These two are both highly intelligent, and may even be so from a very young age, however, Virgo may be a tad more talkative in their intellect then Capricorn. Now Virgo, I know he might seem really detached and somewhat cold on the outside, but if you look inside, you'll find that he has a heart as fiery as lava and as beautiful, bright, and pure as gold. If a Capricorn tells you, "I love you.", if he's even trying to open up to you, it's not superficial.
If this girl has any sense at all, she'll realize that all her tests, analyzing, and mind games were all for nothing; a complete waste of time at that.
One of the biggest pitfalls these two might face is getting those sparks in the bedroom started.
Capricorn is so cold and distant to the point of prissy prudishness; never thinking about anything else than attaining his own goals.
Usually, Libra would just float away into the sky, like scattering flower petals in the wind, but instead, she decides to stick around. Out of all the signs, as ironic as it might be, she'll probably have the least trouble figuring this man out. She'll be able to see past his cold and distant exterior with an unbiased approach and discover a man with one helluva sense of humor, some awesome life goals, and a nice dream for a family. This is because Libra takes an unbiased approach towards anything and everything in her life, which enables her to see past whatever facades Capricorn might put up.
All Libra has to do is go Lu Fengxian on his arse and those walls will start crumbling quicker than a sandcastle hit by a torrent of water. At that point, Capricorn won't be able to help himself anymore that he feels inclined to ask her out. Now see, what I think people could learn a lot from us [Capricorns] is that if you look past the exterior, you'll find one hell of a person.
One thing Libra will have to understand is that, like Scorpios, we, Capricorns, have a very strong sense of who we are, our place in the world, etc., etc. Just when you think you've figured him out, you may have only discovered a fraction of who he is.
To underestimate a Libra's ability to charm a man into doing what she wants would be a grave mistake. In Samurai Warriors 4, there is a cutscene of Kosho trying to seduce Motochika either after or a battle after she was captured.
This is also a good example of what the Capricorn Man and Libra Woman are like in a relationship.
Ik, it sucks, but hey, if you love him, then don't you think it'd be worth it making the effort?
These two are sort of slow to commit, but once it starts clicking, it's a tall order to unclick them. And when discovering the truth seems like a challenge, to think Scorpio would just give up in the face of a challenge would not be the wisest thing to do. While to others, it might seem like nothing they do to make him open up will move him an inch, But Scorpio knows that her persuasions moved him more than the Nankaido earthquake. Now see, other than Scorpio's being the most driven truth seekers in the zodiac, there is something else about them that makes someone as prudish as Capricorn come out of his shell. However, Scorpio isn't that easy to get either, but for Capricorn, it'll be much a lot more simpler if it ends up being them doing the honors. But see, the problem itself is that Scorpio doesn't know this because he just up and disappeared for no apparent reason, without saying anything. Capricorn, pro-tip, if you're going to disappear for no reason at all for some R&R, please fucking tell your Scorpio girl first. The Capricorn, as prudish, cold and distant as he is from the outside world, will find his sensitivity enhanced by the Scorpio.
She will find his knowledge and devout interest about one particular thing very intriguing.
Scorpio and Capricorn is such an amazing relationship because these two support each other so much, in every way possible. You know how I was talking about the possessiveness the Scorpio may sometimes exhibit in her relationship with the Capricorn? Capricorn, in his free time, just wants to be at home, away from all the troubles of the real world. Capricorn may not allow this, however, since, for all he knows, she could be going out for a one night stand with some other man under the pretense of going "shopping". Capricorn will just need to trust in Scorpio that she isn't going to do anything to hurt him.

If she was that kind of girl, she wouldn't be so possessive over you disappearing without even saying anything. Scorpio will have to put in a bit of effort to reassure their Cap that there is no other man in their life rn but them. Capricorn is the same, but there are some things in life that they think should be controlled by rules or boundaries. Capricorn, however, is very cool and calm and collected, with a detached exterior as cold as ice.
The latter will likely bore the former with him always doing the tried and the true and shite. Sagittarius will likely not be all that interested in uncovering what truly lies beyond his exterior. Ofc, nothing is impossible, so if you guys are ready to stop fighting over who's more despicable and actually learn from each other or smthg, then yeah. It'll take one of them a while to make the first move, but once one of them gets those fires going, it'll be hard to douse them. Honestly there isn't a lot to say because you're both so similar that there'll hardly be any problems. But Capricorn senses that inside, she has a hidden sagacious knowledge of sorts that she has under lock and key.
