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As soon as it was known that the Garlick women had joined the Mormon church, persecution began. Except for short periods of stopovers, their westward trek was to stretch over the next fourteen years. The years that the church was flourishing in Nauvoo, there was a desperate need for money to build the temple and pay for the land.
After Davida€™s death, Hyrum Smith came to the Garlick home and asked Elizabeth to let her son Joseph Gaston, now a lad of sixteen, come to his home and work for a wage. The Garlick family heard the Propheta€™s last sermon before the martyrdom, and on that memorable day of 27 June 1844, they viewed the bodies of the Prophet Joseph and his brother, Hyrum when they were brought from Carthage to Nauvoo after the martyrdom.
On 12 March 1845, Talitha married William Howard Avery, and 10 September 1845, Mary Jane married Isaac Burres Hatch, who one year later took Hannah as a second wife.
Talitha Cumi Garlick Avery Cheney was one of my ancestors, a Latter-day Saint and tough pioneer woman who was baptized in Nauvoo, Illinois and later crossed the plains with the Mormons who fled religious persecution.
The history below was written by Talitha Cumi Garlick with additions by Stella May Cheney Robinson Eggleston, a great-granddaughter.
My great-grandmother, Talitha Cumi Garlick, was born September 22, 1824, at Providence, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania.
The following is much of the original history written by my great-grandmother, with additions by my cousin, Areatha Cheney Sherman, a granddaughter of Talitha Cumi Garlick, and myself, Stella May Cheney Robinson Eggleston, a great-granddaughter. The next week, William Baisley and John Wakefield, two Mormon Elders, as they were called, came in that neighborhood and preached. Brother Joseph Smith, the Prophet, had gone to the city of Washington to lay the grievances of the Gospel before the President of the United States.
I heard him preach the last time he ever preached, just before he and his brother, Hyrum, went to Carthage. I was in Nauvoo when Sidney Rigdon came from the East after Brothers Joseph and Hyrum were killed, to take the lead of the Church. Brother Brigham Young and the other apostles arrived in Nauvoo in time to be present at the meeting.
After my mother moved to Iowa in the fall of 1844, in the following year, March 2, 1845, I was married to a good young man by the name of William Howard Avery. We then crossed the Missouri River and camped on the west side [Winter Quarters] as it was too late to go any further. In 1867, there was a Relief Society organized in Fairview and I was chosen as a teacher, and in 1868, was chosen secretary of the Grain Committee. I was President of the Relief Society for eleven years, then we left Huntington and I was honorably released from all offices and came north with my children. In 1893, my son-in-law, Anthony Humble, and his son-in-law, Albert Smith, sold their places and started for the north country the 15th of May. David and Thomas Cheney built a one room cabin for their mother at Victor, Idaho, near the town of Thomas Cheney. Further Comments by Stella May Cheney Robinson Eggleston:a€?Great-grandmother was a good housekeeper. A collection of numerous other statements from witnesses to this (disputed) miraculous event is found in Lynne W. On August 8, 1844, six weeks after the Prophet Joseph Smith's martyrdom, a meeting of the Saints was held in Nauvoo, Illinois.
In my opinion, examination of the other testimonies and surrounding evidences rules out the possibility that this was an urban legend that many folks adopted. David and Elizabeth had seven children, all born in Providence, Pennsylvania.A  Hannnah was born 1 Jun 1818, Susannah was born 11 Jun 1820, Mary Jane born 12 Aug 1822, Talitha Cumi born 22 Sep 1824, JosephA  Gaston born 2 May 1827, Sarah Elizabeth born 12 Oct 1830 and Eliza Grace born 13 Apr 1835. As soon as it was known that the Garlick women had joined the Mormon church, persecution began.A  The family lost their social standing in the community.
David and Thomas Cheney built a one room cabin for their mother at Victor, Idaho, near the town of Thomas Cheney.A  The Humble family lived in Victor, Idaho. Further Comments by Stella May Cheney Robinson Eggleston:Great-grandmother was a good housekeeper.
Ita€™s difficult to express how much enjoyment I got out of hearing the old chestnut, a€?Wild Women,a€? written by Ida Cox and sung by Wool&Grant on a recent John Platt Sunday Morning Breakfast Show on WFUV-FM.
Their joined voices provide a wealth of pleasure, no matter what direction their music takes them. A big formative experience came from Ina Maya€™s connection with a member of a frienda€™s family, Davidine Small, whose mother and uncles were vaudevillians and musicians. One of Ina Maya€™s big money gigs was the town Christmas party at Abbott Hall in downtown Marblehead. After high school, she moved to Manhattan and went to Barnard College, the womena€™s school affiliated with Columbia University. In a short-lived episode after college, Ina May moved to Santa Cruz, Calif., to continue working in a rock band with her boyfriend. As she described it: a€?I booked myself at coffeehouses and colleges as a solo act but after a few months, the bass player from the rock band moved to town from where hea€™d been in California to play with me.
