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We’re intent on being systematic in our management and development of projects, be they code-heavy projects or purely design ones. Thanks for the wishes, and just out of interest, how did you manage to find us on our very first day? Danielle: Aiden, like Amber, has hated Danielle ever since he found out about what she did to Jessica.
Melissa: Aiden and Melissa met when their managers thought it would be a good idea if they sung together at his concert, so they did.
Danielle: Melissa met Danielle right after she heard about her getting together with her ex Jesse.
Luke: After about a year of knowing each other Melissa finally got a small break so she had plenty of time to get to know Luke. Melissa; Melissa and Danielle have been best friends ever since Sophie and Danielle quit being best friends.
Jay: Danielle and Jay started going out their senior year of high school and no one thought they were ever going to break up but they did. Jessica: and Amber met at the air port when Jessica was waiting for Aiden to get off a plane.
She never thought Austin would get over their break up but he finally did and now she’s doing everything she can to keep them apart.
He loved how sweet yet some what sensitive she was and couldn’t help but smile the whole time he was around her. He was just about to give up but she pushed him to keep going and now he’s an international singer, everyone in the world knows who he is.
If you ever see them together you better watch it because they’re probally going to end up pulling a prank on you.
After going out on one date Aiden decieded to go ahead and ask her out, even if that meant getting rejected but to his suprise she said yes. She’d never really heard of his band so her friends had taken her to show her what she was missing and she loved the it. Her mother was a ballerina and her dad well she really didn’t know him, he left her mother months before she was born. She was hoping if she could get close to her she could some how get back together with Jesse but it didn’t work. It didn’t last long and soon they were in an on and off relationship, dating one week broke up the next. Unlike most kids she was born to a single mom that worked in and out of town which meant she had to stay with aunt that lived in Ohio most of them time.
At first they thought it was just going to be a one time thing but after meeting again at the award show they decied they just had to stay in touch, so they exchanged phone numbers and planned to meet up again soon, and they did. Jessica and Amber tell each other everything, there’s almost no secrets between them.

She’s jealous of the way her and Jaiden talk to each other and how their always hugging and stuff.
They’re just so cute together, everyone wants to have a perfect relationship just like them.
On the beach there is several two story beach houses, a mall, club, work out center, and places where you can play sports such as; golf, tennis, soccer, ect. The one way you can find these two is by their laugh, wherever you hear laughing you’ll most likely find them. They goof around and hang out a lot, some people even think they’re secretly brother and sister. Then they started hanging out, since they both sung and they both liked sports so it was easy to get along. Then after the concert was over she got to go backspace where she met up with Harry and they became best friends. At that exact moment she fell in love with him, she figured any guy that missed her enough to find her house then come there, despite his busy schedule was worth it. But Melissa was a famous singer and she was always on tour and she never got to see him, so they never really had any time to get to know each other and just stayed friends. They hang out every now and then but not as much and most of the time Melissa acts like she doesn’t want to be there. But when Jessica started to star and movies and write songs Danielle got very jealous and began to sing too, she even stole some of Jessica’s songs. He makes her feel special, like she means something and no guy has ever made her feel that way. But after her aunt passed away when she was only six she had to start staying at home alone.
She’s really shy around him and acts like she just wants to be friends but she really wants to be more than that. If you mess with them you can bet that Amber’s going to have something to say to you. When Amber was around one she started singing and with her parents owning a recording studio they knew she would go far some day and she did.
But by them both having a singing and acting career it was just to much and they never had time to see each other, so they broke up. Jessica grew up being the sweet, beautiful child that her mother had always prayed she would be. Celebrities also have many activities they can do, besides sports, such as; bunge jumping, rock climbing, cliff diving, scuba diving, surfing, sky diving, and much more. At age 13 she had a car of her own, lots of clothes, a part time modeling contract with her sister, and she had stared in 17 movies. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to go to Henry and he’ll do whatever he can to help.

He ended up winning and starting a group with four other guys (Matthew, Logan, Zack, and Nick) Now he lives on a tour bus and travles around the world putting on about 12 concerts a week, maybe more. After that they’ve been just like brothers always joking around and pulling pranks on people.
He’s always been known as the famous, hot singer that everyone wished they could date. He felt sorry for her so he decied to take her to any place she wanted, ofcourse she picked a clothing store. She loves wearing bright colors and tries to stay away from dark colors like; black, gray, and brown. When they finally were allowed to see each other again it was to late Aiden had moved on to Jessica.
After that she stopped talking out and quit singing, after Jessica’s lawyer threatened to sue her. Now she lives alone in a one bedroom apartment and works in Starbucks, she also acts in movies sometimes. But Amber can be a sweetheart, just like her best friend Sophie, as long as you don’t mess with her family or friends.
When she reached age 13 she started writing her own song and with some help from her dad’s friends she learned how to play the panio, guitar, drums, ect.
Already she was becoming famous on her own and finally creeping out from her sister’s shadows. After she turned 16 her dad decieded it was time she found a band so she did and they started recording and the next thing they knew they signed a recording contract. Jessica thought it was just because she was busy but once she found out she stole one of her songs it broke her heart and they stopped talking.
Now the only time the speak is when they run into each other at awards shows and such, where they have to talk. Later on, when Jessica was around six her mother got remarried and her father helped her start her acting career. Now he’s 18, he lives on his tour bus, with his mom, 99% of the time, but he still tries to visit his grandparents as much as possible. She still has nightmares about things that went on when her mother and father were still married.

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