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Of course, the fans and their stars were wondering how in the world they were going to get rid of all that weight. Indeed, just how does a post-partum woman drop that “baby fat” in a healthful way that respects the female body? If you are still pregnant, it is normal to gain weight, but that shouldn’t allow you to throw caution to the wind and start eating chocolate cake for breakfast or a family-size bag of chips for an afternoon snack. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t have the energy to keep yourself moving through your waking hours, much less want to work out or get your exercise.
Many ingredients included in weight loss supplements are not approved for women who are pregnant or nursing.
Also, it might be easier to take up jogging or going through a video workout routine if you have some others in your situation doing it with you. I receive a ton of e-mail from people who are concerned about having loose skin after they lose the weight.
In fact, this is one of the biggest concerns and most frequently asked questions I receive from men and women who have a lot of weight to lose.
So the key to getting tighter skin is to improve your body composition (muscle to fat ratio), and lose more body fat, slowly and sensibly, up to the point where your body composition rating is BETTER than average (in the "good" to "great" category, not just "okay"). At that point, admittedly, there are bound to be a few isolated cases where surgery is the only option if you can't live with the amount of loose skin remaining. But if you still have a lot more weight to lose, it's difficult to get a clear picture of what is loose skin, what is just remaining body fat and how much further the skin will tighten up when the rest of the fat is lost. Except in extreme cases, after very large weight lossess, you are actually unlikely to see someone with very low body fat who has a lot of loose skin.
You may not get the same results and you may not be able to get your abdominal skin as tight as Brian's, but this is proof positive that IT IS entirely possible to get tight skin with six pack abs, even after a 100+ pound weight loss. MEN CLICK HERE for your FREE presentation revealing the secret body science that allows you to eat more food to burn more fat! WOMEN CLICK HERE for your FREE presentation with easy tricks to shedding fat from the most stubborn areas -- without ever going hungry.
Tom Venuto is the author of the #1 best seller, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Fat Burning Secrets of the World's Best Bodybuilders and Fitness Models.
Now that all of your baby books have been read, you might be wondering how you are going to get your body back into shape after the baby. For many women, pregnancy normally brought restrictions to what they were able to eat and drink.
The media loves to show celebrities that have gone on restrictive diets just to lose the weight fast.
The 'Fantastic Four' actress reveals in a recent interview that she wore double corset for three months to get her pre-pregnancy body back. Besides talking about how to get her pre-pregnancy body back, Alba also discusses her recent trip to St.
You’ve heard these words before, but what does porosity really mean, especially when it comes to your hair’s strength, health and ability to retain moisture?
The summer sun wreaks havoc on my hair color giving me red, orange and even sometimes purplish hues in my hair.
If your hair chills somewhere in the middle congratulations you have normal porosity, none of this matters to you and life is easy! Believe it or not I actually took this picture the following day and that ish was STILL floating. The use of baking soda is something that some people are still on the fence about while others profess their love for it. So, it was time to get the good ol’ Huetiful Hair Steamer out, lift up these cuticles and pump some moisture into these dessert like curls. When we think of natural hair, what usually comes to mind are beautiful bouncy twist-outs, locs, box braids, large Afros and bountiful wash and gos.
Cleansing: Often we are told that washing our hair strips our strands of moisture and that we should focus more on co-washing. Conditioning: Every girl with curly hair needs a good leave-in conditioner, that goes without saying. Antoinette asked me to share what I do while my hair is in twists or braids (extensions) for an extended period of time.
Since finding the above products has been a challenge, I’ve changed the products with the same concept in mind. I generally spray my hair with both products twice a day and if not, then at least in the morning to prepare my hair to handle the environment. Although my hair does not respond to oils and butters the same way that Ant’s does, I am still going to try this technique to see how my hair responds to the Aloe Vera as a sealant.
You will have cravings, and you should indulge yourself from time to time, but prudence now pays back greatly later on. A baby’s needs can impose strange sleep cycles on adults and this can upset the metabolism and this makes it hard to lose pregnancy weight. Consider some natural weight loss foods that will stem your hunger or affect your metabolism in a healthy way. Not only good for moral support and sympathetic conversation, but you can also see what other mothers are doing that works for them. How long you carry extra weight may influence how much the skin will become taut after the weight loss: For example, compare carrying an extra 30 pounds for 9 months to carrying 100 excess pounds for 9 years. How much weight was carried has a lot to do with how much the skin will resume a tight appearance. How fast the weight was gained also has a lot to do with how much the skin will resume a tight appearance. There are exceptions to all of the above; For example, people who gained and then lost incredible amounts of weight quickly at age 50 or 60, and their skin returned 100% to normal.

