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For this week, however, I wanted to do something that was fun and could be done in an evening. This will likely morph into something else down the line, especially considering I have a thing for olde timey circus’. Although thankfully I didn’t have a whole week to come up with some sort of elaborate illustration that ended up falling apart.
By day I work as a Graphic Designer, by night I aspire to harness Illustrator, Photoshop, Post-it's and conjunctions at the beginning of sentences for my own nefarious deeds. The trannies are gorgeous, their dicks are big and always hard and the submissive guys are willing and able to take pretty severe punishments.

We jump into the airplane, fasten our seatbelts and do our preflight preparations in the cockpit.
Start the engine and let?s taxi to the runway after getting our clearance from Hagerstown Control Tower.
We will pass over Greencastle and Chambersburg as we enjoy the thrill of soaring like an Eagle. Upon reaching Chambersburg, you will turn the plane around and head us back towards Hagerstown. When we can see the airport and are just a few hundred feet above the ground, we will take over the controls and land the plane.

Let?s taxi back to the hangar, put the plane away and call it a day, because you just flew your very first airplane!

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