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The older I get, the harder it is for me to understand how careless and willy nilly we are about the feelings of others.
Now - in my early dotage, I see how sad and silly it is to throw away love; how cold and cruel it is to say "no" when "yes" hurts no one - risks nothing. When I was a younger woman hanging out with young men, we trusted the common ground upon which we built our assumptions. Not enough to make it through the hard, difficult times that always rise up between men and women. When a woman and man love each other, they have to overlook all those things that are divisive, and reach for the common ground between them.

For over a decade Kristine Holmgren's provocative commentary appeared on the editorial pages of the Star Tribune.A Presbyterian pastor and a life-long advocate for women and children, Kristine's play - GOD GIRL - is a feature of the 2014-15 season of the Minnesota History Theatre .
Come a little closer Bunky, and I'll tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
The harder the fought the tighter we held to each other believing through all of it that we would make it but only if we held to each other.
Now everytime he walks out the door I can't stop myself from believing that will be the last time I see him, I now have to beg for the love that was offered so freely. What happened in the blink of an eye that I missed and changed him into someone I no longer know.

Her second play, SWEET TRUTH opened June, 2013 at the Berlin Theatre in Columbia, Missouri.Kristine is currently writing a new play - THE GIVING HOUSE - a commission from the Minnesota Historical Society, based on their exhibit - Open House.

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