He should be congratulated, but I would tell him, "Don't complain about loose skin yet, your body fat is still high. It's quite remarkable how much your skin can tighten up once your body fat goes from "average" to "excellent" and even more so when lean body mass increases. In the after picture, Brian weighs 185 pounds and - this is important - his body fat is about 6%. Tom is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and fat loss expert who achieved an astonishing ripped 3.7% body fat level without drugs or supplements. For many new moms, the idea of being stuck at their post pregnancy weight is just too much to bear. In an interview with Net-A-Porter, Alba says that she wore two girdles after giving birth to her daughters in 2008 and 2011. Styling and Sealing Products being; Goddess Curls by Curls (winter), Curly Mousse by Curls Unleashed (summer), Climate Control by Quidad (whenever my pockets allow). Instead, I use light gels like CURLS Goddess Curls Gel to seal in my moisture and maintain my curls. This video focuses on the most important aspect of maintaing healthy natural hair MOISTURE RETENTION.
In this episode of The Curl, we break down the real meaning of the word while some of your favorite natural hair bloggers, including Fran of Hey Fran Hey, Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes, and Shanti & Antoinette of Around the Way Curls, share their candid and often hilarious hair stories. If you don’t have a hair steamer then turn the shower on and sit in the bathroom while it fogs up. You’re hair is already compact with protein so adding more will further seal your cuticles.
I realized that I have yet to write and article explaining everything that I do in one post. But we often forget about all the fine-haired curlies out there struggling to keep up with the #bighairdontcare hashtag. We can twist our hair at night only to find that in the morning there is no twist to our twist-out. I never had that issue so I would just recommend using a lighter oil such as jojoba or coconut. Aloe Vera is so important and crucial as a PH balancer and effective in moisture retention that I think it should be a staple product applied to EVERY HAIR TYPE even if it is to be mixed with a heavier oil.
Silly fans obsess over the weight their celebrities gain during the course of their pregnancies. And after you’ve allowed your body to recuperate (about 4-6 weeks) so that you can start exercising, a little bit of weight training will go a long way to helping you lose weight. Wrinkling and loss of elasticity is partly the consequence of aging (genetic factors) and also a result of environmental factors such as oxidative stress, excessive sun exposure, and nutritional deficiency.
The older you get, the more an extremely large weight loss can leave loose skin that will not return to normal. Your skin can only be stretched so much and be expected to "snap back" one hundred percent. There are many creams advertised as having the ability to restore the tightness of your skin.
Essential fatty acids in particular are very valuable for many reasons, and one of them is for the health of your skin. If you use very low calorie diets, you are likely to lose lean body mass, and this is going to exacerbate the loose, hanging skin appearance.
This normally happen between the day that your child has been born and your six-week checkup. If your body is constantly running on sugar, it will actually cause your body to gain weight. Getting a stroller or a baby seat for your bike are great ways to exercise with your baby in tow. After about  2-3 months my hair seems to get used to a product and as a result, stops responding to them as well as I would like them to.
I use box dye to dye my hair ALL THE TIME and as a result, my hair is 20 different shades of orange, red, brown and black. Be sure that the hair you are using is coming directly from the scalp and is not a strand that broke off from your hair shaft. My diffuser mixed with my leave-in conditioner are the best things that have ever happened to me. Use protein only when you are noticing damage and need to rebuild some of the hair’s foundation. Over the years, I have really struggled to care for my hair because there wasn’t much of a reference point in the online world for those rocking their natural textures but in the thinnest way possible. Fine-haired women should cleanse more often to ensure that they are not suffering from product build-up, especially when using products that contain silicones.
That way you are conditioning while you cleanse and ensuring that your hair is not being stripped of moisture. In the last couple of years, especially since I transitioned in 2009, I keep a very simple regimen to maintain my hair in braids and the scalp clean. Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial properties and the witch hazel gently cleanses, tones and moisturizes your scalp and then water for moisture. Lately, in place of the reconstructive elixir I have been using Carol’s Daughter Tui Oil hair spray, which has a great smell. Antoinette in her desperation to seal her hair continued to seal with oil but the oils were still too heavy for her hair texture (3a-3b). With extreme obesity, the probability of there still being loose skin after you lose the weight is much higher. It would be worth taking an EFA supplement such as fish oil, flax oil or an oil blend like Udo's choice.

