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I’ve found that most of the guys who come to me for advice are actually looking to meet that one special girl to date. So the question is, why are so many guys trying to learn how to become “pickup artists,” and trying to use all kinds of seduction techniques, when what they really want deep-down is to meet that one special woman? Interestingly, I’ve also found that the guys are REALLY GOOD with women are usually the ones who are interested in meeting one great girl to date.
Before you go out and socialize with other people particularly women, make sure that you are properly groomed. If you are not confident with your style, you may ask one of your female friends to choose the right clothes for you. She will see a lot of guys every day and if you cannot make yourself stand out; you will be one of these faceless guys that she meets. The more you understand her body language, the easier it is to tell whether or not she is interested in you.
If you see her playing with her hair and displaying her wrists, be ready to approach her because she is interested in you. If you can make her laugh using your witty and smart remarks; then she will feel more relaxed in your company. It’s best to have a good sense of humor that can save you from boredom and dull conversations. Aside from these resources, some of your friends and family members may have been happy and very successful in their dating lives. It’s kinda amusing how guys worry about on how to get a girlfriend when they should start learning how it is to get a girl’s number first. First date is actually the most important because it will help set the mood of your relationship.
If you’ve been out with a girl for more than once, there should be a little development and progress on your relationship on each subsequent date that you have. Each date should be more physically intense than the other; there should be a growth in your relationship. If you are seriously looking for a woman who could be your girlfriend; you have to exert effort to get to know her more. Do not show her everything on your first date because if you do that, there won’t be much to show on your subsequent dates. Answering the question in a playful way means that you are not taking the conversation or her too seriously. How to get a girlfriend is quite easy as long as she is having fun whenever she is with you.
Your main goal should always engage her into a fun, thought-provoking and original conversation.
Hey guys, its Emyli and you’re watching EmLovzTV, the place to be if you’re looking to meet and attract beautiful women. There are 4 steps that can easily increase your "social value." By increasing your social value, more than just 1 woman will notice you. Think about how she feels when you tell her "I'm busy right now, but how about tomorrow night?" She might feel "put off" for a second, but for the next day she is going to continue to wonder what you could possibly be doing when you weren't free for her. I don’t think there is a heterosexual guy on the planet that wouldn’t want a relationship or even a single night with a hot girl. For most men having a hot woman standing by his side in a bar, club or restaurant is the epitome of heaven. Men alone stand with cinnabar colored faces staring at these lucky guys as flashes of envy light up their eyes. It is important to mention here that the ideas and methods mentioned are purely my ideas and thus may or may not work. Many are career women who don’t have much time for men unless there is something in it for her. The places one will find a hot woman are in bars and nightclubs, fashion stores, music concerts and the beach.
Any girl that is prepared to wear a string bikini and has the body for it is, in my opinion, hot. If you’ve never been to a popular beach during the summer and sat on the sand watching hot babes walking back and forth from the ocean, you’ve missed out on watching paradise in motion. Music is pretty much loved by all ages and all people so, as also mentioned, a music concert is sure to have a few girls who hail from the valley of the dolls. OK, so now you know where the women are now you have to make sure you are going to be compatible with the venue. If, for example, you’re a corpulent, slovenly and uninteresting person then hanging out at the beach in a pair of Speedos is not going to get you a girl; it’ll get you a lot of laughs but a hot girl?…Nah.

