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In this chapter, Niko has an opportunity to work under mobsters Ray Boccino, Phil Bell and Jimmy Pegorino.
Ray wants Niko to take care of a friend "who is no longer a friend." He's called Teddy Benevides, and he can be found at the projects on Galveston.
When you reach the projects, Ray sends a text message containing a picture of somebody called Alonzo. As soon as you reach the next floor, another goon will approach you, and later another one will approach from behind. Ray wants Niko to meet some friends of his and collect some diamonds which are hidden in garbage. Niko approaches the vehicle holding Luca and his gang, but they deny stealing the diamonds before driving off. Shoot each of the doors to find where Luca is hiding, and then finish him off and collect the diamonds.
Ray needs Niko to offload the diamonds that he retrieved in the last mission, but Niko demands a favour in return. When you reach the exit (the double doors at the end) immediately turn left and kill the attacker. The chase eventually leads to the Algonquin Bridge, where a train has been derailed and is hence blocking the route, which forces the chase on to the streets of Dukes.
After the mission "No Way on the Subway," Ray calls Niko to thank him for his help, and tells him to meet a guy called "Talbot Daniels" who has information on Florian Cravic. Pick up Roman at the apartment in Algonquin, and take him to The Triangle to meet Talbot Daniels. Get in a four-door car with Roman and Talbot, and let him lead you to Florian Cravic's apartment in Algonquin. Stop in the yellow marker when you reach his apartment, and watch the cutscene that follows.
Isaac - the dealer you met in "Museum Piece" - is blaming Ray for everything that went wrong with the deal, and now he is threatening to kill him.
The mission tells you to use the elevator to reach the penthouse (where Isaac and the diamond dealers are situated) but a far simpler strategy is to take a helicopter and land it on the roof of the hotel, so that you're essentially working your way down instead of working your way up. During the cutscene, Gerry explains that he needs Niko to create a rift between the Ancelottis and the Albanians, as a favour to Jimmy Pegorino.
Collect the bomb on Inchon Avenue, represented by a green blip on the radar, and then head over to Little Italy in Algonquin. Go to the safe point on the hill, then access your phonebook and select 'Gerry' followed by 'Detonate' to trigger the car bomb. Gerry owes a favour to the Pegorinos, but he needs Niko to do it because he fears he is being watched by the cops. Gerry opens his freezer to reveal the body of one of the Albanians, and he wants you to use the outfit to disguse yourself, in order to carry out a hit on long-time Ancelotti member Frankie Garone. Derrick needs help "taking care of old business," but he's been on the drink so he takes a while to explain the problem. When you reach the East Borough Bridge, stop the boat and kill off any remaining attackers in the boats (try not to use the rocket launcher for this, or you risk killing Kim).
Packie has left a truck with a rocket launcher on Mahesh Avenue in Alderney, so go and collect it. Once all the cops have been eliminated, steal the stockade with Packie and lose the three-star wanted level.
When you reach the park, Niko will automatically call Francis for further instructions on the hit, and Francis tells him to use the window cleaning platform to assassinate Derrick from the roof.
Climb on top of the scaffolding at Lorimar Street, and use the window cleaning platform to reach the roof. Killing Francis on the other hand provides no rewards or special abilities whatsoever, but it might be satisfying to kill him after all that blackmailing he did?
This mission begins right after you receive the call from Packie following the last mission.
Once all the Abanians are gone, get in the hearse with Packie and take the body to the cemetary. Gerry calls from the Alderney State Correctional Facility, and he wants Niko to go and meet him for some work. When you reach the tunnel in the park, the hater is waiting to attack Bernie (with a baseball bat) at the other end. If you're having trouble catching up with the hater, leave a faster bike (such as the NRG 900 or PCJ 600) on the bridge where the Faggios are situated before the cutscene begins.
Some thugs found out about Bernie's relationship with Mayor Bryce Dawkins, and Bryce is now being blackmailed. The representatives arrive, and Niko and Bernie make their position very clear: they will not negotiate with the blackmailers.