A Capricorn in a relationship will be concerned mainly with how they will run their home, who will raise the children, how will the children be raised, what neighborhood would be most beneficial for us to start a family in, etc., etc. And if an Aquarius feels like something is missing, then there probably is something missing. But, in this pairing's defense, the Aquarian is very well aware of her Capricorn's moodiness and she knows exactly how to make him feel better as she was probably a Capricorn in a past life. This can make Capricorn come off as rather drab and boring to the Aquarian while she can come off as illogical.
Aquarius's are so adept at making them seem like they're oh, so submissive, but really, it was their idea all along.
If you have a Cap like this, tell him it's not the mother ducking 1800s anymore, and to grow up and get the fuck over it, in the most hilarious way possible.
The one major thing that they may want to blow each other's heads off over is the Aquarius's need for change.
It can be about anything and everything: changing the paint color in their room, buying a bigger TV after just getting one a week ago, getting a new couch, more pillows, more pets, getting rid of her mother's cherished galbanum perfume because it smells like a 1000 year old carcass, making up new ways to play the game chess, coming up with ways to change quantum physics, replacing their chandelier lined with topaz. The good news is that Aquarius's are the most changeable out of all the fixed signs in the zodiac (granted they don't have any Capricorn or Taurus in their rising or moon, otherwise you're just about fucked).
These two have a lot of differences that make a relationship between them to other people seem impossible. Capricorn Man and Pisces Girl might be different in how they think, but that's where the differences stop tbh. Pisces, just give him as much emotional security and support and shower him with compliments, and he'll be your's. Also, Capricorn, if you're worried about opening up to her, then watch Ressha Sentai ToQger's Episode 26.
You see how happy Kaugra is when Akira puts his inhibitions and serious exterior to the side? It's not that Capricorn is intentionally being mean, but when he responds to her pleas with calm indifference, like it didn't bother him at all that she felt genuinely hurt, this can come off as cruelty to Pisces, whether he meant to be or not. And as Capricorn continues to be indifferent to her and wallow in depression and loneliness, all this is doing is making her love him more. Even when he's indifferent, as much as it hurts Pisces, she knows that she can't give up on him. Sometimes, Pisces's chaotic emotions, like with Cancer, may drive him up the fucking wall and cause even him to lose his patience. Pisces needs to know how much he loves her every chance he can muster, but Capricorn is a man of a few words, you see.
Capricorn may feel as though anything he says or does towards her will just end up hurting her, and cause him to retreat into his shell.
Pisces will still rage like the indecisive tornado that she is, and this will make Cap think that she's just avoiding the issues at hand. He lacks romance in his life because while he was too busy in the 7th grade planning out how he would become the Governor of Washington State (not literally; it's just an example), he completely forgot about all the funner things about life.
In order to keep the fires of this relationship going, you both need to learn how to deal with each others emotional problems.
What are Capricorn Men like in bed?In bed, you might be surprised at how raunchy and lusty the goat is. Like I said earlier, there are two types of Capricorn men and how they are in bed: they are either very submissive or very dominant. The Submissive One is the hardest nut to crack since they seem so shy that even pulling their pants off is a challenge.
Also, you may find the submissive one is more open about how he feels during sex, but not in an excessively dirty way. The dominant ones--well, there's not a lot to say about them since they're quite self explanatory.
And even if they didn't, it's still not enough cause for concern, Because if it's true love, it will always find a way.
The Capricorn Man ExplainedEvery Capricorn Man hides themselves in a lacquered shell made of the hardest of metals; reinforced by their life experiences.
A Capricorn Man will generally act extremely cold and detached towards something they deem as something that could possibly get in their way of realizing their ambitions. The reason they hide behind their shell is threefold; it can either be for one of those three reasons or for all of them. The first reason is because they want to block out anything that'll bring them down, whether in accomplishing something or just in general. Regardless of your sign, you're going to have to get him to come out of his shell some way, but it will not be an easy task.
Is there anything I can do to make him open up?Give him as much emotional security as you can muster and it'll only be a matter of time before he's your's.
