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Out of these three breakups which “situation” do you think has the least chance of success and which do you feel has the best chance of success?
Well, if an ex girlfriend breaks up with you then that probably tells us that something (for her) isn’t going right in the relationship. HOWEVER, there is a huge misconception that men have when trying to get an ex back in this situation.
The same cannot be said in the situations where you break up with an ex or where she breaks up with you. Usually I start off these guides with a massive insight into the actions that brought you into this situation. In fact, I have written multiple books (Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO and The Texting Bible) based on these incredible insights.
I don’t think you need me to create this laundry list of reasons for why you broke up with your ex girlfriend. Heck, YOU know why you broke up with your ex girlfriend and while I am a huge proponent of trying to get your ex back for the right reasons it seems like no matter what I tell you, your mind is already made up and you want your girlfriend back.
So, instead of focusing on why you broke up with your ex girlfriend I want to talk about her and what she is feeling. I suppose the most logical place to start is immediately after the breakup and why your actions will actually work against you. And it’s definitely not the fact that you believe that the Karate Kid is the bad guy of the movie.
Now, I don’t know what you said or what you did after the breakup but the mere fact you broke up with her is going to upset her and it creates this invisible headwind that you have to somehow get around if you want to have any chance of getting her back. Obviously in this graphic you are the sailboat and you are sailing towards a destination which I have marked on the far left of the graphic.
As you can see, I have labeled the headwind as your ex girlfriends anger with you since YOU broke up with her. Well, usually they turn their sails to the headwind and move from right to left kind of zig zagging their way forward.
I guess what I am trying to say is that they almost get by the headwind by going around it.
Alright, so what I established above was the fact that your ex girlfriend is going to be upset that YOU were the one that broke up with her. Your first instinct tells you to apologize or make some grand gesture but that doesn’t work. Let’s say that you were walking down the street one day and you were looking at your cell phone. Seriously… My daughter has kept me up all night because of colic and is screaming behind me as we speak and my wife is trying to console her. It’s that simple act of consoling a crying baby that makes us human because we know the baby is in pain and we want to help make it feel better. Well, your ex girlfriend is subconsciously expecting the same thing to happen to her after a breakup. One day the two of you are getting along swimmingly and then all of a sudden you break the news to her that you don’t want to be with her anymore.
Now, If you have ever been blindsided in a relationship by something then you probably know what I am talking about. She doesn’t want to experience this feeling ever again so if she were to decide to take you back then she would always be living in fear of having that feeling of being blindsided again. Seriously, what is the first thing that friends say to a woman who has had a boyfriend who just broke up with them. Getting an ex back isn’t very popular and the closer you are to the breakup the more intense these feelings of anger are and then you have the added benefit of dealing with the taboo of taking an ex back so fast.
This is one of the many reasons that I advise that you go into a no contact rule after a breakup NO MATTER WHAT.
I think it’s a universally agreed upon fact that in most cases time going by can diffuse anger. Thus, by that logic if we let some time go by due to the no contact rule your ex girlfriend won’t have the same anger that she was having towards you right after the breakup. Obviously your ex girlfriend is going to be super upset after the breakup and after some time goes by (preferably by a NC rule) she isn’t going to be as upset. Look, one of the biggest misconceptions about the no contact rule is that it’s going to solve all of your problems.
That if you use the no contact rule on your girlfriend she will somehow magically forgive you and everything will go back to the way it was before. Well, before I get into that lets talk about the advantage that you do have over other men.
Now, I have already talked about the disadvantages you are faced with if you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back if you broke up with her but what I have yet to talk about is how good of a chance you have of getting her back and if you have any advantages over any of the other situations out there. Lets hit the pause button, zoom out and take a look at the big picture of the situation you are in.
Thing #3- The best way that you can combat this anger right now is to implement the no contact rule. The fact that you were the one who broke up with her can actually serve as an advantage when it comes to getting her back.
I often use this example to describe men for the women on my other site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery but I am going to reverse engineer it for you since I feel it applies to women and I even mentioned this little example a bit in my last article. Lets pretend that a woman is faced with the very tough decision of choosing between you and your clone.
The ONLY thing that differs between the two of you is that she dated you and she hasn’t dated your clone yet. Now, I don’t know about you but that automatically puts her in a position where she is going to have to seek YOUR approval to get you back.
One of the things I like doing here at Ex Girlfriend Recovery is assigning a certain percentage value to a certain situation. Oh, and just so we don’t get out of hand with percentage the max percentage you can get is 100%. In fact, I would say that if you had something like a 40% chance of success that, that would be an amazing number.
