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Sorry word is used on that time when we do some wrong and we are feeling guilty on our behavior or hurt to anyone with our attitude or words so that’s why we say sorry to remove misunderstanding and problems that creates among us.
When your words hurt the anyone and he angry to you then we say sorry to him for remove his anger and remove the misunderstanding that create among us and we say sorry to realize to other that i  feel sorry on my attitude. Honestly, that can hurt because we humans don’t like to admit just how messed up we are. Before I get back to talking about life as we know it, let’s get back to where I last left off. I love how in this picture Ryan and my Mom, and my Dad and I are both mirroring each other’s stances and expressions! After hanging out around the Nubble, we went across the street to grab ice cream at Browns. You can stand on the sidewalk and watch as they make the taffy and the entire process from start to finish. The boys weren’t wild about going into the boutiques as us girls were, so they had boy time outside the stores.
We then headed over to my aunt and uncles’ beach house on Short Sands for several drinks and to hang out! Around 11 we headed back to our house on Long Sands and hung out on our porch, before calling it a night. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
A blowout, Armani Exchange tee, male kissy face, flexing and some dumbass hand gesture for the camera.
Memorial Day took your editors here at LOL Douchebags away from the computers a little longer than we’d normally be accustomed to.
Welcome to Cook County, Illinois, where you could be forgiven for thinking the local government is a monarchy. This past week, a clear majority of the board attempted repeal the tax increase with a 12-3 vote, two votes short of the necessary amount to override the veto Stroger of course decided to exercise. The lost business that has led to lost jobs because of this egregious tax increase and the veto on Monday keeping it in place made Stroger douche-worthy enough, but he truly solidified his full douchebag status on Wednesday when it was revealed that Stroger and his wife failed to pay nearly $12,000 in federal income taxes.
So, did Stroger clear up this mess by releasing his tax forms as do many other elected officials—such as, say, Mayor Richard M. That’s Tampa Bay Ray Johnny Gomes there with his fist raised in a game last year against the Boston Red Sox. Admittedly, Rogers pointed out that his idea was unpopular (4-to-1 against it) in his follow-up column today. Chipper Jones could have caught the first flight back to the Atlanta Braves’ complex in Florida. Dude, Lance, you have one nut and you’re putting the blame of your failed relationship on the ticking clock of your significant other’s fertility? You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
When you live your life in a cautionary crouch, the greatest relief of all may come from simply standing up. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) comes in a variety of shapes and flavors, but there are primarily four main types. The sexual thoughts can involve thoughts such as having sex with an inappropriate partner (such as mother, father, grandparent, sibling or child), having sex with animals, having sex with a cherished person (such as a minister or priest or Rabbi, or even figures such as Jesus), forcing sex on an unwilling partner, or almost any type of sexual act that could be considered inappropriate. Once the person with OCD notices that he or she is having these kinds of thoughts, how they typically react to the thoughts actually perpetuates the problem.
Most people try to think their way outs of these dilemmas and are quite distressed when they are unable to do so.
A typical obstacle to viewing these scary thoughts as a fire alarm when there is no fire, brings us to another aspect of OCD which is important to understand. How to Choose a Therapist to Treat Your Anxiety DisorderMany people struggle to find an appropriate therapist to treat their anxiety disorder, and so I thought I’d write this article and give some tips for how to go about finding a therapist with whom you can work. When choosing a therapist it is almost always a good idea to seek somebody who has been licensed by your state – which usually means seeking help from a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Licensed Professional Counselor. Now that you have some idea of the kind of therapist that you are seeking, the next question is how do you find someone who meets your criteria? Finally, there are often insurance issues which will greatly influence which therapists you decide to work with.
Spending some time to select an appropriate therapist can help ensure that your therapy experience will be a good one. Some OCD Tricks and DistortionsI have found Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to be very tricky and devious.
A second OCD trick that had hooked this client was the idea that if I’m a little bit responsible then I am totally responsible. Acceptance in HOCD and POCDOne of the more terrifying and slippery versions of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) involves experiencing thoughts of harming a loved one or having sex with an inappropriate partner. Most people who suffer from OCD are, especially at first, unwilling to consider this idea of surrender. Some persons have very rude behavior and think they are not doing something bad and if he does some bad then he feel ashamed to say sorry and think why I say sorry to anyone because I m not wrong. Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat your own words. Some people hurts the others and don’t say sorry because they think they are always Right and when you say sorry then it create respect in heart of hurt person and make you respectful. Boy meets girl, girl and guy get interested, girl and guy fight, girl and guy get back together and (maybe) marry—credits. In a Christ-focused marriage, God continually transforms two sinners into the image of His Son.
