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Do you guys think I'm living in the past of what we used to have or I actually still like him. I never thought he would have ever texted me again after how much of a, shall I say, bitch, I was to him. We aren't really friends and I get the impression that he still harbors romantic feelings towards me. I broke up with him after 6 months because I wasn't sure I wanted the heartbreak after he graduated. I knew my mom wouldn't let me see him outside of school because she didn't like me going out alone?

We started texting again and he seems generally interested but i'm not sure I still like him. We went out once before with a few friends and he immediately started to hold me and it was like nothing had ever changed. In a way I felt relieved because a few months prior, I started to develop or maybe wished he was my boyfriend again. I recently just ended my 10 month relationship with my other boyfriend, but it was of his accord. I thought I was thinking about him but after I realized how heartbroken he was, I felt disgusted.

He asked me if I wanted to "hang out", without the quotations but we all know what that means, especially from an ex. I can hang out now because I'm 17 but I told him, "Maybe." He gives me little smiles at every Text. I'm not really the jealous or clingly type so I didn't really feel to pressured to find out.

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