You have to remember that the Capricorn would sacrifice the world if it meant protecting himself from getting screwed over. It might seem cowardly, but if you knew how much shit Caps have been through, you'd probably do the same thing.
The Secret Desire of the Capricorn Man in LoveWhat every Capricorn Man wants as far as love is to be chased. The last of the 12 zodiacs is the Pisces Fish known for having a tender loving heart and a sensitive soul that is generous and selfless. Ask A Girl And A Guy is a site where you will find real people sharing their experiences and perspectives on dating in your 30's, 40's and 50's. Aries is always thinking about what's gonna happen next, which is also a reason why they don't finish what they start. Aries can give Capricorn some hope and liveliness, something that a lot of Caps really need, and this also substitutes for emotional security, in a way, for them. She'll know immediately that this is the man who can provide her with the security she has longed for for what seems like 5ever. He'll admire her slow and steady approach to life, and he'll be happy to provide her with the security that she desires. A Taurus in love will give to their partner at an inexhaustible rate, but they do need a bit of fuel from their partner.
Or, Capricorn will feel drawn to Taurus when they're friends because of how comfortable she makes him. They both make each other feel secure and comfortable, thus making each other open up to each other naturally.
I was just way too absorbed in my own hobbies that I wasn't making enough time for her, and she just got fed up.
Sometimes, Taurus just doesn't feel comfortable verbalizing what she wants, and this can jeopardize their relationship. Capricorn could give Gemini consistency and Gemini could teach Capricorn how to not be so much of a buzzkill and learn how to have fun for once.
Because one follows the path of the father figure and the other follows the path of the mother figure. It is because of these two traits that make them opposites that makes this relationship so fruitful. There's nothing more thrilling to a Capricorn than working their way towards a goal, succeeding, and then enjoying the fruits of their labor.
This man endured so much bullshit during his life in order to achieve his aspirations that if I were to sit here and tell you, we'd literally be here all day. This is a relationship that's likely to live by very old fashioned morals (maybe, depending on your charts) and you guys blend so well together that supporting each other wouldn't provide that much of a challenge.
While Cancer is everything he wishes he could be, but is too afraid of rejection and showing their emotions (keep in mind that Caps find that showing emotions is a weakness). And as if that wasn't drool-worthy enough, Capricorns will always make sure you have a shoulder to cry on.
I'm not saying that they're sexist (I mean some are, but the Caps that are sexist are extremely few in number) , and I would like to make that crystal clear; as clear as humanely possible. A Cancer's mood (which is gone over in full detail in my Everything Cancer article on my profile) changes as quickly as a bipolar hurricane. The reason I mentioned that it probably wouldn't be that heated is because these two are likely to not argue over petty things. Capricorn thinks that, in order to get to the top of whatever mountain they climb, be it the CEO of a company they work at, the Senior Attorney of a Law Firm they work at, or the President of the United States, you have to work for it. Capricorn can help the Leo plan out how she will make her way towards being the HBIC, instead of simply asking for the status. She can also give him a boost up the social ladder of success, since Leo has such an adamant circle of friends. An attention whore is someone who wants attention for no practical reason at all other than for the sake of having it (see: Kim K and her Break the Internet stunt *rolls eyes*). Capricorns are extremely shy and reserved creatures that don't just openly share whatever's going on inside of them. If a Leo expects you to be at her play on Saturday eve at 6:00PM, then they will expect you to be there. Their home is sacred, and anything that they deem an affront to the tranquility of their home is prohibited. When they look at each other, they'll see everything they could ever dream of in a partner. These two, on the outside, might both seem very cool, clam, and collected, but inside, they might be thinking about a million things at once. This man will sometimes need time and space to get away from it all and go into introspect, but once he opens up, you'll be glad that he did. If he stops talking to you for some reason, then please, and I want you take this very, VERY seriously: don't worry about it at all.
If you're trying to win a Cap Man's heart but don't want to be patient, you might as well give up on him. These two are so shy, reserved, and inhibited that it may be hard for them to get going in between the sheets.
Libra is a very vibrant and vivacious type of girl, with the airiness and elegance as the girl on the right.

