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Protein is a compound made up of amino acids, which are the “building blocks” of major parts of the human body. To show you how simple it is to reach your body’s protein needs, let’s take an example of a 75kg person.  It is recommended that this person eat 60-75 grams of protein per day.
The next time someone asks you where you get your protein, remember that this question is merely fueled by ignorance and misinformation.  Suppress the urge to scream in frustration and take the opportunity to educate.  And always remember, there was probably a time when you asked this question yourself!

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We're proud to be 100% vegan, all the time while never losing our focus on quality and style.
So feel free to send the following info to all your bewildered friends who just can’t seem to understand how you are not only alive, but actually thriving on a vegan diet.

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