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One of the hardest things to do on Ex Girlfriend Recovery is thinking of articles to write.
Now, it’s actually quite easy to come up with ideas for a new site but for a more established website it can be quite difficult due to the fact that you have already written about everything. Before I jump into the meat of this article I want to take you back to the time before I thought this article up (literally a day ago.) Ok, so I was sitting around thinking of an article to write for you guys on Ex Girlfriend Recovery and determined that I was pretty much out of ideas for what to write. I mean, it was kind of pathetic of how no one was writing the actual details that you actually need to get your ex back.
I just mentioned that this page is going to be a list of all the strategies I have ever come up with to get a girlfriend back. There are literally thousands of strategies that one can use to get an ex back so which ones are important enough to mention and which ones probably shouldn’t be mentioned? The Answer = The only ones I am going to talk about on this page are the ones that are going to make a difference. Simple, I am not going to spend my time mapping out every single text message you should be sending to your ex girlfriend. I am talking about the kind of strategies that you absolutely have to include if you want a good chance of getting your ex girlfriend back.
Besides, I have already created a comprehensive guide in the form of a 300 page book outlining every little detail that goes into getting your girlfriend back. So, now that we have that out of the way lets take a look at our very first strategy for getting an ex girlfriend back. The no contact rule is without a doubt THE most popular strategy found here at Ex Girlfriend Recovery.
So, what is the no contact rule and what is the desired effect that it’s supposed to have?
Well, I have written a lot about what it is here and here but I suppose it won’t hurt to give you a quick crash course on it. Now, you may think that my definition of the no contact rule ends there but it doesn’t. Well, it’s during those days that you are going to make yourself into the best version of yourself.
Think about if you ran into your ex girlfriend on the street a month from now and you had completely changed the way you looked and acted to be much more attractive than you were when you were with her?
In this section I want to talk a little bit about what happens if the no contact rule works. The ignoring of the ex is mean to make her miss you more and if you were super annoying and spammy by sending her a bunch of text messages then it is meant to erase her memory of that.
Part two on the other hand is meant to make you look inwards and become the most attractive version of yourself possible. Firstly you want to become more attractive to everyone externally (including your ex.) You want peoples perception of you to change from what it is now to a much more attractive perception. This is a strategy that I have talked about a lot on this site but for some reason men don’t seem to jive with it. Lets say that you were to complete your no contact rule successfully and you are wondering one thing.
And you are going to do the same thing with your ex girlfriend using this very same strategy.
Notice how there are three categories and two arrows showing how the value chain is meant to proceed. So, what I am going to do now is break it down for you a little bit so you know exactly how this works. For example, if you look at the first category it clearly states that the first way you want to talk to your ex is through text messaging. The second category is talking on the phone with your ex which can also include video chats and things like that.
Talking on the phone is definitely a little more risky than text messaging which is why it’s second on the value chain. I mean, can you imagine doing a no contact rule on your ex girlfriend and then just out of the blue messaging her up and asking to see her in person…. Lets say that you use the no contact rule (strategy one) on your ex girlfriend for 30 days.
Once enough attraction has been built through text you want to move her up the value chain by talking to her on the phone. Imagine that your girlfriend just broke up with you and you are determined to get her back. For those of you who are avid readers of Ex Girlfriend Recovery it may shock you to learn that I actually have a sister site to this one called Ex Boyfriend Recovery where I help women get back with their exes. On Ex Boyfriend Recovery I created a podcast where I answer my readers questions and I ended up getting a really interesting question one day that pertains to the strategy we are talking about here. It turns out that in the third episode of the podcast I heard from a woman who really wasn’t trying to get her ex back. Instead, she was trying to determine if having your own life actually helped to get an ex back.
The boyfriend of the woman who asked the question on the podcast had broken up with her but after 2 years he seemed to be interested in restarting things again. This apparently oozed confidence and as a result her ex boyfriend started to become more and more interested in her. It tells us that having a life outside of your ex boyfriend can actually help to get him back.
Now, what I mean by that is that what happens to one category usually can have a positive or negative impact on the other categories.
For example, if you lose 20 lbs then that positively impacts the health category which in turn will make you more confident and could potentially positively impact your relationship category as you talk to your ex girlfriend. Of course, there are two sides to every coin and if you were to gain 20lbs instead of lose it then that will probably affect your confidence in a negative way and you will probably not be very confident when talking to your ex girlfriend.