And there goes one of the most formidable walls a zodiac sign could ever hope to put up to protect themselves. Even when everyone around her seems utterly convinced, she's still debating in her mind whether that claim is actually solid or not. I'm a Capricorn, and I had trouble typing that sentence, "She might think he's cheating on her." because "cheat" is such a ghastly word and an affront to our senses.
At least make it doubly clear that you love her, and that your heart lies with her, and only hers first. Like literally, they're so alike in that aspect, it's mutual, though they both have different types of stubbornness, mind you, but it still feels mutual nonetheless. They know the necessity of keeping their relationship strong as the positives are so beneficial for both of them that anything like this can easily be smoothed over by the both of them.
These two can help each other so much in a lot of ways that other zodiac sign couplings could only dream of.
And that alone is pretty mother ducking impressive because to make this man, of all the signs, become more attuned with his own feelings--literally any other sign wouldn't even bother because it's too much of a drag. Like with Cancer, the only way this relationship will stay successful is for consistent communication. Rather, we would prefer just a couple of close friends as opposed to meeting several people different people. The former will just make Capricorn feel insecure, since a Sagittarius will usually leave without a trace, and it can even make Capricorn feel neglected. You know that girl at the party who looks more wasted, wild, crazy, and out there than half the people there?
There are bound to be few quarrels between them because they're so similar that, in love, it can easily be smoothed over.
Even the ones who are submissive in between the sheets hardly make this apparent when out and about.
They're main concern is their home life, their future as a couple, the upbringing of their kids, etc., etc. Capricorn Men wouldn't say no if their girl wanted to get a job, but there are some Caps that are so ducking stuck in the 1950s that they just can't. Capricorn will give his life to defend his Pisces from the cruelty of the real world and ground her for once, while Pisces can give Capricorn plenty of emotional security and make him open up on a level he never thought possible.
It's pretty obvious who's the Cap and who's the Pisces (Kagura = Pisces and Akira = Capricorn).
Pisces has an innate ability to see through anyone like a clear sheet of glass, much more than she makes herself out to be. The second reason is because they're afraid of being hurt and so they hide inside their shell so as to protect themselves from being hurt by someone again. In order for him to open up, you have to be patient, tenacious and give him as much emotional security as possible. It has been a mellow 7 months and has taken so long opening up but we've definitely had our special moments. This sign also finds conflict way too stressful to handle and prefers to shy away from any troubling situations. They are desirous of physical and mental intimacy so be ready to let your guard down if you want to happily swim with these fishes. Since Pisces is known for being emotional and nurturing, this water sign can likely provide compassion to earth’s internal troubles.
We are here to have fun and to share insights from our experiences navigating through the often complicated and confusing world of dating.
This is because it is generally very difficult for Aries to stay interested in a single subject. As a result, the Aries might be a little bit too outgoing and quick-minded for them to handle.
Capricorn needs to understand this as he is very closed up about his emotions, and the only way for this to keep going is for him to be more verbal about his feelings.
If you're in a relationship with a Taurus, please make enough time for her along with your job or hobbies. While anyone else might be satisfied with just knowing how to play chess and the basics enough to play it casually, Capricorn will aspire to test their skill against the greatest chess players of their time. These signs will work tirelessly to make sure that they, and their loved ones, have everything they need.
Sure, you might annoy them along the road, but once a Capricorn decides that you're the one for them, then unless something else gets in the way, nothing will deter their loyalty. We would just prefer to be the ones to deal with that instead of our spouses; let them live in luxury, and all. If it's Capricorn, he'll need to apologize and maybe offer a box of tissue and chocolate for her. And while other's may overlook them due to their pompous, arrogant attitude, I'm sorry to say that the Leo truly does deserve the status that they desire. Also, Leo has plenty of useful information, and know's stuff that Capricorn could only hope to find out about. And it is this limelight, this desire to be the center of attention, that keeps their fire going. If they want you to come with them to the club at an ungodly hour every Friday night so you can both get as drunk as inhumanely possible all night, then they'll want you to be there. He doesn't deserve that at all, and plus you'll only be doing nothing but drive himself further into his shell. But one side's gonna have to give at some point, and whichever one does will inevitably get those sparks going. It's only when the Libra is unable to find any positives in someone's negatives do they "float away".