On this first date, you and your spouse will talk about each of your spiritual journeys up until this point, as well as how you want to continue your journey together as a couple. What’s your best advice for having and maintaining a strong, Christ-focused marriage?
I was in a lot of pain from cramps, so I kept it short, and ran 1 mile later in the day when I was feeling a little bit better.
The kids are always obsessed with this, and it’s so adorable to watch their faces light up as they understand how taffy is made and packaged. Join me in my adventure to stay fit, eat clean, cause trouble with my best friends, and hunt down Mr.
As we were reminded this week, the legislative process here stipulates that a veto from the president of the Cook County Board can only be overridden by a four-fifths, or 80 percent vote from the county’s 17 commissioners. Additionally, the hike meant a rate no lower than 8.75 percent for communities in suburban Cook County, even inspiring the city of Palatine to talk about seceding. Rather, we’re hoping that as long as Urkel Stroger continues to see Cook County run its historically dysfunctional course, voters are able to perform the only necessary chore of casting the ballots that one day rids this local government of the douchebag running it. As it turns out, part-time secession suggestionist  Perry actually sees to it that his state gets more federal disaster relief than any other state. For example, when watching a scary movie in the theater many of us will experience real fear even know we are fully aware that we are not really in danger.

The harming thoughts follow much the same pattern and usually involve thoughts of hurting or even killing a family member, loved one, stranger, etc.
I have often used the metaphor with my clients of facing a martial arts expert with a 10th degree black belt who is extremely skilled and knows just how to penetrate my clients defenses.
Within OCD thoughts are assumed to be dangerous unless proven safe, which is the exact opposite of the way most people approach their thoughts. If you are seeking medication to treat your anxiety then your two choices from the above list are a Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, but for the purposes of this article I’m going to assume that what you are seeking is a therapist to provide therapy for your anxiety and we will leave how to find a medication referral for a future article.
Just because you have insurance does not mean that your insurance will cover every therapist.
You want to choose a licensed therapist who is a specialist in and experienced with your kind of anxiety disorder. And why are these thoughts always about something awful happening to my loved ones?” Virtually all of my clients with these types of OCD interpret having these thoughts as possibly meaning that they want to do the things that they think about.
As I approach the parking structure, and since I live in Oregon where it rains a lot, there is a large metal grate designed to capture and drain the water from any rainstorms.
Understanding and recognizing some of the tricks and distortions that OCD uses can be helpful when seeking to manage OCD. The idea here is that just because a thought is brighter and louder it means more, which of course isn’t true at all. Typically, people think of OCD as involving fear of germs and doing repeated checking, but in my experience many people with OCD also struggle with these kinds of thoughts.
They feel quite irresponsible for not doing all they possibly can to either eliminate the thoughts altogether or to prevent acting on the thoughts and are under the mistaken assumption that they need to understand, figure out, analyze, or in some other way engage these thoughts to become absolutely certain that they will not act on them. In other words, the story of the relationship is just in the getting together through a trial. Enjoy a leisurely dinner together, and over the meal, tell each other the stories of how God has worked in your life individually. I can take the next thing that comes along." You must do the thing you think you cannot do. If you’re walking through the woods and see a grizzly bear on the trail in front of you, then your best response probably is to get away as quickly and as quietly as you can.
Many people believe that OCD is primarily concerned with being organized and tidy, and while this certainly is one of the flavors of OCD, it is by no means the only or even the main type of OCD. My clients search in vain for reassurance that these horrific thoughts do not mean what they fear they could mean and since they are unable to find this reassurance they become more and more anxious and may become quite depressed as well. Essentially, mindfulness is moment to moment nonjudgmental awareness of what is happening in your mind. Generally you will find that Psychologists have the most extensive training in providing the kind of therapy that you will want to seek out for your anxiety disorder, but there are, of course, exceptions to this and you may be able to find a very well-trained practitioner in the other professions listed. There are at least five different organizations each of which has a website with a therapist locator service that you can consult when trying to find a therapist. Some therapists have chosen to join the panels of many insurance companies, some therapists choose to be on only a few panels, and some therapists choose to be on no panels whatsoever. If, under these conditions, the grandfather has the image of his granddaughter rushing out into traffic and being harmed does this mean he wants this to happen or is it, once again, another example of an image meant to warn him of what could happen if he isn’t careful.