So, the health, wealth and relationships strategy of getting your ex girlfriend back goes like this. Health- Get in the best shape of your life, start eating healthier, quit that nasty smoking habit your ex always used to complain about, go see the doctor, go to the dentist, invest in acne medication.
Relationships- We are obviously working on this one with your ex girlfriend right now but there are other relationships in your life that you can cultivate. Did you notice how the health, wealth and relationships mentality all revolve around self improvement? If there is one constant that I see here on Ex Girlfriend Recovery it has to be the fact that you guys are a little too desperate when it comes to getting your girlfriends back. It’s hard to stay clam and level headed while at the same time trying to manufacture attraction with someone who you love. The mixed signals strategy is something I came up with for Ex Girlfriend Recovery on my other site actually. I basically listened to what the women had to say about their own exes and formulated a strategy for you. Well, the first thing you have to understand about the mixed signals strategy is that it can be done in many different mediums. You can grab Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO if you are interested in fleshing the strategy out a bit more.
The cat sits in an attack position and when the cat ultimately does pounce the person holding the ball on a strong quickly moves it away.
Lets pretend that you and your ex are texting one day and you decide that you want to employ the mixed signals strategy. Well, the idea here is to make your ex girlfriend think that and then do the exact opposite thing that a guy who misses a girl would do. The idea here is to confuse her so much that she thinks you miss her or like her one minute and the next minute to think you don’t. Tide theory is probably the most important texting strategy out there but it’s not really about texting. If you were to use the no contact rule (strategy one) on your ex girlfriend and decided to move her up the value chain ( strategy two) would it be a good idea for you to come out of the gates in a blaze of glory or would it be smart to slowly but surely build the attraction through texts up?

Oh, and just to clarify when I say texts I am not talking about the texts both her and you send combined. In reality, just following the scale and it’s slow uptick of text messages will keep you out of the desperate territory but if you want to smooth things over even more you can add a day in where you just ignore your ex girlfriend. There is a story that I love to tell when I talk about “the high point” and guess who it involves?
Granted, some high points are higher than others but generally speaking almost every conversation will have one. You are trying to achieve this very same effect on your ex girlfriend when you end conversations at the high point. Lets pretend that you are talking to your ex girlfriend through text messages one day and the two of you are really getting along nicely.
Think of the conversation you just had with your ex as an episode of your favorite TV show and by ending it early you are ending the show on a cliffhanger. It means that your ex girlfriend is going to have to find out what happens next and it means you are that much more likely to have her contact you and start a new conversation in a day OR she will be 10 times more engaged in conversations with you in the future. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back.
I just got done with the no contact, and this time, I sent her a message saying I missed her.
I just got done with the no contact rule yesterday, and I screwed up on the mixed signal strategy.
My ex girlfriend and I broke up about one month ago and for a week I tried to fight and beg for her back which (obviously) didn’t work for me.
And between 23 rd of September will be our 1 year anniversary, should i text her on that day?
I know you say you check your comments more often, I sent you an email regarding something with a bit of a different situation, whenever you get a chance to reply would be great! 2.How to really know how what she really feels about things or where she stands, as of now she is just being curt and polite , i want her to open up , i want to either see her cry or jump with excitement (preferring the latter) also she is under the impression i am dating someone else which i am not. Oh and one more thing i really believe she didnt contact me during NC and is extremely passive rite now because i apologized too many times for my mistakes that were small , she made mistakes too but i feel she thinks she has the moral high ground as i never showed her , her mistakes and she feels like she is some big victim in all this the one being taken granted for. This time we broke up was no different from the last, I believe we had gotten back together too soon, plus we both started new jobs, so all the time we agreed to work on our relationship ended up getting pushed back with our new schedules.. I tried going to see her that same night to talk about it in person because I felt after being together over a year, we deserve more for each other than to breakup over a TEXT! When you are in the friend zone after the the no contact, do you do the the reverse friend zone and mixed messages at the same time?
True Blood actually starts out pretty strong, but once they start introducing absolutely insane amounts of creatures from Werepanthers to Faeries, things kind of go off the deep end, and we fled the series before season five as it was just too wacky.
It was kind of funny to see her go through the process that we all did when we first watched the show. She watched every single season until she caught up to when it was actually airing each week. While I was unsure about many of these selections, I knew that without a doubt she would love Friday Night Lights. Even watching through all five seasons a second time was fun for me, as I forgot just how damn GOOD this show is.
