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I'm often contacted by CBS MoneyWatch readers regarding questions they have about retirement and Social Security benefits. If you were married for 10 years or more and then got divorced, you're entitled to receive an income from Social Security that is based on 50 percent of your ex-spouse's Social Security benefits. To estimate the Social Security income Mary's ex will receive, I used the Quick Calculator on the Social Security Administration website.
The monthly income Mary will receive is 50 percent of that amount -- $1,225 -- starting at her FRA, which is also age 66.
Note that the above monthly amounts are in today's dollars; they will be increased for future cost of living adjustments (COLAs). But how do you decide if you should start your Social Security spousal benefits at age 62 or delay them until age 66? Mary's second question was this: Can she work to supplement her Social Security income without affecting her Social Security benefits?
Here are a few more things to be aware of: If your own wage earnings produce a larger benefit than the spouse's benefit, then you'll receive your own benefit instead of the spouse's benefit. The fact that you collect a spouse's benefit on your ex's earnings record does not impact his benefit in any way.
Steve Vernon helped large employers design and manage their retirement programs for more than 35 years as a consulting actuary. Oh, sure, like everything else Social Security-related, you need to qualify for benefits as an ex-spouse. The benefits you get from your ex-spouse's earnings record must be higher than what you'd get from your own earnings record. Additionally, if you've hit your full retirement age (somewhere between 65 and 67, depending on when you were born), you can claim benefits based on your ex-spouse's record, and then claim your own later.

Additionally -- in case you were wondering -- nothing you claim based on your ex-spouse's record will affect his or her own claim on those benefits.
All told, having him or her work to help pay for your retirement may very well be one of the last -- and largest -- nice surprises you'll ever get from your ex. An extra year of work between ages 62 and 70 lets you defer Social Security benefits, increasing your monthly check by about 8% per year worked. Recently I heard from Mary, about the benefits she might expect to receive based on her former husband's earnings.
According to this calculator, the monthly income for someone born in 1950 who has always paid the maximum into Social Security will be about $2,450, starting at that person's Full Retirement Age (FRA), which is age 66. She can start her income as early as age 62, but in that case, her income would be reduced permanently by 30 percent, resulting in an income of about $858 per month. Here's the pure financial answer: If you think you'll live until age 78 or later, you'll get more income over your lifetime by delaying until age 66. In fact, he can remarry and his wife can receive a Social Security spouse's income as well. Now he's a research scholar for the Stanford Center on Longevity, where he helps collect, direct and disseminate research that will improve the financial security of seniors.
Even better, there's at least one former-spouse benefit that you won't need to go to court to get access to: payment based on your ex-spouse's Social Security earnings record. But once you qualify, the money is yours -- and your ex doesn't even need to know you applied. That could be useful if putting off claiming your own Social Security benefits (say to age 70) gets you enough credits to boost the payment based on your own record to a higher amount than the payment on your ex-spouse's record. For instance, if you're still working and are under your full retirement age, the money you earn will reduce the Social Security benefit by $1 for every $2 you earn (and $1 for every $3 in the year you reach full retirement age).

If you need the money now to make ends meet, however, you might decide to start your Social Security income as soon as possible. Once we've attained our FRA, we can earn as much additional income as possible and not reduce our Social Security income. Because of that, she isn't eligible for the Social Security spouse's benefit from her ex-husband. While it's most likely you'll need the wage income to supplement your Social Security, those benefits can help you make ends meet. He's also president of Rest-of-Life Communications, delivers retirement planning workshops and authored Money for Life: Turn Your IRA and 401(k) Into a Lifetime Retirement Paycheck and Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years. Also, if you're expecting payments from a pension that's not covered by Social Security, those payments may reduce the amount you qualify to receive based on your spouse's record. However, if we're collecting Social Security income before our FRA, Social Security applies the earnings test. If our annual income from wages is more than $14,160, then our Social Security income is reduced by $1 for every $2 that our wage income exceeds $14,160. I was a stay-at-home mom for a number of years, and although I'm seeking work now, I'm currently unemployed. The earnings test doesn't depend on the age at which you started your benefits; if you start benefits before your FRA, the earnings test only applies before your FRA, and it doesn't apply after attaining your FRA.
I would really like to know what Social Security benefits I could expect to receive based on his benefits.

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