One of the biggest advantages that I have over other people in my field is that I interact with a lot of men and women in the comments of my articles. Now, some people are willing to get their exes back but they have problems following instruction.
Lets say that I am trying to teach two men to get back with their ex girlfriends after they broke up with them.
Now, lets also say that I come up with the very best strategy for getting an ex back in this situation and I teach it to both men.
Man A listens very intently but when push comes to shove he falters from the game plan and ultimately fails to get his ex back. Man B, on the other hand, not only listens to the game plan but implements it to a T and gets his ex back. I taught this very same strategy to both men so that means that my strategy had a 50% success rate, right? When I talk about the percentage of success I am only taking into account the people who followed the strategy perfectly.
In other words, if any alterations were made from the strategy I taught it doesn’t count because those alterations can really matter to your ex girlfriend.
A situation where YOU broke up with your ex girlfriend has the best chance of success out of all the situations out there. I would say that if 100 men attempted to get their exes back in this particular situation 40 of them would succeed if they used my strategy. This is the premise of the strategy that I teach in Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO and I am not going to be teaching you all of it today. Yup, I already talked a lot about this and told you how important it was to diffusing your ex girlfriends anger. This is because I want to make sure your ex girlfriend is at a place emotionally where she will at least be responsive to you.
Like I said above one of it’s many purposes is to get your ex girlfriend at a place emotionally where she will accept messages from you. Once she is in this place that’s where we can turn our attention to part two of the process. Then you move to phone calls and then to the small in person interaction and finally the romantic in person interaction. You get your ex girlfriend all worked up to where she is hanging on your every word and then at the climax you suddenly just end…. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back.
After 3 days i regret that so i wrote sms that i forgot few things, we met for a few minutes, it was cold short conversation. Then she told me how she had a thing with this guy and they slept together ( fuckfriends ) because my ex had feelings for the guy because she told me that he understood her … bullshit. I recently got dumped by my girlfriend, After valentine day we haven’t talk but on that day she seem a little bit off. I was searching for help for getting my ex fiance back when I found your site and I am hoping you can help me. I started to realize that the grass isn’t always greener, and we did have a great thing going and the relationship probably just needed some work and better communication. It’s like that but the difference now is that you already know what she loves and likes talking about.
We have been texting a little more and I have been throwing in a lot of humor which is one thing she always liked about me – she has been more receptive lately. Based on how emotional she gets when we argue through text, I don’t think she is over our relationship yet. Yeah – they started dating almost immediately after her and I saw each other and I was still unsure about getting back with her and wanted to wait a little longer.
A sense of desperation may rule their days, so they come looking for the most expeditious way they can make peace with their former girlfriend.
You see, most break ups are usually triggered by some kind of fight you had with your ex girlfriend. Perhaps you and your ex girlfriend really did not fight that much, but something happened and it resulted in fire and brimstone raining down upon you.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back?
So now you are in this dark and dreary place of the mind, wondering if you even have a chance at re-attracting your ex gf.
Whatever unfolded, you want her back in your life and you need to figure out what you need to do to help her get over the fight the two of you had.
If your relationship with your ex gf blew up because of a horrible fight, you have your work cut out for you. I can’t even say I know everything about how women think and process everything around them.
Even your ex-girlfriend does not completely understand all of the confusing emotions running through her mind. I hope so, because this is not going to be a 1,2,3 step plan to get things squared away with your angry ex-girlfriend. And I bet you are still running it through your mind, trying to figure what the heck you did or said that was wrong.
Each piece we will discuss should help you build some skills in what you need to know and do in order to turn things around. But I am pretty darn sure I can get you a lot further down the right path than if you were just trying to wing it by yourself.
Relationships that succeed and survive conflict and hard times, experience a 5 to 1 ratio of good to bad interactions. Ok, now that you have a pretty decent idea how we are going to spend the next few minutes, let’s just dive right on in.
Well, no matter how much you think you know about the underlying reasons why fights unfold, you have much to learn about the psyche of your ex-girlfriend. Anger, Fear, and Love are probably the most powerful emotions you will encounter in your Life. And like a volcano, anger often times is never totally extinguished and can seethe and bubble up underneath.
It turns out that the anger that fuels so many of the fights you have had with your ex-girlfriend has  deep biological and psychological roots.
Once unleashed from deep within your brain’s limbic system, these intense feelings can run right on out and crash the party…. And once anger or rage comes bolting out from your inner core, it can sometimes feel like you have lost full control.