My girlfriend used to be an avid gamer back in the day, but her favorite titles are Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot, and she hasn’t played much since. I hooked her up with some Black Ops bots and soon she was blasting them away while laughing maniacally and cursing. She really did like Portal for a while as well, but I wasn’t able to get her all the way through to the end. This one was going to be a reach, as even as an admitted sci-fi fan it took me probably six episodes to really start to like the show.
She’s currently three episodes into season two, but has seen the last three or so with me when I watched them live.
I think I'm a part of the first generation of journalists to skip print media entirely, and I've learned a lot these last few years at Forbes. My recommendations, all of which are on Instant Netflix and have been used successfully by me on my fiancee. Also get her to watch Fringe because that is INSANELY addictive and she might get into it ready for the final season. On the games check out Tales of Vesperia and Dragon Age Origins (although one of the contributors on Unreality hated it).
The games i used to play with my GF were only Guitar Hero, but my friend’s GF plays Diablo 3 and Never Winter Nights, so i’m not giving up hope yet!
My wife played WoW with me a bit, and now we do spend a lot of time in Dungeon Defenders, Diablo 3 and Terraria. Gotta love Stargate SG-1, and if she gets into that, then you got Atlantis and Universe after, totaling 17 seasons and a few movies. And finally if you want a little humor in your dork, there’s always The Whitest Kids You Know, Parks and Recreation, Workaholics, The League, Raising Hope, or Archer. Some artists and labels prefer certain tracks to be purchased as part of an entire release. Obtaining a visa to the Germany will normally take us 2-6 weeks to get everything finalised. We also offer a comprehensive translation service for both the visa service and also translation of other documents including Restaurant menus. We also are linked with every insurance company and can provide very competitive deals on both travel insurance and flight tickets - both domestic and international.
If you would like more information on our services we offer a free consultation to all customers.
While I will admit that there is some strategy behind every text message that you send your ex girlfriend it’s too small to mention on this page. Secondly it will give you more confidence in yourself and the more confident you are the easier it is for you to get your ex back. So, what you want to do is go very slowly and then up the intensity in how you communicate with your girlfriend over time. The first thing you want to do after that no contact rule is to text her and spend some time building attraction through that medium. Once you are at this point of the value chain you definitely want to keep the momentum going and build enough attraction to finally advance to the final stage, talking to her in person. However, since I am just really focused on teaching you the strategy and not going into details I am just going to be covering what to do through text messages so you can get the idea of the strategy. This process continues for around 10 minutes where the cat pounces, misses and the human moves the ball on a string away. In other words, instead of talking to her for an hour through text messages or asking her out on a date you stop the conversation and ignore her for half a day. She told me that she doesn’t feel anything towards me, is not attracted to me and wants to be alone.
I was doing research on the mixed signal strategy and what to text her at the same time after the NC period. I followed NC through perfectly, but after she contacted me and we met things were awkward and just confirmed to her that she was right in dumping me. I think it is because I have changed my school and we haven’t seen for like 2 months. Following a ten year relationship in which my gf lost attraction for me, I have tried to implement the steps you recommend. We live in the same dorm, so it was hard to avoid contact, but I tried to keep it to a minimum. I was thinking of keeping a low profile until I move and then re-initiate contact sometime after I move out.
Sent her an across the bow text , got a positive response , nothing deep just ended it really short and sweet. I went over and waited for her to get home, and she walked right past me didn’t even look at me and went into her room.

It’s taken me two and a half years to make the journey, and there have been many transformations along the way.
My girlfriend is indeed something of a  Twilight fan, though thankfully not a crazy one.
I was worried it wasn’t going to be her type of humor based on her usual affinity for chick flicks, but I was wrong. We’re both looking forward to when it comes back next fall, though Showtime might not exactly be in the budget by then. If you strap someone to a chair and make them watching three episodes of this show, they will like it, guaranteed.
She didn’t appreciate my love for Tim Riggins, and now she jokes that I have a man crush on Taylor Kitsch.
She did like Doom however, and was curious to try the most popular FPS series around these days, Call of Duty. We spaced out an episode probably once every week, and slowly but surely she began to like it. Soon after I got my PS3, I was blazing through all the different games I’d missed over the years. My work has appeared on TVOvermind, IGN, and most importantly, a segment on The Colbert Report at one point. It’s gone to crap and will be ending next year with a short season but the early stuff is A+! I started watching it on my own and then had to restart halfway through season 1, when my girlfriend watched an episode, so that she could watch the show with me. I turned the diff down to casual (hacked it for unlimited resources) and gave her a sniper rifle and she loves it. Got my wife (then girlfriend) into nerd-dom 12 years ago with Final fantasy 7 and Robotech.
