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There is no way to guarantee receiving an exotic bounty - all we know is that there is a small chance of being offered one when you cash in a completed bounty with Xander 99-40. Before we begin, it's worth noting that while there are five exotic bounties for you to discover in Destiny at the time of writing, there will be others in future and there are far more than five exotic weapons in the game. Exotic weapon bounties are broken into multiple parts, some of which can be very difficult to complete.
Exotic bounties are broken into multiple stages, the latest of which will be detailed in your inventory.
The first stage of this bounty - completing five Strikes without dying - is a little tedious, but if you pick a low-level task like Devils' Lair or Summoning Pits and work in a fireteam then you should be OK. Once you have Thorn, you will be disappointed by the clip size - just six rounds - while reload time is also a pain. Sometimes there is minor variation in how this bounty unfolds, but it's pretty similar to the above in each case, and ranks among the most straightforward exotic bounties, although as with the others it can be a little time-consuming. Super Good Advice is not the most exciting weapon in the game, but once upgraded you will find that rounds which miss their target are returned to the clip, which is certainly a boon in both PVP and PVE. The Shattered Memory Fragment bounty is pretty straightforward but if you've played a decent amount of Destiny then you will immediately be able to tell which bit will hold you up: dismantling 10 rare or higher quality fusion rifles. Pocket Infinity, which you receive for completing the bounty, has some drawbacks - charge time, in particular - but it's the only fusion rifle with an auto-fire setting and this is a wonderful novelty. 6) Visit Xur, Agent of the Nine, and buy a Darkness-infused weapon frame for 1 Strange Coin. The Toland's Legacy exotic bounty is not too difficult to complete but it is a heck of a grind. Follow the games you're interested in and we'll send you an email the instant we publish new articles about them. Tom worked at Eurogamer from early 2000 to late 2014, including seven years as Editor-in-Chief. If you embrace Destiny and its grind then Exotic bounties are a great way to pass the time.
As always you will get a choice of three exotic bounties when prompted, sometimes others will appear.
Today we’re going to dive into A Dubious Task, upon completion rewarding you with the Shotgun Invective. First things first, head to the Tower and talk to Ikora Rey, she can be found in the Vanguard room.
Apart from the one section that asks you to kill three Servitors, most of the strike can be bypassed, meaning you can finish them quickly, not worry about hard enemies, and move onto the next step. To get the component you’ll need to give the gunsmith 50 special ammo synthesis packs. Return again to Ikora Rey with the component and receive the Shotgun Invective, completing the bounty completely. A leaked poster on Reddit has revealed the next major expansion for shared-world shooter Destiny titled 'Rise of Iron', expected to release in the fall. Tom Clancy's The Division is taking a huge step in the right direction with update 1.2 releasing later this month, here's why. The newest expansion for Fallout 4 'Far Harbor' is available to download now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in select regions. I would assume that you need to get at least to 20 and possibly to an even higher Light level to get one to spawn. Keep an eye out for Xur, Agent of the Nine, who sells the others on rotation in exchange for Strange Coin, while you can also receive them as random loot drops in Crucible and Raids. The reload is slow and it has a hell of a kick, but it's also amazingly powerful and the ability to regenerate ammunition is a real boon - as is the full auto capability, providing you can master it.
The initial parts are easy enough, but the Crucible demand is frustrating for a couple of reasons.
But it is another great-looking gun and the damage it deals is substantial, particularly once it's upgraded so that bullets linger in enemies and deal residual damage.
Unless you have been extremely prescient and clung on to pretty much every rare and legendary fusion rifle you've ever received in a drop, you are not going to have enough.
The Weekly Nightfall Strike can be a ridiculous undertaking, but if you are well prepared - e.g.