Now I’m not saying you have to have the looks of Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise but looks that show you have some intelligence and haven’t just arrived in from the farm are considered standard.
If you are suffering from a weight problem do something about it before you even think of trying to meet a hot chick.
As for facial looks; you’re pretty much stuck with what you have and nothing short of visiting a plastic surgeon is going to change that. You can, however, make yourself look better by shaving, trimming your beard if you have one, using contact lenses instead of those Roy Hudd glasses and doing something different with your hairstyle. Often a few small changes can be the difference between getting a hot woman for the night or a lonely evening perched on a bar stool.
Once you have you’ve tidied yourself up think about what else you think you need to do to score one of those hot looking women other fellas have but not you.
So, in order to show a girl, any girl, that you are not languid and uninteresting you need to have a bright, witty personality.
I say “some” sports because if a guy is too much of a jock, the girl is going to think his life is only sports.
If you feel your clothing is modern, well-fitting and suits you then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If, however, the above points are not up to scratch it might be a good idea to put on your single pair of jeans and stand in front of a mirror.
The body may be fine but the clothes make you look like you’ve only got a couple of dollars in the bank. This is true in many situations – from job interviews to meeting women, your clothes tell the other person a little about you. No one goes for a job interview wearing a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt and so too no guy should try to meet women dressed like a complete idiot. The trick is to give the impression that you’re a man of the world – been there, done that, to use an Australian term.
If you’re just like the hundreds of other guys she has to ward off every week, you’ll get nowhere and will end up again alone perched on the same stool in the same bar.
In the event you do come up with a unique pickup line then you’re going to be spending the evening in the company of a hot girl and will be the envy of all your friends. Now, if you want this first date with a hot girl to continue and perhaps develop into a relationship, you’re going to have to keep being unique. It is only after dating for a few months that you should drop your guard, so to speak, a little.
She also will become a little less fake and, if you’re both compatible, then a serious, long lasting relationship could very easily blossom.
Of course, you have to be a sailor and have a boat to do this so if you don’t how about surfing? Surfing is great fun and there are not many hot chicks around that don’t like surfers – surfers are like magnets for hot looking women. With an evening date, again someplace different; a Mexican restaurant, for example is way better than some pricey uptown place that forces you to wear a tie and over-tip waiters.
Mexican restaurants are get down and get dirty places where the food is great and there is plenty of it.
There are many different ways and methods of how to get a hot girlfriend the above points are just some ideas.
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Most guys would rather know how to get a girlfriend than learn a bunch of silly pick-up lines or manipulative tricks to hook up with many different women. In reality, few guys are interested in learning these techniques just so that they can bang tons of different girls, date younger women or have one night stands.
And if you make it completely obvious that you’re single and desperately trying to get a girlfriend, women are naturally going to wonder WHY you’re still single! Your aim is to attract the opposite sex and the best way to get positive results is to ask advice from female friends too. When you have power walk is only shows that you have determination and guys will feel intimidated and threatened by your presence.
The #1 program, Tactical Attraction, will show you smooth techniques on how to approach, meet and score a date with women in any given situation.
You can get some advice from them but it does not mean that you would follow everything they say. If you had a wonderful and memorable first date but your second date turned out to be a big flop; you have to decide whether or not to move on to the next potential girlfriend. If you stop growing, well it only means that you are dying and it is not a good sign on how to get a girlfriend because you are not increasing the physical contact.
If you really want to establish a good relationship together then you must set the tone of your relationship right away.

If you show her that you are an interesting person who lives an interesting life; then you may show her the real you gradually.
However, this problem can easily be resolved because there are a lot of books regarding this subject. Your money, fame and good looks are all useless if you do not know how to spark attraction between you and the woman you want.
The more fun and interesting you appear to be, the more they are going to be interested in being included in your conversation or in talking to you. The most common mistake that guys make, when talking to women, is that they allow the conversation to slip into job interview mode”. Why would you talk to her in the same way the every other guy would do, when you can take things in different direction and standout above the rest. Email Address First Name Monthly emails will include 1 to 2 EmLovzTV video episodes or a written blog post. Obviously you’re not going to find a foxy chick at the public library, although there are some very sexy librarians. The old adage of “Looks don’t matter” is wrong and was probably written or quoted by the ugliest guy on the planet. Let’s assume you’ve lost the fat stomach, put on some muscle, have a renewed sense of humor and consider yourself outgoing as well as unpredictable. The cool guys say things like, “Hey, how are you doing?” The not so cool say things like, “Hello, I’m Jeff and you are?” This kind of line pretty much tells the hot chick you’re a nerd.
That too is good and no doubt she’ll enjoy herself but think of someplace completely different. Stevenson Hi, I am not a so-called dating expert who brags that he bangs 30 different women in 30 days and bla, bla bla. So on this page, I want to share with you some tips on how to get a girlfriend that have worked for me and my students. This is when guys start to realize what they really want, and what will truly satisfy them.
This could be your only chance to make a good impression on your potential girlfriend; make sure that it is worth it. Be more adventurous and make sure that you will find something in her that is worth your compliment.
But make sure that you still look friendly and inviting; the last thing that you should do is to pull an angry face. To give yourself a better chance to success in getting a girlfriend; you have to understand her body language. You should be a brilliant guy while she is there, give it your best shot but do not brag about it. The message that you are a potential mate should come across to her or else she would treat as a friend. When you know how to create massive attraction, you will be able to get the girl that you want. EmLovz will resolve all your dating woes when you take take her EmLovz Academy For Men or Emlovz Academy For Women today. This free service is recommended for those who might be looking to spice up their current relationship or others who might be looking for general dating advice.
Instead, I am simple guy who has been reading dating and psychology books since last 6 years. Your date could have been arranged by a mutual friend, meeting someone online or you were lucky to pick up a girl with the help of some crafty pickup lines. The more you become close to her as a friend it will also be harder for you to change the kind of relationship you have. After two or three dates with each woman, you'll know exactly which woman is the best fit for you. You are only going to find "the one" if you put in the work and feel the difference between potential mates. Does your clothing fit you correctly or do the back of your jeans look like you work in a coal mine somewhere? Here I am trying to provide dating tips in a simple and better way that would be easy to remember and use.

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