One of my solo gigs without the band was at Sandya€™s (also a famous jazz club) in Beverly, Mass. As she saw it: a€?I missed playing out live and New York gigs were always high pressure showcase kinds of things.
The next change in her life came through her friend Jon Albrink, a session player and singer who also had bands playing his original music. It was the era of singing sister acts such as The Lennon Sisters (The Lawrence Welk TV Show) and The McGuire Sisters (The Arthur Godfrey TV Show). Bev felt intimidated by the jazz people who surrounded her and stopped doing music for a time. She was finally on her own and became involved with protesting the Viet Nam war and in overarching societal problems. She got introduced to and became heavily involved in the womena€™s movement, resulting in a greater level of self-awareness. Bev gave birth to her second child in 1982 and The Human Condition re-formed as a world-beat band, singing in different languages about international struggles. Ten years ago, Bev formed a trio called The Dissident Daughters with two women were recruited from the Brooklyn Womena€™s Chorus. Beva€™s involvement with Ina May evolved from a Dissident Daughters recording project with Ina Maya€™s husband Daniel. While Bev brings a higher political sensibility and Ina May writes a greater amount of personal songs, they complement each other. She got introduced to and became heavilyA  involved in the womena€™s movement, resulting in a greater level of self-awareness. When Will Yorke started making beer in an alley in Beijing four years ago, craft beers were virtually unknown in the capital.
As the Briton set up his business in Dongcheng district he confronted the normal uncertainties of any business pioneer, but there was one thing he was sure of: there was no competition to speak of, so he would have the field to himself. Yorke has expanded his operations recently, opening a taproom overlooking Liangmahe canal in the city's Chaoyang district. Yorke's and Gaestadius' first brewing venture was making beer to go with homemade sausages, in an operation that made just 140 liters in a batch, at Stuff'd, the restaurant they jointly own, which opened in 2012.
After a few years of relying on a jerry-rigged system of buckets and a lot of experimentation, Arrow Factory's new site has the latest equipment. The two business partners first met at a club in which Yorke was a DJ and Gaestadius was dancing in 2005.
Hops is a critical ingredient in beer that can provide bittering and aroma, along with three other key ingredients of beer making: grain, water and yeast.
At the moment there is a dearth of hops due to bad crops in the US and last year in Germany, he says.
Apart from the 12 beers on tap, they have Oaked Sour Saison and English Brown Ale in the making, and they expect to have cider soon. The brewery, which recently opened in the Beixinqiao area of Beijing, is co-owned by three friends who have a common passion of making beer, and who are keen for all the world to know about how they feel about the beverage. Brian Li, a Beijing local who grew up near the many hutong where Flow Brew is located, is one of the three partners. Li was first drawn to imported beers, he says, because they were so different to the Chinese beers Yanjing and Tsingtao.
He became infatuated with craft beer two years ago when he drank a beer called Captain's Pale Ale at the taproom of Slow Boat Brewery, one of Beijing's first craft breweries.
Inspired by Slow Boat, he started to patronize many brewpubs in Beijing and with two friends started his own brewing operations in a warehouse in Beijing's outer Western Hills.
Flow Brew now has eight brews on tap: three that the partners brew themselves and the rest from other local craft brewers.
The three are now building a larger brewery in Shunyi, in the northeastern suburbs of Beijing, that will give them much greater output. As for the food, Li says the fare that brewing pubs in Beijing usually offer, such as sausages, hamburgers and pizza, are not for him. Another of Li's spare-time activities - he works full-time as a product operation manager for Baidu - is running an internet radio station called Sanhao Radio with his four friends, which has been running for three years and which has more than 100,000 followers, he says.
The five co-hosts have also started a fashion brand called Fat Chicken on Taobao, selling T-shirts, bags, and purses. A prototype of Google's own self-driving vehicle is seen during a media preview of Google's current autonomous vehicles in Mountain View, California. Experts foresee robot cars chauffeuring children to school, dance class and baseball practice. Gary Silberg, an auto industry expert at accounting firm KPMG, compares it to the introduction of smartphones. Cars that can drive themselves under limited conditions are expected to be available within five to 10 years.
Based on focus groups in Atlanta, Denver and Chicago, KPMG predicts autonomous "mobility-on-demand" services - think Uber and Lyft without a driver - will result in double-digit increases in travel by people in two age groups: those over 65, and those 16 to 24.
And if people in their middle years, when driving is at its peak, also increase their travel, that yearly total could reach 8 trillion miles (12.87 trillion kilometers).
