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I still remember the time when we covered Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza's first ever announcement of being with the Talk N Text family.
This time, it's even BIGGER news because in selected TNT promos, they're throwing in FREE Viber, Facebook and Twitter. Extending is also easy because you can do it by dialing *121# and registering your favorite TNT promos. W hen I arrived from covering events last week I saw this huge egg on our foyer and it was about to break. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Bitcoin is a digital currency that exists as entries in a cryptographically secured, decentralized ledger called the blockchain. If your employer is open to paying you in bitcoin directly or you would like to provide that option to your employees, check out Bitwage. A growing number of businesses are coming around, but your HR manager may not know the first thing about bitcoin. Just a couple years ago, only the truest of true believers would have considered trying to live on bitcoin. Openbazaar, the decentralized successor to the Silk Road, is out of beta and quickly becoming a robust market for everything from t-shirts to electronics to web hosting.
For those items that crypto currency can’t buy yet, people electing to be paid in crypto currency have a growing number of convenient options including the Visa prepaid debit card currently being offered by BitPay.

While our main goal is to get merchants everywhere to accept bitcoin payments natively, we wanted to use our payment processing technology to build this tool for crypto currency users in the meantime. Governments aren’t much better at providing a currency than they are at doing anything else.
Hayek didn’t live long enough to read the whitepaper, but if he had, he might have discovered the beginnings of the sound money he envisioned. They even went ahead and made a video with AlDub in it exchanging sweet text messages before meeting each other!
Evelyn Jimenez of TNT's Prepaid Marketing Head says “Like Alden and Maine, TNT subscribers can now make their interactions a lot more fun and creative through Facebook, Twitter and Viber which now come FREE with select TNT promos. In that time, it has become more mature, robust, and secure than anyone could have imagined at its inception. The technology is already being used by the largest money-center banks, with new applications scheduled to come online in the years ahead.
Bitwage provides several ways to pay employees and contractors in bitcoin or a variety of local currencies. A growing number of freelance sites allow you to be paid in bitcoin, including Fiverr, Etsy, Codementor and others.
Those days will soon be behind us thanks to a growing number of establishments that accept payment in crypto currency directly. What’s unique about this product is that users can top up US dollar balances from any bitcoin wallet or through direct deposit from their employers. Consumers who save crypto currency or receive a bitcoin salary need access to an instant, secure exchange method they can use on the go, with any crypto currency wallet, and wherever in the world they are. Although the Shift card can’t be loaded from any bitcoin wallet, it does connect to a Coinbase account.
By electing to be paid in crypto currency, you will be hastening the demise of the state’s monopoly on currency.

A few years ago, the rap against it was its instability, as if a new digital money for the world should find its value and never move.
One way to break that trend would be to get more of the crypto currency into the hands of more people.
Independent contractors can also use the service to bill their clients in local currency and receive bitcoin. If you accept payments from customers directly on your website, you can make it easy for them to pay you in bitcoin.
Funds are credited instantly, with 0% fees for crypto currency top-ups, and they can be spent at any merchant that accepts Visa payments or withdrawn from any Visa-compatible ATM. Businesses will be slow to accept bitcoin directly until there is a demand from their suppliers (including suppliers of labor) to be paid in the digital currency.
Now there's more reason to love ALDUB all over again while they show you how it's done on AlDub's love adventures with Talk N Text! Wagepoint is another payroll processor that has started supporting bitcoin payments and more solutions are currently in the works from companies like BitPay.
Offering bitcoin payroll options is an easy way for business to add value to their employees without incurring additional cost, which is something every employer should be interested in. Your options include posting a static bitcoin address, a variety of plugins for WordPress and other platforms, and payment buttons generated by a payment processor like BitPay or Coinbase.
If you’re an employer, consider offering crypto currency payment as an option to your employees. It's a hilarious twist on the norm; a combination that will steal the hearts of anyone, anywhere in the world!Let's talk about your lifestyle, gadget reviews, your views, events and fashion photography.The world is too small for US, so come and join me for the ride!Want me to write about you?

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