On the other hand, if you are exercising regularly and increasing lean body mass with weight training, you will be more likely to minimize the appearance of loose skin, as the muscle literally pushes out on the skin, making it more taut. I've seen and heard of many cases where the skin gradually tightened up, at least partially, after a six to twelve month period where the weight loss was maintained and exercise continued.
Men shouldn't expect to look "ripped" with 100% tight skin on the abs unless they have single digit body fat.
But how do you get your body back when you are just getting to the point that you are sleeping at night? If you avoid the calories and fat, you can actually lose weight without really having to try.
Meeting up with your friends on a daily basis will help you lose the extra weight and allowing you to recharge your social batteries as well. I do however, begin my sleep on a satin pillowcase that always somehow ends up on the floor. I shape my hair to my face pretty well in the front and then the back looks like a rats nest. Anyway, I am always nervous about chemical damage when getting my hair dyed (even though Aveda uses mostly plant based products) so I decided to do a health check by doing the porosity test. Meaning, it’s resistant and water does not penetrate my hair easily because my cuticles are not raised but instead are compacted. The heat much like the steamer, lifts my cuticles and allows moisture to penetrate my hair to penetrate.
Be sure to rinse it out thoroughly and then use something acidic to reseal your cuticles like aloe vera juice or and ACV Rinse. Aloe Vera is so important and crucial as a PH balancer and extremely effective when it comes to moisture retention.
I have found that when manipulating our natural fine-haired curl pattern, that rod and roller sets work best.
One day she mentioned to me that she started sealing with Aloe Vera gel and I really didn’t pay it any mind (sorry Antoinette.
This will benefit you and the baby by getting your blood flowing and getting fresh air into your lungs. Some women do experience stretch marks after pregnancy, but obviously skin is remarkably elastic.
Antioxidants are also very important, so be sure to consume copious amounts of a variety of vegetables and fruits.
This can be done with skinfold calipers or a variety of other devices (calipers might not be the best method if you have large folds of loose skin. Women shouldn't expect to have tight abdominal skin unless they are in the low to mid teens in body fat. Sulfate, in my opinion is too harsh especially for my thin hair and while it may get my hair squeaky clean it also strips away all my moisture.
The diffuser also helps to protect my hair as it distributes heat and airflow more evenly than a regular hair dryer. Below are some techniques that not only work for me but that I highly recommend to every fine-haired natural who is aiming for the healthiest hair possible to try.
I haven't even heard much anecdotal evidence that they work - at least not permanently and measurably - and especially if you have a lot of loose skin. Taking naps has been shown to help your body lose those extra pounds by allowing the body to reset the metabolism. But seriously, keeping your hair conditioned and moisturized is what is going to keep your hair from breaking and becoming damaged. Deep conditioning is necessary and high advised after swimming, straightening, dying or any activity that could potentially damage your hair. BUT, the results also led me to believe that dying my hair did not cause any damage because my cuticle structure is still strong and intact. There are definitely some topicals that will pull water from under your skin, but remember, that is temporary. If you have questions about that or don’t understand why moisturizing is so important do yourself a favor and click this link. I hear a lot of women say that they don’t have time for it but it can take as little at 10 minutes. I rushed to Antoinette to share with her the exciting news and she just looked at me exasperated and said “Thats what I have been telling you!!” Well this my fine haired, weight sensitive friends is the key to your sealing and moisturizing problems! There are many different theories and regimens surrounding detangling but I find that this regimen works best for me. So, the heat opens my hair shafts, allowing the conditioner to penetrate deep into my hair follicles. Ouidad has an incredible one that I love, but is a bit pricey so I used the one Carol’s Daughter gifted me that I like as well.
Satin bonnets just never stay on my head and more than that they never preserve any kind of curl for me. Now, don’t get it twisted, this is very different from using a flat iron or curling wand on your hair daily. The aloe vera juice will seal in your moisture as would a butter, grease or oil PLUS assist in closing your hair’s cuticle layers which helps add shine and lessen frizz!
So, I have surrendered to the notion that I will have to wet my hair daily in order to achieve my best curls.

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