An OCD trick that one of my clients recently struggled with was wondering whether or not his current concern was OCD. He could see that there were other people involved in the process, such as other phlebotomists, etc., but nonethelesssince he had some responsibility, he felt totally responsible for the potential (disastrous) outcome. It’s as if we are saying that when driving down the street the brightest neon sign is the most important neon sign or that the person who isspeaking the loudest must be saying the most important things. It is often only after repeated attempts to achieve this mythical state of certainty that people eventually become willing to consider trying something different.
He knows better than you what you need and the sooner you submit to Christ and His purposes in your life, the sooner you will see what He is up to in your marriage.
Then discuss how you all would like to pursue closer relationships with God together from this point on. Though in this case you would of course feel some anxiety, this wouldn’t be an anxiety disorder because the danger is real and her response was appropriate given the circumstances. In this post I will talk about the intrusive thought version of OCD and in subsequent posts I will talk about the other three varieties. So the more the thoughts are resisted the more they keep coming back and the stronger they get. However, I also think that, particularly with this kind of OCD, getting perspective on these thoughts is necessary.
How can you possibly prove that these thoughts are safe and that you will not engage in the feared behaviors? When you start paying attention to what your mind is actually doing, it is really quite surprising how little of the time we really are present. There are a number of both local and national organizations which you can consult to try and find the names of appropriate therapists, you can talk to your primary care doctor, insurance company or ask family and friends. Until recently, I had at times struggled to give my clients a satisfactory answer to these questions.
The grate is a series of metal bars each of which is about a half-inch wide separated by a space of about an inch or so and as I was walking towards this grate the thought suddenly occurred to me that if I wasn’t careful I could drop my keys through that grate and lose them forever.
This client was a phlebotomist at a local hospital and feared that he had inadvertently transferred blood to a roll of cotton which other phlebotomists would be using to dab future patients’ injection sites.
In a very real sense when you have OCD you cannot trust your feelings in those portions of your life where the OCD has become active.
As with all forms of OCD, the way to not be taken in by this trick is to first and foremost be mindfully aware of what your mind is telling you. These two types of OCD have been called Harm OCD (HOCD) and Pedophilia OCD (POCD) and the two versions have much in common. This doesn’t mean that you stop trying to fight and manage your OCD, it means that you stop trying to make things perfect, stop trying to figure things out, stop trying to analyze things to death. Part of OCD’s deviousness is that it continues to convince people that if you just try a little harder, try it one more time, wash just that one more time, check that door lock just one more time, etc. However, if while driving you get anxious as you approach a bridge, and the bridge appears to be in good working condition, we would probably say that your response here is exaggerated and not in line with the actual amount of danger you would face when crossing the bridge. When the danger is real, as with the grizzly bear above, our automatic response makes sense, but when the degree of danger is either not present at all, or is only minimally present, avoidance actually perpetuates the problem and over time makes the anxiety worse. Intrusive thought OCD is one of the less easily recognized versions and most people haven’t even heard of this kind. Being able to stand back from these thoughts and recognize them as OCD in addition to the ERP process is a good combination. So often we get lost in our thoughts, react to them without thinking, and get caught up in our thought streams which can take us into some very dark and scary places which are very far from the present moment.
Though again there are exceptions to this rule, in general you want to seek out a therapist who has as much experience as possible treating the kind of anxiety are suffering from.
Other possible sources for therapists with whom you can work would be your primary care doctor, your insurance company, and finally you can ask among your family and friends for a therapist that they may have worked with themselves.

Finally, it’s important that you make sure before you start therapy that you know what your out-of-pocket costs are going to be.
Luckily, I had a recent experience which gave me a way to answer my clients questions more satisfactorily. I had a distinct and clear visual image of holding the keys in my left hand, walking over the grate and then the keys slipping out of my hand through the grate into the pipes below. And just as my image of my keys falling into the grate lead me to hold onto my keys all the more tightly, in this case the image of his granddaughter being harmed leads this grandfather to be all the more careful with his granddaughter and hold her hand that much tighter. He, of course, feared that the blood he had transferred might be infected and would cause the next patient to become ill and, in the worse case scenario, even die. What he discovered was that by the time he had divided the pie into sections based upon how responsible others were, hisslice that remained was very tiny indeed.
