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TOWIE stars Chloe Sims and Mario Falcone have plenty of fans wondering if they will rekindle their romance after a sweet interaction last night. A few also pointed out that One Direction's track 'Steal My Girl' started playing after Chloe hugged Mario and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Fans of the Essex-based drama saw Mario gifting Chloe with flowers and a smart picture frame (pretty much featuring a huge image of him!) for her birthday on last night's episodeā€¦ and the ex-couple exchange a rather lingering look.

The next scene featured Chloe's ex-boyfriend Elliott Wright.Sending us a message there, TOWIE producers?!Well done to #TOWIE producers for playing Steal My Girl when Mario is with Chloe and then the next scene is Elliot.
The couple's brief but intense pairing came to an after Chloe discovered Elliott had allowed a female friend to stay over at his house and she slept in his bed, even though he said nothing happened. Does this mean Chloe and Mario could give their romance another go?Or is Chloe gonna have some 'me' time for a while?

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