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If you want to get your girl next door girlfriend to bloom into the girl on girl porn star of your dreams, you have a little work ahead of you.A The women in sex videos are champs at giving XXX sex performances.
There is actually a great post on watching porn with your woman, read it, then move on to step two.
Bring her to a quiet bar and play some pool, have a few beers, loosen up and then whisper that you want to use her… in the bathroom. If you think your girlfriend is the latter, then by all means bring out that cheap camcorder you got four years ago for Christmas and ask her if you can fuck her in your apartment building’s crappy gym locker room.

Porn stars rarely fuck in the bedroom, they do it by the pool, in the locker room, hell they more likely to do it in a dog house than a bed. If you want A her to give you a mind blowing orgasm, you’d better learn to eat pussy like a pornstar.
If you get your girlfriend in front of a mirror, her back is going to arch a little more and she’ll lift those legs a bit higher to get a good look. Sometimes the best way to get pornstar sex, is to bring out a camera.A Some girls run and hide when you bring out a camera, some put up their shirts and give you the duck face.

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