Typically, pent up feelings can bubble up underneath and all it takes is a few wrong words or actions that will result in the beast being unleashed. I am sure you have experienced these feelings within yourself and undoubtedly you have seen occasions where your ex gf became so upset and angry with you, that you hardly even recognized her. The anger we either carry within us or that forms and bursts out, can easily lead to a transformative event.
Unfortunately, more often than not, this transformative event is negative and carries with it some serious adverse effects. Nevertheless,  once the genie is out of the bottle, it is mighty difficult to put her back in her place. If you guys had a fight which precipitated a break up,  don’t count on her cooling off any time soon.
There has been considerable research that shows that our brains, while disposed to morphing into mind states from which anger can come flooding out, is incredibly resilient and capable of dealing with this monster.
Well, a study from the University of Wyoming in which a number of MRI scans were conducted, revealed that our brains are are equipped with all kinds of helpful capabilities. It turns out that our brain hosts within it a capability of buffering and tempering those emotions that it also helps produce.
You said or did something that contributed to starting a fire in the mind of your ex-girlfriend.
Well, it is pretty clear that a big, raging fire is building in the mind of your ex girlfriend. Well, according to these researchers, one effective technique is to call upon your ex girlfriend’s brain to help you out. Research shows that it is very difficult to stay angry at someone if you believe they are genuinely sorry for their actions. The data also shows that your ex girlfriend’s  brain chemistry responds very positively when you help her think about a positive accomplishment she once achieved. Once your ex-girlfriend enters into that state of mind, she is much more conducive to listening to what you have to say and potentially agreeing with your recommendations. Later, when we discuss some of the tactics you can employ, you will see that several of them revolve around forgiveness techniques and and positive imaging. But we are going to have to do something about tearing down that wall of anger your ex gf has raised.
Cheating on your Ex or being cheated on, is probably the worst thing that can happen in a relationship. If you cheated on her, then you chances of re-attracting her and re-building trust levels is poor. On the other hand, if she cheated on you and the discovery of this fact created a terrible fight and a full break in the relationship, ironically, you have a pretty solid chance of resuming the relationship in the future…assuming you wish to do so.
The concern about another affair occurring and the loss of trust can frequently  spearhead angry and resentful feelings.
Nevertheless, if you are looking to discover some ways to bring more closure to these past indiscretions and reduce conflict in your relationship, then read on!
I mean, we all have some tendencies that lead us to act up and not consistently treat our girlfriends with charm and sensitivity.
A big problem emerges when we consistently mistreat and disrespect our girlfriend by word and tone. What I mean is that you and your ex -girlfriend have already fought and I presume that the two of you are no longer an “item”. Namely, helping those of you who wish to re-attract your ex-girlfriend after you find yourself in a bad predicament. There is nothing wrong with that, so long as it is emerges from a truth…the essence of her and what it means to you.
So we are still talking about the things that can really upset our girlfriends to the point of them wanting to break up with us or worse. When I coach the ladies and try to help them with their relationships, one of the common complaints I hear from them is that their Ex “has no clue”. You can be walking around enjoying the day and be completely blind to the internal battle that might be going on in the mind of your girlfriend. This mismatch or lack of understanding you have of your girlfriend’s emotional needs (at that moment), can lead to misunderstandings or even melt downs. It is not always easy and it sure in the heck is far from foolproof, but I think I have you covered on this one.
If the two of you fought and it led hastily to an emotional split, but has all the signs of a very temporary interruption in the relationship, then perhaps the best course of action is to allow for a short “Cooling Off” Period. That allows for each of you to recover your senses and realize how stupid it was to fight and endanger the relationship.

It does not necessarily mean the entire relationship should be put on a long term hold as that could actually cause more damage. If the two of you had a spat, but the relationship foundation is otherwise solid, then just allow for some time to go by so you each can find a better frame of mind to discuss and resolve the issues. Later in this post,  I will describe how you go about approaching your girlfriend and solving the issue. Perhaps, both of you have a practice of nipping these problems in the bud after a few hours have passed. Sometimes I see couples that have a solid relationship, but then something serious happens that causes anger and emotions to get out of hand and one or both of them declare they are breaking up.
How does one go about re-attracting your ex-girlfriend when on the face of everything, the relationship seemed to be pretty solid?
But you need to ask yourself some hard questions about the strength and history of the relationship to arrive at whether this is the proper course of action. If your break up falls into this category, then a longer cooling off period probably needs to be put into place.
It may take a few weeks for you to gain the proper perspective and experience some much needed healing.
Most guys that come to my website or purchase my ebooks are dealing with what I would characterize as a Final Straw type of Break up with their ex girlfriend.
