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44 Comments One of our loving, caring readers had been living with her boyfriend for several years when he suddenly disappeared on her.
And while you can’t see this for yourself right now while you’re still in the pain of what you’re going through, the truth is that you don’t really want him to. You’re worth so much more than someone who you have to do this much work for, who isn't doing this much work for you.
And it was the only way for you to see what you really had, and what you didn't really have.
Because when we love someone like this, when we give so much of ourselves to someone like this to the detriment of ourselves, it’s never about real love, but always about something we’re trying to prove or show or find in someone else because we can’t find it in ourselves. Three Things You Can Do When He’s Getting Emotionally DistantWill He Ever Want a Committed Relationship? The words he says that contradict his actions show you who he really is and just what he isn't capable of giving you. And no matter how much you want to believe in the fantasy of what could be if only he could see this the way you do, you can’t.

You’re worth so much more than someone who can treat you like this, who can disappear, who can leave you wondering if he’s dead or alive, who isn't capable of feeling anything but what he feels himself. When you become your own harshest critic and dole out the most judgmental words that anyone else ever could.
Underneath the weight of all of these past 3 years and however many more years before then that you've been taking on the weight of all these men who couldn't give you what you needed and placed all the blame on you, there’s a beautiful soul crying out to be free. You've forgotten who you are, what you have to offer, and you’re left in this place where this person has become everything to you and you've become nothing.
The hardest part of an ending like this is that what you feel more than anything is the investment of your beautiful heart and soul. To notice her, to wrap your arms around her and whisper to her that everything’s going to be OK.
You take a look at that beautiful woman in the mirror who has no idea of her worth, who has no idea of who she is, of what she brings to the table, of how much she deserves to be loved by someone capable of loving her for exactly who she is.
When you fight them, you miss the healing that’s found in accepting where you are and what you’re feeling.

The one you believed in, the one you told yourself that you could eventually get to with him, as long as you hung on and held out the way you did.
This sacrificing your true self to tell yourself a convincing enough story to remain with someone like this. We can only do it for so long before something happens to wake us up to the reality of what’s really going on. Write what’s on your heart, write it all out with pen and paper so you can feel your words come to life.

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