Even many professionals that I have met and worked with are not familiar with this kind of OCD. The third criteria is whether or not the therapist you’re considering is a specialist not only in anxiety in general, but also specifically in the type of anxiety with which you struggle. Be cautious when using your insurance company as a referral source, because it is been my experience that the recommendations insurance companies make may not always be appropriate. He indicated that if he wassure that this concern was OCD he could use our previous work to stop doing his checking, stop seeking reassurance from his wife and family about what he had done and resist confessing his errors to his employer. So in coming to manage OCD it is important to notice these feelings and then mindfully pause before responding to them. To notice that your mind is telling you the brightest and loudest thoughts are somehow different from the rest of your thoughts which of course they are not. There are a variety of techniques available for managing these kinds of thoughts, but two of the more useful tools, in my experience, are to mindfully accept the presence of the thoughts and to commit to not doing any compulsions in response to these thoughts. To do otherwise, and to in some way engage with these thoughts, is to fall prey once again to compulsions and the OCD cycle starts anew. In intrusive thought OCD the sufferer is plagued with horrific thoughts involving doing something that is completely foreign to their value system. The sufferer then might engage in a variety of rituals all designed to either prevent the thoughts from showing up or trying to neutralize the thoughts once they do show up, and neither of these strategies is effective at all and in fact they both lead, once again, to having more of these thoughts in the long run. These thoughts create an anxiety spike which makes it feel like there is some real danger that demands immediate action of some sort. If one is to overcome intrusive thought OCD understanding the impossibility of this task is crucial. Many therapists list multiple specialties such as depression, attention deficit disorder, marriage counseling, etc. Being careful and thoughtful about this insurance issue can prevent you from getting a large bill which you didn’t expect.
Rather than simply react and do what feels necessary, to pause, to reflect and then to choose the response that makes the most sense. In the past, you have learned that if you go and wash your hands carefully numerous times that you may achieve a temporary sense of safety from the risk posed by the germs you now think are on your hands.
I have sometimes used the analogy of a mirage which looks so very appealing in the distance but which when pursued keeps receding further and further away. Whatever is most opposite to what they value and whatever is dearest to their heart this is what the OCD targets.
This resistance to thoughts occurs because the sufferer is horrified by them and afraid of what these thoughts might mean about them.
One of the tricks that OCD plays on suffers is the idea that because there’s anxiety spike there must be real danger. I recommend talking to both your insurance company and to the potential therapist so you know going in what your out-of-pocket costs are going to be.
After much discussion we agreed that the best way out of his entanglement with this question was to accept the uncertainty and commit to stopping all of his compulsions.
For many clients it is rather disconcerting to consider the idea that they really cannot trust their feelings when it comes to the OCD. However, as you have learned about OCD you now realize that your attempts to achieve safety ultimately are futile and you are now trying to do things differently. The two primary versions of intrusive thought OCD are inappropriate sexual thoughts and harming thoughts. This is simply not the case.  A useful metaphor might be of a fire alarm that keeps going off but there is no fire.
So, in precisely the same way, my clients HOCD and POCD thoughts and images do not mean that they want to do these things, but rather, quite the opposite, they do NOT want these things to happen. The minute he turns back to seeking certainty about whether or not this is OCD he has once again become entangled in the OCD web.
A particularly troublesome example of this is when the client suffers from Scrupulosity OCD. There is an immediate sense of relief but if you pay careful attention you will see that this relief is fleeting and is soon replaced by doubt and dread once again. At first when the fire alarm goes off it is responded to as if there is some true danger, but if the fire alarm keeps going off repeatedly and there is no fire eventually we learn to simply not pay attention to the fire alarm even though it is ringing very loudly. What this means is that if a therapist uses evidence-based treatments then there is some research which supports their treatment techniques being effective.
Nonetheless, that immediate relief following doing the compulsion is seductive and gets people caught in a compulsive repetitive cycle. Rather than just relying upon their opinion about what works in therapy, they have consulted the research literature to find out what works best. It is only once that cycle is recognized, and that the futility of doing the compulsions over and over again is finally accepted and recognized is the person willing to surrender their attempts to achieve certainty and that is when true recovery starts to happen. The best researched therapy and most effective therapy for anxiety disorders is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy so be sure to ask your therapist if they provide this kind of treatment. As the thoughts are recognized and tolerated, their ability to trigger anxiety begins to fade and they become just part of the more normal thought stream. Finally, in some ways the most important criteria is whether or not you feel comfortable with your selection.
Many of the above criteria can be discerned from a website and don’t require any person-to-person contact. However, this criteria would involve at least a phone call and perhaps even a face-to-face meeting and could involve even the very first session of therapy. It’s important that the person you choose to work with is somebody that you feel confident about, trust, and whom you believe can be of help with your anxiety.

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