But the biggest cost of car travel is drivers' time, says Don MacKenzie, a University of Washington transportation researcher. A study by MacKenzie and other researchers published in the journal Transportation Research: Part A estimates that the vehicles can cut the cost of travel by as much as 80 percent. In the best case, congestion is reduced because driverless cars and trucks are safer and can travel faster with reduced space between them. But that scenario depends on a societal shift from private vehicle ownership to commercial fleets of driverless cars that can be quickly summoned with a phone app. The congestion nightmare would result if a large share of people can't be persuaded to effectively share robot cars with strangers and to continue using mass transit, Isaac said. A study last year by the International Transport Forum, a transportation policy think tank, simulated the impact on traffic in Lisbon, Portugal, if conventional cars were replaced with driverless cars that take either a single passenger at a time or several passengers together. It found that as long as half of travel is still carried out by conventional cars, total vehicle miles traveled will increase from 30 to 90 percent, suggesting that even widespread sharing of driverless cars would mean greater congestion for a long time. Airlines also may face new competition as people choose to travel by car at speeds well over 100 mph between cities a few hundred miles apart instead of flying. To make the shared-vehicle model work, government would have to impose congestion pricing on highways, restrict parking in urban centers, add more high-occupancy vehicle lanes and take other measures to discourage people from traveling alone in their self-driving cars. Land-use policies may need to be adjusted to prevent sprawl, or people will move beyond the fringes of metropolitan areas for low-cost housing because they can work while commuting at high speeds. While there are "loads of likely positive impacts for society associated with driverless technology," people are right to worry about potential for huge increases in congestion, Isaac says. Temple University Hospital this week began giving out the cardboard boxes that are lined with a mattress and function like a bassinet. The program is the largest effort of its kind by an academic health system in the US, hospital officials said, though that could not immediately be confirmed.
At Temple, Brianna Devero received the first box a few days ago after her son, Steven Tonzelli Jr., was born. Philadelphia, which has one of the nation's highest poverty rates, has an infant mortality rate nearly double the US average - 11.2 deaths per 1,000 births compared with six per 1,000 nationwide, according to the city Health Department.
Poor families sometimes don't have the resources or education to properly care for newborns. The hospital plans to give out 3,000 boxes for free over the next year - one for each woman who gives birth there, regardless of need. Temple patient Victoria Mack received a box recently for her son Reign - who also arrived unexpectedly early.
Emma Morano is the oldest living person in the world, and the only one left who has touched three centuries. Surrounded by relatives and friends, Italy's Emma Morano greeted with a smile the news that she, at 116, is now the oldest person in the world.
Not only that, but Morano is believed to be the last surviving person in the world born in the 1800s, with a birthdate of Nov 29, 1899.
Journalists descended upon Morano's home in Verbania, a northern Italian mountain town overlooking Lake Major, to document her achievement, but had to wait until she finished a nap to greet her.
Morano lives in a neat one-room apartment, which she no longer leaves, and is kept company by a caregiver and two elderly nieces.
Her physician of 23 years, Dr Carlo Bava, delivered the news earlier that she was officially the world's oldest person.
For the occasion, he brought flowers as well seven Easter cakes called Colomba, an Italian specialty that he managed to procure out of season to satisfy her sweet tooth until Christmas, when Panettone is available. The doctor says Morano has never had a very balanced diet, relying mostly on animal protein, the occasional banana and grapes in season. Italy is known for its centenarians - many of whom live on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia - and gerontologists at the University of Milan are studying Morano, along with a handful of Italians over 105, to try to figure out why they live so long. Bava, who visits her every Friday, is convinced there's a genetic component to Morano's longevity in addition to her positive attitude.
During a visit by the AP last summer, Morano was in feisty spirits, displaying the sharp wit and fine voice that used to stop men in their tracks.
You're love-struck and can't wait to have your partner's name or face etched onto your skin for eternity.
Or you've just turned 18, and your first rebellious act upon reaching the age of majority is to have a dragon tattooed on your chest. Although studies show that more and more Americans are sporting tattoos (one out of every five adults according to one poll), they also point to an increasing number who end up regretting getting one, leading to a boom in the tattoo removal industry.
According to ASAPS, more than 46,500 Americans underwent tattoo removal in 2015, a 39.4 percent increase over the previous year. A Harris Poll conducted last fall found that nearly a quarter of people who get tattoos end up remorseful, up from 14 percent in 2012.
The main reasons mentioned for their change of heart, the poll found, are lifestyle or career changes, the breakup of a relationship, a poorly done tattoo or, as one woman puts it, "being young and stupid" when they had it done.