The relationship has likely taken a turn for the worst and things may have been rocky for a good spell. With this kind of falling out, there is little doubt that the couple (or at least one of the individuals) is fed up.
So if you find yourself in this boat, just remember what Yogi Berra said…”It ain’t over, until it’s over”! If you are of the mind to try and win her back, then you will likely be best off by instituting a 21 or 30 day No Contact Period.
Ok, so now that the Cooling Off Period or No Contact Period has ended, you should be in a more advantageous position to initiate first contact. I have written extensively about how to reach out to your ex-girlfriend through the strategic use of text messages. In my e-book, The Texting Bible, I provide numerous examples of “First Contact” text messages designed to get a response from your ex girlfriend.
If the two of you had a really bad falling out, then I think it would be effective to reach out in a unique way through a grand gesture.
It is important your ex understand that you are not just sweeping away all of the previous troubles.
Trust me, she has not forgotten the ugly words or acts that may have taken place between the two of you. While making a loving and special gesture will not get you completely off the hook, it can help you with moving through the process that I am about to discuss. So what might be a “grand gesture” that will help get things moving in the right direction?
I can think of a few such as arranging for a bouquet of roses to be delivered to her with a note saying you seriously wish to discuss ways to improve the relationship going forward. Of course, these examples I described above should only be implemented after you have already initially and successfully made contact with your ex girlfriend.
As mentioned, this is usually accomplished through tactical texting which then leads to a Meet-up where the two of you can start patching things up.
I think of the Meet-up following the period of No Contact as the meeting before the MEETING. Once it is clear that you both are wanting the same thing, then it is time to discuss having a more serious discussion about how the two of you can avoid a break up from ever happening again.
This is a prime opportunity to suggest you wish to meet with her in a special setting which is what we are going to discuss next!
When you meet to talk to your ex gf be sure it is NOT at the place where the two of you argued.
You don’t want any of the those bad memories of the past being resurrected in the current meeting you are about to have. There is a technique that is called “mirroring” which you can use to keep the tone of the discussions positive and constructive. If you move slowly and under full control, as opposed to jerky and nervous movements, your ex girlfriend will likewise follow suit. Don’t immediately go in for a hug unless you are really sure your ex girlfriend is open to your affection. Sometimes the Ex will harbor some resentment and will not be quite ready for physical contact. One of the first things you want to do is express that you understand why she would be upset about how things evolved.
Showing empathy is an anger buster and it is entirely possible your ex girlfriend still harbors some angry feelings. Sometimes the best thing you can do is ask an open ended question and let your ex gf just vent and purge her pent up feelings.
An open ended question is the type of question you ask that can’t be answered with a simple Yes or No. It can be a huge way to regain trust and help her alleviate whatever pain she may still be holding inside.
It is not always easy for someone to share their feelings, particularly if those feelings have been bruised.
Your aim is to reach a stage in the discussion where you each can find some common ground and arrive at a mutually agreed upon solution. Just as you agreed on the problem, now turn your attention to jointly coming up with a solution. If you and your ex gf are both part of developing a long term solution, the chances of it being implemented and it “sticking” is far greater.
Well, for starters, if you want the solution to stick, then you need to reach down into the psyche. Whatever you choose to do, it needs to stand out in your memories and you both need to participate in the activity to brand it into your psyche.
Those actions increases the possibility of both of you sticking with the plan you agreed upon.
She may say all the right things and her outside demeanor may suggest that everything is just fine….but don’t be so quick to believe it.
Let’s explore some of the things you can do to regain your ex girlfriend’s trust after the fight. Hugging your girlfriend will give her a much needed sense that you care… that she is safe and that she can count on you. Humans need to be touched and there is a tremendous therapeutic benefits for the hugger and the person being hugged. A hug reduces her stress, helps with regulating her breathing, relaxes the tension she may hold in her body, and aids the immune system. It is only natural for your girlfriend to be somewhat concerned that this making up is just a short term phase and that whatever the problems were before, they may return. Even though it may seem unecessary to you, reassure her that everything is going to work out fine. Make no mistake, working in some make up sex can help forge the trusting bond you seek to re-establish.
When two people quarrel and when there has been a lengthy break in the relationship, the bond or connection between the two lovers is damaged.
Many guys are ready to get on with the next thing, whereas your girlfriend is probably much much inclined to want to cuddle and savor the positive feelings she is experiencing. In those early days and weeks following the re-attraction period, be sure to give your girlfriend a healthy dose of cuddling. And like the dum dums we can be at times, guys will often experienced self induced forms of amnesia.