The chase lasts about three minutes, and ends at Galveston Street in Castle Garden City, Algonquin. Dimitri calls and offers to "cut you in" on the deal with Bryce Dawkins and Bernie, but Niko flatly refuses. Bernie wants to have some "fun," so get on the boat and take him to the coast off Firefly Island. Chase Dimitri's men, and watch out for the large boats (particularly the ones near the Algonquin Bridge) which will attempt to block your route. In the cutscene, Gerry is surrounded by security men at Alderney State Correctional Facility, so he orders Niko to call Packie for details of the next job. On several occasions, Gracie attempts to grab the steering wheel and throw you off the road, so drive very slowly or the car will flip, which means the mission is failed.
This is a very short task which begins after Packie calls you following the mission "I'll Take Her." Go to the safehouse in Alderney, and go upstairs to the first floor where Gracie is being held. Gerry - who is talking in code so that the prison guards don't catch on - instructs Niko to take Gracie to a new safehouse in Algonquin, because the Ancelottis have finally tracked her. After the cutscene, perform a u-turn and drive down the stairs (at the end of the alleyway) onto the freeway. The mafia agrees to help Niko look for the person that betrayed him in exchange for doing some work. When you leave the elevator area, there are two goons to your left and one taking cover behind a wall on your right. There are more goons taking cover to your right, next to a room where another first aid kit can be found (grab it if you need it). After the cutscene, Niko is automatically disguised as a trash collector for the task which lies ahead.
Ray wants Niko to go to Luca's hangout in Castle Gardens and get the diamonds back so that everyone can get paid.
Get in the car and begin chasing the gang, but don't kill Luca - you'll need him alive in order to get the diamonds.

Niko calls Ray to update him on what's happened, and tells him to meet him at the bridge in Middle Park. Niko wants Ray to locate a man called Florian Cravic - the man that he believes betrayed him many years ago - and Ray promises to use his connections to find him. To get to the ground foor, go straight ahead (as far as you can possibly go) and then turn left where the exit sign is.
There are two more attackers in the next bit, and there's a health kit on the wall near the exit. Phil says they have a problem with some bikers (one of which is Johnny, the guy who betrayed you in the previous mission) and he wants Niko to go to an alleyway on Vauxite Street to deal with them.
Aim for the biker closest to you first, but make sure you're aiming at him and not at the actual bike itself.
At this point, the biker should begin to slow down, and you should be able to get a more accurate shot in.
Talbot will give you directions every time you approach a junction, so pay close attention and go where he says.
You learn that Florian Cravic has changed his name to Bernie Crane since moving to Liberty City, and he firmly denies being the person that betrayed you many years ago.
After a heated telephone exchange between the two, Ray reveals that he wants Niko to kill Isaac and all of his fellow dealers.
That way, you won't have to face any bodyguards in the hotel corridors once you exit the elevator on the 30th floor, so it allows you to skip an unecessary shootout. The second dealer is situated in the bedroom half-way down the stairs, and the last dealer is situated in the kitchen below the stairs. Go back up to the roof above the penthouse, and use the helicopter you arrived in to escape. You need to plant a bomb in Tony Black's car, which is rigged to a phone, and it needs to blow when they get back from a meeting so that the Ancelottis think the Albanians did it.
Walk up behind the vehicle and rig it with the bomb, then go to the 'safe area' across the street. Watch the cutscene as the factory explodes, and most of the Ancelottis are eliminated in the process.
Jimmy wants to stir up some trouble between the Ancelottis and the Albanians, who presently have an uneasy relationship together due to the Ancelottis using them as thugs, hitmen etc., much like the Pegorinos are using the McRearys.
Basically he made a mistake many years ago, and he wants to get back at some guy (Bucky Sligo) who still hasn't forgiven him and who is threatening to kill Derrick and his family. Select 'Search Police Records' followed by 'Search by Name' and then enter the name 'BUCKY SLIGO'.
Kim is a friend of some Korean guy that Derrick knows, and Derrick has agreed to escort him into the country with some fake cash.
Attackers soon appear and begin spraying Kim's boat with bullets, so waste them and then watch out for another boat which approaches as you reach South Bohan.