Way to plant a spoiler in the heading of your inane article with the Khaleesi sat on the Iron Chair.
So please contact us on +66-(0)803228986 (English & Thai Speaking) or alernatively drop us a line on our contact form. Tide theory is about how to space out texts and how many texts you need to send in a given conversation.
What I did was send her a text saying I heard a song that made me think of her and ignored her response for half a day before I responded to her later that night.
But about 21 days into NC she contacted me telling me she still really loves me and hates seeing me this girl I always talk to. After meeting again as friends I realised that I was helping her move on and sent her an email saying I couldnt be her friend and asking for another chance and she said no. Then after a week she started to ignore my texts and didn’t reply me for like 3 days.
Im still in love with her and hopeful we can work things out if we get on the same page, I think this break has been good for us to see clearly.
Do you think she regrets it but is too stubborn or proud to come back again after she already came back once and left?
You take on certain characteristics of the person you’re dating after that long of a time.
So another vampire series seemed logical, and it would help introduce her to the overly sexy and bloody HBO so that perhaps she might get into an actually good show someday like…Game of Thrones.
I cautioned her against trying to play against real people online, and needless to say, going 2-16 every game as opposed to 20-1 against bots is far less fun.
I suppose it was kind of a different tone, and she, like everyone, didn’t understand the need for Wash to die in such a cavalier way. She didn’t even blink as I went through Uncharted, God of War and Infamous, but Heavy Rain?
It’s not so much a game as it is a 12 hour interactive cutscene, but she got so into it, she was even playing it without me around. It stars Eliza Dushku, who she likes, and she recognized Joss Whedon’s name from The Avengers and Firefly. It has no spoilers, and the Doctor is only a side character, so it doesn’t ruin anything. DocDoom said and recommend DeathNote, they also made a Live action movie, which is not that good, but it summs up the basics! We will initially give you a free consultation anywhere in Phuket or alternatively via Skype or email. I only did this once because I figured it would be enough for the average person to not seem too desperate.
Last month it was our anniversary and she told me that she loves me with all her heart and is happy with me. She said seeing me with this girl makes her blood pressure rise and gets her extremely mad and jealous.
I know realize how much I want that and need your help making that possible for me once again.
A month went by since then and I texted her saying I was much happier now and would she like to be friends. When she broke up over text, we had actually been fine in person, 2 days before we were together kissing and holding each other madly in love.
BUT, This is where Im confused… about 2 weeks ago I got a blocked call exactly at 12am… its weird because 1 nobody calls my phone especially blocked, 2 the timing was so perfect how could it have been an accident? When I took the controller from her to get her past a level, I realized I made a huge mistake, and she didn’t really care to play much after that. Unfortunately, if you DO manage to mess up the quick time events during the important segments, you don’t lose, it just takes your story in very, very dark directions. She started watching it without even consulting me, and was raving about it after the first episode. We managed to make it through 7 seasons and watch the current season’s (7) finale within a week of its original air date. However during the heated break up she told me she hasnt felt anything for the last 4 months.
When I left her lots and lots of messages and asked her that if I have done something wrong. She managed to kill all the main characters and let the killer go free, and reported back how much she hated the ending. Although it sounds good on my part, she is currently talking to a guy who she says makes her very happy.
We met for a last time a few days ago to hand over stuff, but I can feel that she no longer needs me.
Any time I take the messages up a notch like that (tried getting her to meet me a couple weeks ago) I get no or muted response. We got back together and told each other that the pain we had felt from the breakup we never wanted to experience again.
I want her back and I made the mistake of begging her for another chance but she said she was happy single. Also (just to help you understand a little bit), this guy talks to and flirts with a ton of girls, my ex and I lost our virginities to each other, and I helped her out of a depression. I went to listen, and it was just the sound of someone hurrying to pickup their phone, and then hanging up.
Now, I am hoping she is calling me and wants to get back together and she’s sorry and she never wants to leave again… obviously.
It hurts me most because now i DO think its her, which puts me back at square one, hoping and waiting for another call or for her to show up at my place. But i stared to think that will she still love me after 30 days, forgive me that i called her a “Bi**h” , and will she remember about me?

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