No matter how often I tell guys about the importance of really “listening” to your girlfriend, they seem to either forget the importance of this skill or they fail to understand how to listen. I coach men, women, and couples and I am telling you that one of the most common complaints I hear from the ladies is: “He never listens to me”.
To effectively rebuild trust, you need to rebuild the good memories the two of you enjoyed together. Now, I also want you to build new positive memories with your girlfriend in the weeks and months to come. To strengthen that connection and to help ward off any insecurities your girlfriend may have that past negativities will be repeated, simply paint a bright future. Better yet, get her talking about what she want to do with you in the future and what the relationship should look like in the future. By talking about this, you are helping your girlfriend build ownership into a future that includes YOU and happy times.
To demonstrate your goodwill and intentions about improving this problem, you will spend an entire day doing EVERYTHING that your girlfriend wants to do or talk about.
You remember that movie with Jim Carey called, “Yes Man” where magically he could not say “No” to anything? It is usually a fun filled adventure and along the way you will learn something about yourself and your girlfriend. I saved the best thing I could teach you on this topic of re-attracting your ex girlfriend, for last. Studies reveal that the most successful couples spend much more of their time saying positive, kind, and considerate things to each other. Think of each act of kindness or instance of consideration or positive comment as a healthy deposit into your couple’s Trust Account. Here’s my situation, my ex and I who are 10 years apart have been together for a little over a year and things have been great up until about a month ago. Give her more time, do 21 days nc and make that nc active and post it social media, so she would miss you.. Hi Amor thanks for your reply, now We also work in the same place, but rarely see each other while at work. Do you think this is a case of grass is greener or if she is just trying to see what else is out there other than me?
How do I combat this confusion to show her I am INDEED the one she always thought she was going to marry? As far as I can tell she has gone out at least 3 times a week for the past two weeks and recently just got back from a weekend party festival this past weekend.
Yes, I finished reading the cheating article, and i know that i have to keep blind faith in order to get back with her.
Right when I started begging her to come back I noticed she was talking to me more and even asked to hang out. That doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods yet, but it does mean you’re technically “right”. She probably wanted you cry your eyes out for a few weeks, paralyzed, unable to imagine yourself in the presence of any other woman. It feels pretty ridiculous to type those last few lines because they make no logical sense. And I’d reply: “Yeah, but what if I made a god-awful mistake – say, drunkenly kissing a stranger at a party in Vegas?
So while I’m not encouraging cheaters, let’s understand what logical behavior follows after infidelity: lies to cover up. If you’re frustrated with the dialogue here and expect to change men or women, make no mistake about it, you’re trying to cover the world with leather. I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address.
Assuming you want to get back together with someone who totally pitched you, the answer is no. Asking you if you have slept with someone else is just like asking you if what she is wearing makes her butt look too big–there is no acceptable honest answer. Finally, from my own experience, I would be careful with getting back together with someone who totally broke up with me. You two broke up, so you had no obligation to refrain from having sex with an unattached person. The two of you may get back together, but she is never going to forget that she was so easily replacable in this regard. You might want to consider why you broke up in the first place, and if it’s really worth it to try again knowing all this.
I agree with all the posters- Brian was not wrong, but ex-gf is hurt and we can all understand her not liking his actions. All I said was that it makes no sense to confess to infidelity if you know that it won’t be forgiven.
Evan, I think a person who has good character would confess either way, even if there is no chance of forgiveness. So he decided to sleep with someone else after SHE breaks up with him and HE’s the one playing games? I don’t feel that his (ex) girlfriend would have reacted quite like this if they had really broken up.
He could have defused by saying, “Yeah, I got wasted at a bar, had sex with a random chick and it was TERRIBLE. If there is anyone who deserves the middle finger, it’s someone who breaks up with you, then accuses you of being a cheater.
I got a kick out of Evan’s story about the paranoid ex-girlfriend who demanded that he tell her if he ever cheated. Point is, since cheaters aren’t the most honorable people, you can’t expect them to confess to it or ever admit!
What you must do initially if you are asking, “can I get my ex girlfriend back?” is to analyze what went wrong in the relationship. As soon as you have known what led to the break up, your next move is to find a solution to it. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and it’s absolutely the way to get a woman back. By being confident in yourself and making your ex girlfriend aware that you are doing well without her, you are going to make her want to come back to you. CLICK HERE to discover the most effective method to get your ex girlfriend back in your life and very much in love with you again. It speaks volumes although and can in fact light-weight a fire beneath her to wantyou back. To begin with it was good, we have been under nocircumstances bored of each other and anytime we got with each other, it was amazing, andwe were SO Content!Above time nevertheless, issues started to get strained.
