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Valentine’s day might be an unpleasant day of the year for singles, but it’s awfully dreadful for someone who has just been dumped and is hoping to get an ex back.
In this article, I’ll try to clear out all the doubt you might have regarding your ex and Valentine’s day. Even if your ex is planning to go on a date on Valentine’s Day, calling them is not going to change that. Now I mentioned you should only contact your ex on Valentine’s Day if you want to ask them out on a date.
If you and your ex boyfriend or girlfriend are extremely close to getting back together, then yes asking them out might be a good idea.
Well my ex boyfriend and I were together for a year and we broke up a week after my birthday.

I have been trying the no contact rule for 3 days but before I complete 30 days its his birthday.
If you contact them on Valentine’s day, the day made famous by greeting card companies for being the most romantic day of the year, you are making it obvious that you are not over your ex and you are hoping that somehow this magical day will make them come back to you.
You are only going to make yourself look like a fool trying to convince your ex not to go on a date. Unless you are already back together (or are extremely close to reconciliation), getting your ex a gift will show him that you are expecting the magical Valentine’s day to reignite their feelings for you.
If you want to get your ex back, you need an overall strategy (like the one in the 5 step plan).
Your goal is to have a long and healthy relationship with your ex, which will include many Valentine, New years, Birthdays etc.

Then we wrote a couple of emails to eachother to explain how we both felt about the breakup and why it happened. To meet up, one of you will have to plan a trip and for that, you need to build more attraction via emails.
Let them have their date, if you ever get back together again, you can ask them whether or not they had a date for Valentine’s. And then around Christmas I stopped talking to him but he was still going through my mind and I wrote him saying we can no longer talk.

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