Sometimes, we [Capricorns] can be very opinionated that even someone who's a master of charming and seducing men like yourself, Libra, may just end up frustrating themselves. Scorpio will probably start clicking an iota faster than Capricorn though, since he's more stubborn and cautious with his emotions (yes there is such a thing), so Scorpio will likely do the honors. It's the thrill of the challenge in discovering the truth that makes Scorpio such adamant truth seekers. But she also knows that there is an innate fear within him that makes him unable to divulge anything about his emotions, and the emotional scars he's carried over so many a year. She knows how happy that compliment made him she doesn't even need to think twice about it. Like yourself, my fellow Capricorn, Scorpios loathe the thought of cheating on their loved one.
Like with Cancer, communication is vital to keep the flames of love going between these two. Not only does it stress us out, talking to every single ducking person we come across, but for a Cap to do that, would require quite a bit of persuasion as we're not open about who we are, our feelings, etc. Her mind is like a bunch of cogs, gears, and wires that aren't really oiled that much, so they're a little cray. While Pisces will feel hurt because he's unwilling to tell her anything, and this can come off as blatant cruelty. He can make her dreams become reality, and this makes her more confident in everything she does. The third reason is because they're so absorbed in their jobs and achieving their ambitions that they forget about other things in life.
This man secretly wants to be admired by everyone, so complimenting him will definitely go a long way.
We shared our first kiss just 3 weeks ago.Taurs woman and Capricorn male = No stronger combination. Pisces is very caring and giving; this sign loves adventure, social events and anything that involves people. They are lovers not fighters; they can be overly sensitive especially when it comes to matters of the heart. While Aries does have a modicum of ambition, they don't have the drive to finish what they start nor do they care for planning out how they're going to achieve what they set out to do.
We do not have the time nor do we really see the point in flaunting our love through our words.
It's just that there are some things that they don't feel comfortable talking about, is all. Even with or without goals, Gemini will seldom plot out every step they take in their life down to the will they'll have to write after they pass. If it ends up being Cancer doing the honors, she'll have to coerce him out of his shell and speak up about how he's feeling. Without that thrill of being center stage that Leo craves so, the Lion will likely find itself in a cesspool of anguish, which might lead them to be very aggressive.
This man has likely been teased, flirted, and played like Prince (Rogers Nelson's) guitar only to be screwed over so many times in his life. Ofc, luring such a man out of his shell won't really be that much of a challenge for Scorpio, mind you. It's because of this that, once they decide to commit, they will be able to help them out in ways unimaginable. It's like trying to predict which side a coin will land on if you flip it or playing one of those uber intense guessing games (see: Hunter x Hunter and that episode where Killua's butler has them play a game to see if they could figure out where the coin was). Aquarius may find herself controlled by this, however, and as a result will feel as though something is missing. Even in the worst situations like a nuclear bomb attack in your area, she'll be the only one able to make a joke out of it all. And while Pisces appreciates that he is a man of action in expressing his feelings for her (or anyone else, for that matter), she can't help but want a little more. They are very ambitious and if they start a project, they will plan out how they'll succeed, step by step, work toward their goal, and usually, succeed.
Though, if the relationship has gotten to a certain stage where you two are living under the same roof (and I say this because you will literally never catch a Capricorn making a public display of his emotions, and if he does, I don't think I could come up with words to describe the anger in his heart. A Scorpio Woman in love will chase their crush to the ends of the Earth to get them to like her. But take solace in the fact that communication won't be as much as a chore if you were dating, say, a Cancer (and I say this because Cancers and Caps get into arguments quite a bit more than one would like.
They weren't made to just sit around the house and follow EVERYTHING their husband tells them to do like some mangy ass cur.
She knows how much he has been hurt in his life, which is why he's afraid to put his faith in someone again, especially in something as serious as a relationship.
They can be dreamers fantasizing their wants and desires in life such that there is an imaginary build up in their minds. And no matter how extroverted or loud a Capricorn you know is, there are some situations where the shyness and old soul side of them pull through to the surface.
Cancer maybe, but not in a relationship), then I doubt this could deliver a severe blow to the relationship.
She loves the thrill of the chase, and as if that wasn't convincing, her tenacity is probably the most peerless out of all the signs (there's a reason why her polarity lies with Taurus). Pisces also has a sixth sense of intuition like no other sign and a keen ability to understand and absorb people’s emotions and feelings.

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