Lose or confused actually quick but that is wonderful by me as a result of it causes focusing. When guys email me to say, “My girlfriend broke up with me,” they often tell me that the break up came as a complete surprise to them.
Generally speaking, when interacting with her man, a woman won’t just come out and say what’s on their mind.
There is a specific dynamic that needs to occur between a man and a woman in order for sexual attraction to exist. Yes, you can get your ex back, but only if you can show her that the “problem” as she saw it is now fixed and won’t happen again. You may not feel that you took her for granted, but if she felt taken for granted, you’re going to have to show her that you now exactly what caused her to feel that way. If you can tell her what she needs to hear and behave in the way she has been wishing you would all along, she will naturally open back up to you and the relationship. You may believe that you did nothing more than lavish her with all the attention she deserves, but putting her on a pedestal, proclaiming your undying love for her and needing to see her all the time may have turned her right off you and relationship. Frequently asking for her reassurance that she loves you, wants to stay with you and isn’t interested in other guys is no way to show your love and devotion to her. If you really want to understand why she broke up with you and you want to know how to win her back, you need to improve your understanding of women.
My name is Dan Bacon I am 100% committed to helping men succeed with women and relationships. I've already helped countless men to get their woman back and I know that I can help you too. If you want me to help you get her back, don't leave my site until you watch this FREE video training on how to get your woman back now. Watch the free training and you will learn how to get her back NOW without having to waste time ignoring her, or waste energy trying to convince her to give you another chance.
Therefore it is going to be a bit harder because the headwind that you have to overcome is whatever feelings you gave her that made her think that she didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. They honestly believe that the entire process of winning an ex back (if they broke up with that ex) is going to be a cakewalk.
Nope, you are here because YOU broke up with your ex girlfriend and now you are regretting your choice and want her back but you haven’t quite figured out what you need to do to get her back. So, you are traveling down your merry way when all of a sudden you hit this really strong headwind. Especially if you made it known that you still care about her but just didn’t want to be with her.

As you were looking at your cell phone you accidentally bumped into a person walking down the street. However, if you haven’t experienced what this is like then lets let you in on the experience. She will always be under the assumption that she wasn’t good enough and there is nothing more than women love to prove to men that they are good enough.
Of course, when it comes to getting an ex girlfriend back there is no percentage that is that high. It is through these interactions that I am able to preach my message and see the kind of results they yield. Instead, he opted to follow his own and while that can work sometimes it didn’t in this case. I think i’m mentally prepared to be in good mood and to spend time with her and i believe she would agree. But around january 2016 , she came back to talk to me … she asked me if I was still her friend.
The problem, that not even 3 weeks after our date, she starts telling me she is seeing someone and is falling for them. If this was all like starting from the beginning, and you know she doesn’t like you, what would you do to keep her interested in you? She didn’t respond and I said this is tearing me up, but I need to move on because this is dumb. What Do You Do Now?9 Ways To Regain Her Trust After The FightHow do you re-attract your ex-girlfriend after arguing and fighting with her? In this case, both of you are the ultimate losers because the fight resulted in you both losing each other.
Bring up the topic about how much you enjoyed the experience of brainstorming solutions to the relationship issues you both experience.
Put yourselves into those nice places that are in your minds  It will awaken the positive neurons of your brains and help with transforming the way your ex girlfriend thinks about you. We started getting into an argument once a week for the whole month over small stupid things that eventually escalated to into a big argument.
She often stated that she wanted to marry me but leading up to the break up she was saying she is confused.
She has been with me since 16 and hadnt been exposed to that world much (she was always curious about it in our time together).
Do you think I should still reach out to her at that time even though she is in this crazy partying phase?
What should i do now if she keeps saying that we are just friends, and she said that she has feeling, but she still does not want to get in the relationship with anyone now. The problem is that having truth and logic on your side matters very little when discussing emotional issues.
After a long, serious relationship – one in which she still had feelings for you – she was clearly hoping for some dating moratorium. It stems from a conversation with a girlfriend from 4-5 years back – a girlfriend that I loved, a girlfriend who was deeply distrustful of men. I see what you did while broken up as the same as the time before you were together–what you did romantically is none of her business and need not be disclosed. I agree that you should be willing to hear him out, understand where he was coming from and why he cheated so you can make a determination on whether to forgive him or not. Women like you make being single not only a relief for them but the most sane choice he can make.
Okay, so you broke with your girlfriend and now you are devastated because you didn’t expect it. Your girlfriend probably left you because she wasn’t pleased with something in the relationship.