Then use the rocket launcher to eliminate the chopper, and follow Kim towards the pier in Bohan to finish the mission. When you enter the truck, Niko will call Packie and a cutscene shows O'Malley leaving the cop station with lots of protection. Keep driving in the direction you are facing (towards Algonquin) and then use lots of small streets and alleyways to evade the cops quicker. Francis and Derrick despise each other, and Derrick is threatening to talk to a journalist about Francis' activities, which will jeopardize his chance of becoming police commissioner. He believes that Francis is going to try and kill him, and he wants Niko to kill Francis first! Before hanging up, Francis reminds Niko of the dirt he has on him, and demands that he carries out the hit.
Who you kill is entirely your choice, and it only has a slight effect on the next mission "Undertaker" (killing Francis makes this mission slightly easier, but not by much). He also reveals that Gerry was taken into custody, so it appears his suspicions of "being watched" were correct. If you killed Derrick in the previous mission, you'll need to take him to the cemetary in Dukes, and if you killed Francis you'll need to take him to Colony Island, which is a much shorter distance. Bernie keeps getting attacked by "haters" in Middle Park, so Niko agrees to go and sort them out.
After the cutscene (and after some amusing accusations of Niko being a "fag lover") follow the homophobe to the bridge at the top of the stairs.
Go and pick up Bernie once the hater is dead, and take him to Perseus in The Exchange to conclude the mission.
It becomes apparent that the two thugs are representing Dimitri Rascalov, and after the cutscene they attempt to escape. On two ocassions, the thugs switch over to the opposite side of the road, which is another attempt to disrupt your chase, but stay on the correct side and they will eventually switch back over. Try to kill as many of Dimitri's men as possible before reaching land, to make your task easier. Packie explains that Gerry wants you to kidnap Grace, the daughter of old man Ancelotti, so they can hold her for ransom.
The house is heavily guarded by Ancelotti goons, so you need to get Gracie away from the house before initiating the kidnap. Eventually Niko knocks her out, and from there on it's a smooth journey back to the safehouse in Alderney.
Ancelotti doesn't believe his daughter has been kidnapped, and instead he thinks she's with some guy, so Packie needs you to take a photo of her so they can send it as proof to Gracie's father.
Follow the on-screen instructions to slap her and make her look up at you, and then pull out your cellphone and select the Camera option.
After the cutscene, go to the safehouse in Alderney where Gracie is being held, and watch the cutscene as Gordon loads her into the trunk.
There are three Ancelotti cars in total trying to intercept you, but only two if you use this route. This chapter also sees Niko get closer to the McReary family, both in working and social terms.
Go inside the building and use the elevator to reach the 20th floor - you have to walk the last few floors due to work being carried out on the elevator. There are two more goons situated on the stairs, and the final goon is waiting on the roof.
When you get there, stop in the yellow marker and wait for Tuna and Johnny to make the pickup. It's a short drive, so all you have to do is be careful, take it easy at corners and make sure you don't crash.
After the cutscene, find a vehicle and go to Castle Garden City, and stop in the yellow marker.
Meanwhile, Ray wants you to head over to the Libertonian and meet Johnny (who you last met in the mission "Blow Your Cover") so that the two of you can exchange the diamonds with a guy called Isaac.

There's a first aid kit on the wall just before you make this turn, so collect it if you need it. You should be able to take out the nearest biker before reaching the subway at Frankfort Avenue, but the second biker will take a bit longer to eliminate. Waste the biker (or bikers, if you didn't manage to kill one earlier) to finish the mission.
Instead he believes it was Darko Brevic - the last remaining member of the group - who is believed to be in Switzerland somewhere.
Isaac is over at the Majestic Hotel near Middle Park in Algonquin, so head over there just now. If your helictoper is no longer there, make your way across to the window cleaner's platform and use that to escape instead. A cutscene shows the Ancelottis leaving to attend the meeting, and you must now follow them to that location.
Four remain however, so take them out (you can use the sniper rifle from the hill to get the majority of them) and then evade the two-star wanted level to finish the mission. The police records reveal that Bucky is at the Burger Shot in Alderney, so mark his location on the radar and make your way there. During the ride, Derrick tells Niko about one of his other enemies, "Aiden." Derrick, Aiden and Bucky (who you killed in the previous mission) apparently used to work together, but Aiden got locked up, and he and Bucky suspected Derrick of talking to the police.