Essentially you hold the trigger to charge up and then if you don't release the trigger it will empty the entire clip in one burst. The first step is the hardest, but as long as you have a couple of friends to help out then the Weekly Heroic Strike on basic difficulty shouldn't hold you up long. Go forth into Crucible and kill lots of people, with no penalties for deaths or poor ratios or anything like that. This weapon looks fantastic and once fully upgraded it packs a wallop, which is handy if you're just headshotting PVE mobs, but the clip size is extremely small, necessitating a hell of a lot of reloads.
Each bounty will ask you to complete a range of tasks, complete them and you will unlock the exotic weapon attached to that specific bounty. Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow us on Facebook for more of today’s gaming news as it happens. But the point is that for you the armour grind is over, at least until there's something new to lust after. So unless you know which one you are accepting, you can end up doing an awful lot of busywork or else just get completely stuck and you may end up with a weapon you don't really like at the end of it. Invective is not as novel as Universal Remote, the shotgun you can use as a primary weapon, but it's good nonetheless, especially in the Crucible. First, you may not have a favoured weapon that deals Void damage, so you may need to scratch around for that.
The fastest Strike to run in the game is The Summoning Pits, which has only two battles that you have to complete to continue: the fight at the doorway in the room where you fought the Swarm Princes in the Sword of Crota story mission, then the boss fight with Phogoth, the Untamed. Our preferred method was playing Control matches and just hovering around claimed control points until the enemy comes calling, but you will make steady progress regardless. One of the upgrades is an "instant reload", but it isn't quite that straightforward - it means you get some ammo back after every kill, although this is still handy. If you take the latter you gain a little reward for your trouble, a few engrams here and there, and the XP boost. For example, if you end the first match with 10 kills, 5 assists and 6 deaths, your counter will be 9 (10+5-6=9).
If you purchased The Dark Below DLC then head over to Eris in the Tower, she’s selling the ammo in exchange for Black Wax Idol, a lot cheaper than the 950 glimmer the gunsmith is asking for. At this stage, having put dozens of hours into the game, you are probably about to be offered an exotic bounty if you haven't been already. So make sure that you know what you're getting yourself into before accepting an exotic bounty. The bad news is that it's only every three nights at 11pm UTC, as discovered by this helpful Redditor. With a bit of practice and a willing fireteam - we did it all with matchmaking - it's possible to get your par time for this Strike down to less than 15 minutes. However, we’re lazy and decided to take the quicker route, hopping to Venus and picking the Nexus strike. If you were to get 13 kills, 2 assists and 9 deaths at the end of the next, then your counter for that match would be 6 (13+2-9=6), this total will be added to the 9 you received from the previous match. It’s completely 100% random] When you do get the trigger the Bounty Tracker will offer you 3 Gold Bounties with somewhat obscure descriptions. And getting 12,500 Glimmer is trivial - if you are running short, just do some other activities with the Glimmer-gain buffs active for the local race you're fighting to speed things up. Finally, hanging around in the Summoning Pits boss fight long enough for Xyor to arrive, then defeating him, can take a while to pull off. The good news is that Bungie has already said it will receive one in due course, so it may be worth grabbing it anyway and holding on for that buff.
These bounties are for Exotic Weapons and are really quests with multiple parts to receive your reward. I have seen him selling rares but not Fusions Rifles yet so I don’t know if you can buy just one or as many as you want. Your most expensive option is to buy Fusion Rifles from the Crucible or Vanguard Quartermasters.
Other than that you will need to get Secondary Weapon Engrams and hope they become Fusion Rifles of Rare or Legendary status. Check out our Farming Guide HERE for locations you can try to farm Rare Engrams and just hope for the best.

Of course anything that has a possibility of Engrams will work so you can play Crucible or Strikes or whatever your heart desires as long as you end up Dismantling 10 Fusion Rifles at the end. Destination: Weekly Strike Mission You need to be high level to even be allowed to try Nightfall Strikes and they are level 28.
The low level enemies outside of the actual strike area do not count but once you are fighting level 28s all of these kills count. You want to immediately kill the two Thralls that are just sitting there when you get into the area. When the Knights show up I try to clean up any Thralls left lingering and then let the Knights kill me to restart. This is my personal first exotic bounty(This is Bam BTW) so I’m gonna show you step by step how I unlocked it and what you need to do. As I was turning in some bounties to Xander 99-40 I was thrilled when I saw that I had luckily got a chance to do an Exotic Weapon Bounty. Destination: Tower For our first step we simply need to go to Ikora Rey to get PART I of our bounty.
One tasks you with defeating waves of enemies, the next asks you to beat a giant robot spider and last you need to beat Sepris Prime, who is a giant purple mechanical eyeball. Now at first I thought, as well as a lot of the internet, that you needed to get 25 kills and 0 or 1 death. So that could mean going 40 kills and 15 deaths or 50 and 25 or even if it took you forever you could go 500 and 475.
Then I played the next match and I kept checking the bounty to see that it was moving up and up until I got the 25. It will tell you in game and even on the kill feed so anyone and everyone can see that you finished that step. After you get the 25 kill death spread you can even die a bunch and it still won’t change anything. You will see a green arrow above his head, he is right next to the awkward looking tree in the very start of the tower. When you talk to him you will see that he has something purchasable on the top right corner. Except if you want to get the part [Golden Age Shotgun Magazine] from Exo you will need to trade in 50 Special Ammo Synthesis.
You probably have a few already, so to get the rest just buy them right there from the Gunsmith.
All we need to do now is just select the bounty as soon as we talk to her and BAM we have our brand new sexy exotic shot gun! You will get +5 points for each death due to Void damage and you will lose -2 points for every death you have.
Just keep working standard farming loops through the city and caves until you get the item.
You can even look back in old spots where you already searched, a new chest might appear and it might be in there.
Destination: The Tower Xur is the agent of the nine who sells exotic goods on weekends for strange coins and motes of light. Find Xur and you will be given an option to acquire a Pristine Golden Age Ammunition Module for one strange coin. You can kill 500 enemies with Heavy Machine Guns anywhere, but I think the best place is on Moon on the story mission THE DARK BEYOND. At just level 6 you will rip through the bad guys and there’s a part of the mission where you open a huge gate and swarms of Hive come rushing through like cockroaches on steroids.
If you allow the knight to kill you it will reset you at the beginning of the gate opening and you can destroy the hive over and over, picking up heavy ammo and using your synthesis when needed.
It’s got some good abilities to unlock like really fast reload and much higher stability.

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