Knowing the suffering I went by means of I want toshare this info with you so you have your adore back in no time.So if youre in the same condition that I was, Dont Stress!
I produced a lot moreand additional regulations, making certain she wouldnt have any get in touch with withgentlemen, and then she snapped.
The guy didn’t really see it coming and doesn’t have much of an idea why she broke up with him.
Instead, she will fire “warning shots” through her body language and hint about whatever she sees as the problem, rather than coming straight out with it. A woman wants her man to notice that she’s unhappy and take some sort of action to figure out what the problem is for himself. She is going to have to see, by analyzing your behavior and conversation that you really do understand how to make her feel appreciated, loved and respected. As hard as it may be to believe, most women want to be in a relationship with a man whom other women want to be with.
If a woman feels smothered, the sexual spark will begin to die because it just won’t feel right to be with you in that way anymore.
While a woman might be somewhat happy to see that her man loves her so much as to worry a little, it doesn’t make her look up to him as a strong, confident man who believes in himself. You need to understand how women really think and you need to understand what their body language, actions behavior is really telling you.
However, since developing The Modern Man, I have helped 100s of guys get their ex girlfriend back and I can help you too.
Heck, I would say it’s one of the prime reasons that Ex Girlfriend Recovery has become so popular.
Your ex girlfriend will still probably be upset after the no contact rule but she will be nowhere near as upset as she was immediately after the breakup before you did the no contact rule. In my mind this ruins things because the strategy that I taught him is very different than the strategy that he actually employed.
I felt that as time passed by she wasn’t as happy, and I guessed it was because of the long distance.
Then I said is there anything we could do about our relationship and she told she doesnt want to get back, maybe sometimes meet for a weekends. My ex and I dated for about 11 months, and only 2 months into it she started staying at my place. It makes me jealous, sad, and shocked at the same time that she would move on that quick…her replies are a lot shorter now, but she does remind me of the hurt I caused her very often. I don’t want to look desperate, nor do I want to say anything bad and become a common enemy of her and her new bf.
When it came up today, i just asked her to talk and she said she was busy…am I rushing this ?
She claims she is in love with this new guy after dating him for a month, which to me is immature, and a sign of a rebound. Or maybe it was just something that happened and you both sort of fell into this break up situation. We would cool off for a day and I would apologize and everything would be fine until the following week.
She switched her shift to work a bit earlier than what she normally does and she never does that. She wants to be with me but she also wants the freedom of being single and being able to go out etc, as all we ever did was devote all of our time to eachother, so much so that I kind of began to smother her. I’m not sure how to proceed as she is trying to lose herself in the partying world and I feel any effort I put out to contact her will be associated with negative feelings compared to the good feelings shes trying to chase through constantly partying now. When I sent her flowers to her office she got super mad at me, said I was marking my territory at work (everything I did pushed her away farther).
It was based on her personal experience – she’d been cheated upon, and even dated a polyamorist at a time. What if I knew I would never intentionally jeopardize my relationship for any other woman again? In the real world, when someone cheats and realizes the consequences are dire, he’s got no incentive to confess. Just because she tried to change the dates to include the time she defined as outside the relationship, you acted in good faith during the relationship. Getting her to bless your “transgression” (Remembering that most women in committed relationships HATE infidelity)? To your gf (ex-gf?) what you did is upsetting because it looks like you never really loved her if after a mere two weeks you were already out there ready to hook up with someone else. Truth ALWAYS has a way of revealing itself, and it’s much worse for a woman to find it out in other ways. She is going to want to let you know how important she is to you and that will attract her back to you. Personally speaking, when my girlfriend broke up with me many years ago, I didn’t know what to do to get her back. I've already helped thousands of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too. Also we have a trip in few months and she said that there is one bed, so i should sleep somewhere else, i said nope problem, but then she told she is kidding. He also doesn’t seem like a quality guy in terms of education and lifestyle, which her and I value greatly.
When she came in were both pleasantly surprised but her face lit up so bright when she saw me, and had that beautiful happy smile that I haven’t seen for a while. I finished NC already without giving in, but she replied texts in a long time, and she insists talking to her as a FRIEND. I try to inject a little male logic into the largely feminine realm of relationship discussions. And then, when she came back to reconcile with her beloved, she was shocked to discover that you had drowned your sorrows in the cleavage of another woman during – GASP! When my serious girlfriend dumped me in 2004, I left her house, red-eyed, drove ten minutes home, and reactivated my JDate account instantly.
What possible incentive would I have to confess, presuming that you’re instantly going to dump me for ‘honorably’ telling you? I can spit gum on the street in Singapore and turn myself in so I can get caned, or I can deny, deny, deny. I think the thing that you didn’t consider in this article is, why she broke up with him.