After the cutscene, Packie calls to explain the plan: Aiden is in government custody, and he's being moved across town in a truck by police. Take the truck that Packie left to the Booth Tunnel, and park it between the two yellow markers to block it. Afterwards, ditch the truck in the quiet location (indicated by the yellow blip on the radar) and then take O'Malley to the cliffs in Leftwood. Once you've made the hit, leave the rooftop and escape from the area to complete the mission.
The cutscene will differ slightly depending on who you killed (Derrick or Francis) in the previous mission.
If you aim for the car and blow it up before the Albanians manage to get out, you can get rid of them all at once and save yourself a lot of work. More Albanians will chase and attack the hearse, so get to the cemetary as quickly as you can and make sure the coffin doesn't fall out the back! Chase the hater through Middle Park on one of the Faggios parked on the bridge, and perform a drive-by shooting to kill him. The meet is at Grummer Road, and Bernie explains that the identity of the blackmailers is currently unknown - the people you are meeting with are only representatives of the blackmailers.
Follow the blackmailers, but don't shoot at them - it's a lot easier just to chase until they reach a dead end, and that way you can focus fully on the road. Capture a photograph of Gracie, send it to Packie, and then leave the building to complete the mission. Meanwhile, Alonzo calls Teddy to inform him that you are on your way up, so be prepared for a shootout with Teddy's gang.
There is one more goon on this floor, and one additional goon situated on the stairs which lead to the next floor. Once all the goons have been eliminated, Teddy reaches a dead end (he tries to use the fire exit but it's locked) and he doesn't put up much of a fight.
Once both men are back on the Trashmaster, make your way to the second diamond pickup on Hematite Street. More ambushers are waiting at the bottom of the stairs, and the easiest solution is simply to launch a grenade or two at them.
Escape Isaac's crew the same way you would evade a police wanted level - use small roads and alleyways to lose them quicker. Once the location has been added, Niko automatically calls Derrick to inform him of Bucky's whereabouts.
It takes longer to blow up the boats than it does to kill the shootists on the boats, so doing this will reduce the amount of damage that Kim's boat receives.
The truck will pass through the Booth tunnel, and Packie needs you to block one end of it with a truck while he blocks the other. The police truck arrives with three police cars accompanying it, and then Packie blocks the area behind them. When you reach the destination, Packie reveals to Aiden that it was Derrick who broke him out, and then he orders Niko to kill him.
After the service, a group of Albanians arrive and perform a drive-by shooting on the McRearys. Another car arrives from the south shortly after, and then more Albanians come out of the alleyway straight ahead. Follow Bernie as he jogs through the park, but don't get too close to him, because the hater will only attack him if he thinks he is alone. When there are no more attackers in sight, make your way to the bottom of the stairs, and use one of the pillars as cover. Forget about shooting him for the moment, and instead focus on trying to catch up with him. There are about three or four of Bucky's gang inside the house, and the easiest strategy is to shoot the door open and launch a grenade or two inside - that should eliminate a majority of Bucky's crew. The plan is to make it look like a prison break, because if you just go in and kill the guy, Derrick is the first person they'll question, since he is the one that ratted him out and got him jailed in the first place. If you call him while you are on the roof, and he will offer to increase his payment to $20,000.
Eliminate all of them, and if you're using grenades or an RPG, be sure to keep them well away from the hearse which contains the dead brother's body. Use grenades to take out several at a time, and be sure to collect as much ammo as possible (from the people you have killed) as you make your way across the museum. Only shoot him once you are close enough, and once you feel you can get an accurate shot at him, because otherwise you are just wasting bullets. The last member of Bucky's crew is situated at the top of the stairs to your left, so be prepared to shoot when you start climbing the stairs. If you're going to use the rocket launcher, be careful not to aim too close to the police truck or Aiden will die and the mission is failed. Again, take out anyone in your way as you make your way towards the exit, and beware of any attackers on the upper floor shooting down at you. Once all of Bucky's crew have been eliminated, lose the two-star wanted level to complete the mission.

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