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In the village El Quedbrados, to the north of San Andreas, you can find, as well as your girlfriend, a hairdresser's. There is a snake farm south of your airport in the desert (you have to use a road in the field leading from the main tower to the west; get to the blacktop and then go south and take a left turn).
There is an outdoor cinema in a village Fort Carson, where you can park and watch a film from your car. It isn’t so important, but you can even get on top of it even if there isn’t any red circle, just go round it and it teleports you there. If you want to help us with proofreading of our translations (articles, updates and other texts), we will be glad to invite you into our team.
If you are an English native speaker with free time and you are willing to help us, please send us an e-mail. Later that night I was walking down the suburban streets of Venturas, still in a daze, when my phone rang. I stared around at Millie's fucked up secret world, remembered what I'd done to her in that bed at her request, the dildos of different shapes and sizes she'd begged for, telling me to treat her like shit, to make her my slave.

I walked outside with the keycard in my pocket, and put through a call to Woozie, telling him I had it.
So at this point you've probably already realized that this is either a Behind The Scenes Update with a twist or that I've completely lost it. Millie is one of only two "girlfriends" introduced to the game through storyline missions - the other being Denise - and the only one that requires at least some effort put into dating her in order to continue the game (or at the least the Heist Missions).
Unlike the other girls, however, she also has a very different idea of what constitutes a nice gift.
Of course, some people really dislike the girlfriend missions and the slow progress and limited timeframe per day in which you can "date" them. That concludes this look "Behind the Scenes" at dating Millie, perhaps the oddest of all the odd girlfriends that Carl encounters. If you liked missions in which you had to press an arrow at the right time, which appeared in a white ring, you’ll be excited by these areas too.
Hard to tell where it is open but it is always clean and tidy, as if people have left the dining room in a rush.

I know how it is; I don't like it when I'm browsing a site and I accidentally trigger an awful flash ad where a big, freakish iPhone starts singing at me. Please, if you enjoy the site, consider adding us to your AdBlock whitelist—it really does make a difference. You can see the locations of the garages in the whole of San Andreas on the map, so visit them and get some interesting stuff :o) The map is above. You’ll go with Catalina to steal it in one mission, but you’ll be surprised because somebody has done it before you. That's why here on the Let's Play Archive we'll only ever serve up nice banners that behave properly.

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