Most times, the feeling of hurt can cause you to act in a way that might do more harm than good to your relationship.
You just have to give the relationship what it has been lacking and it will naturally begin coming back to life. When you are that type of guy, you don’t have the insecurities that other guys have and it is your woman who will do the worrying about losing you. View customer success stories, browse my products or watch this mind-blowing video about success with women. I already feel the chill down my spine, on that day my love come to a end she said she want to break up with me.
She thinks I’m trying to sabotage her and her new bf, which I have said nothing negative about her new bf. Assuming I should start NC over….for how long ?Do you think she is using these tactics to make me want her more? We both said hi to each other and she touched my arm in a flirty way as I asked how she was doing complimented her hair and kept walking. She also mentioned that she was worried that breaking up with me could be the biggest mistake she ever made.
She turned me down because during our whole relationship I never said I love you but one time and I took it back. Besides a phone call immediately followed up with a text message saying I would like to return your clothes. I can “borrow” lines from a book when writing a term paper, and then tell the professor that I plagiarized, but that wouldn’t be too wise. I made the mistake of marrying a woman who did that and it was not something I would repeat. In other words, you could say and do things that could make her never want to reconcile with you. Nobody is faultless, even if she was the one whose action led to the break up; things were definitely not okay between the two of you. So I left her alone NC for 6 days when I decided to text her and see if we can talk about things.
I don’t actively hope to change the world, but I do hope to observe the world AS IT IS, as opposed to how it SHOULD be. When you think ONS, you think crazy porno sex, extreme passion, highly physical, maybe much better sex than what Brian and his gf were having. However, no matter what caused your break up, there are ways to win your ex girlfriend back.
Something certainly happened that made your girlfriend to call it a quit in the relationship. Saying sorry to your ex girlfriend is going to let her know that you are matured and responsible.
I noticed how unhappy she was, but I never asked her why, since I had a plan to surprise her. I started feeling less attracted to her overtime and missed being single and hanging out with my friends. She said she’s done a lot of thinking and feels we are at different places in our lives and that its best to just not be together. I worked with her that day for about 2 hours and she would ask for my help and call but I kept it professional. She has not contacted me at all since she asked me a few weeks ago asking what I had been up to. Since we broke up she has stated she is trying to do things that will help her to think as she is not sure how she feels.
But I certainly wasn’t going to repair my wounds by sitting at home by myself for a month…. Because my reasons were i couldnt imagine myself living with this person in the future so I decided to break up. I want to be with her, never wanted to be without her (she pushed the breakup), and am disappointed that I hurt her, BUT, do not feel like I cheated or lied. I really though we would get back together yet she kissed the guy and few weeks ago she told me she still has feelings for the guy.
And sometime i know i forget little things about her like what time she get off school, i’m always working, always want to spend time with her.
8 months into it, she wanted to move all her stuff in officially, and that scared the crap wasn’t sure based on how things had been going lately. I am stopping contact for about 3-4 weeks and going to enjoy my life and date other women, start some more hobbies, travel, etc. I left that day thinking to myself about what had just happened but I didn’t want to put too much thought into it. I think this guy is using the technicality of the breakup as an excuse to justify sleeping with another women, which is probably what he already wanted to do anyway. This will enable you to put things in order in your life and give you a better perspective of what you want in a woman. Now shes gone i want her back, after couple days have pass she text me back saying she feel really appreciate what i did for her and said i was a good guy and wishing me find a better girl, she wanted to give me the stuff back that i gave her for christmas and her birthday. I told her how I felt and that for the time being I wanted space, and she stormed out saying she was done. I haven’t called or text her and have been going to the gym a lot more since this whole break up started 11 days ago. If you still have strong feelings for your ex girlfriend, then acting desperate is not going to make her come back.
I sent her a message on facebook saying I made a mistake and that I got emotional and said things I didn’t mean. We got into some heated arguments and I might have said I didn’t see a future with her, but was just missing my own space more than anything.
I told her didn’t want to break up, and that I had decided to move back to her city, and part of the reason was for her. I just had to cut her off because my feelings were involved the whole time and I got hurt real bad.Then she got mad at me because I was gonna leave her again as a friend and she was blaming everrything on me. The more you act desperate to get back into the relationship, the more she pulls further away from you.
She said she didn’t really feel like talking to me right now and that I really hurt her.
Im shouting to the whole world that i’ve moved on with her that im doing ok and fine.
I always thinking about her and now these thoughts that i want her to comeback is starting to pop on my mind.

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