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EXCLUSIVELY ON BADCHIX Badchix is seeking for ContributorsBADCHIX SEEKS FOR A COUPLE BELGIUM-BASED JR. Ace May 18, 2016 12946 Have a Afternoon Break with the best fresh baked randomness photos from all corners of the internet. Lyana May 17, 2016 17281 Enjoy your morning with only the best fresh baked randomness photos from all corners of the internet. Even if both of you are extremely nice human beings, you are not meant to be with each other. Falling head over heels in love with someone and then realizing they do not like you back is a terrible thing to go through. Women often are reliable communicators, so it may come as a surprise if a girl does not text you back during a conversation. The moment we fall in love we start seeing the world with rose tinted glasses and dream of a future with our loved one. What did you do if the girl, whom you are in love with, refuses to acknowledge your feelings?
They refuse to accept the fact they have been rejected by the person whom they were in love with.
In your head, both of you make a perfect couple but you cannot expect her to think the same, right? There may be many reasons for her lack of a response, but you are disconcerted by her behavior nonetheless.

Ask her why she didn't respond to your text, and politely ask her to send you a text message back the next time you message her. You could try to convince her for a while but if she does not accept your proposal, you have to give up and deal with the situation. She must have something that attracted you towards her but just as you have certain preferences she must be having some ideas too. When you love someone you should not have this idea in mind that the person will love you back. This might not guarantee that she will text you back, but the likelihood of her doing so is high. She might not want to continue communication with you and doesn't know how else to make that point clear except by ignoring your texts. You have to accept the fact that she does not love you and deal with the pain of unrequited love. You must keep yourself occupied with some work so that you don’t have the time to think about her. There are so many people around and a world of opportunities waiting to be explored by you. If the text message you sent her was not urgent, then give her at least 24 hours to respond to it.
If you approach her with your concerns, she will appreciate that her lack of a response affected you.

Dealing with the pain does not help you, it will keep the pain simmering in your heart.  It will hurt for some time but you must learn to let go of it. It will also make you realize that girls do find you desirable and there are several interesting people around whom you can go out with. What you have gone through is one of the many bad phases in life that every human being goes through. It is easy to fall in love but sometimes it results in dejection which is difficult to handle. It just means that you do not have those qualities that she is looking for in her soul mate. There will be many such instances but you have to snap out of them and focus on the brighter things in life. You might love a girl expecting her to love you back but things may or may not work in your favour.
If you mull over on one incident and try to dissect it, you would not be able to focus on other important things in life.

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