Los Angeles-area realtor Janica Polmanteer, 33, got her "tramp stamp" - or tattoo on her lower back - the very day she turned 18, and has lived to regret it. Corey Ordoyne, the director of clinical operations at Dr Tattoff's four clinics in the Los Angeles area, said improvements in laser technology have been accompanied by an uptick in the number of patients seeking tattoo removals. A session typically consists of numbing the area to be treated with anesthetic cream and then using a laser that breaks up the pigment colors of a tattoo with a high-intensity light beam that allows the body to absorb the ink.
Once she was done, aloe vera cream was applied on the tiny blisters on her arm, which was then wrapped in gauze and an ice pack. Depending on the size of the tattoo and its color, the removal process can take a few months or years.
For Teddy Joe Hayes, 37, his appointment later this month to have his ex-wife's face removed from his arm can't come soon enough.
For young designer Veeco Zhao, her origin is not expressed through obvious ethnic elements, but careful consideration shown to her local customers' sensibilities. The collection highlights faux fur coats, leather skirts, lace gowns and oversized knitwear, with creamy colors like pink, mint green and ice blue. Born in Heilongjiang province in Northeast China, Zhao was trained in painting in Beijing and later went to Paris to study fashion design and pattern making at Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale. She worked at Jean Paul Gaultier and the Yiqing Yin Studio before returning to Beijing in 2013 to launch her own brand. At a time when young designers are producing extravagant prints and patterns, Zhao stands out for her elegant, feminine style, says June Zhang, Zhao's business partner, who decided to collaborate with Zhao after seeing her first collection. She is not afraid to show some skin with her designs, but is careful to ensure that this flatters the wearer's body shape and gives her a better proportion.
She says that while Western women tend to show more of their upper bodies, Asian women are more willing to show off their legs. Her clothes, which are typically short dresses or long gowns, are now sold through multi-brand fashion boutiques like D2C and Anyshopstyle and cost up to 3,000 yuan ($461). US accessories brand Fossil, which recently opened its refurbished store in Oriental Place in Beijing, plans to launch its smart analog watch collection in the Chinese mainland this fall.
The collection comprises classic-looking watches that can also serve as sleep and fitness trackers. Compared to technology-oriented bands, Fossil aims to differentiate itself with an emphasis on fashion, says Alisha Shroff, marketing director of Fossil Brand Asia Pacific. Besides Fossil, the company also makes watches for brands like Michael Kors, Diesel, Adidas, Karl Lagerfeld and Burberry. The company acquired American fitness and sleep monitor maker Misfit last year, giving a boost to its own smart technology development. Founded in 1984, Fossil has evolved from a watch brand into an integrated lifestyle label that also offers leather products, jewelry and bags.
With the retail market in China seeing a sharp decline in recent months, Fossil is now exploring opportunities online, with both e-commerce sites and social media promotion, says Shroff.
Fossil, which first came to China in 2008, is still in expansion mode in the country, says Shroff. Erik Nako's baggage must have puzzled the scanner operators at Chinese customs when he arrived in Beijing on Monday. But Nako wound up paying for excess baggage, because he was also toting 140 kilograms of exotic foodstuffs. The Rio de Janeiro native is in China's capital for a food festival that the Brazilian embassy has organized for a fifth year. Recently, he and his partner have also traveled to Lebanon, Kenya and Ethopia to spread the world about Brazil's diverse food culture. But when asked about what sets Brazil's food apart from the rest of Latin America's, the first example out of his mouth is not meat on a stick but "cassava", the root vegetable also known as yuca. Later, when Nako grills a lobster for a dish he's planned for the festival, he will start creating the plate with an artistically smeared scoop of yellow cassava puree. But first, he's recalling the shopping list of ingredients amid that 140 kilos of produce he's brought. Tropical areas of Brazil boast flavors that would be familiar in southern China: ginger, coconut, banana. Other items are so region-specific, however, that Nako promises that even many Brazilians won't recognize them.
But most foods and dishes will make any expats from the country homesick, like feijoada, the famous Brazilian stew. His goal for the festival, he says, is not to be all about Rio but to showcase the breadth of the country's cuisine.
Angry yuca can be fatally poisonous, unless it's boiled for seven days straight to eliminate its hydrocyanic acid.
In a country of meat eaters - and in Brazil "meat" means beef, Nako espouses a nose-to-tail philosophy that avoids wasting any part of any animal. Brazilian tradition is his repertoire, but he is always seeking different and informal approaches to classic recipes - quick to substitute ingredients when the precise item he wants isn't available. Longtime fans of intestines and other offal, Nako and his colleague Tito Pal perk up when my Brazilian colleague suggests they might like to try such dishes at a local Chinese eatery. Outdoor opening party Saturday, 6:30-10 pm, 288 yuan net per person, including Brazilian BBQ-style buffet, free-flow drinks, live band and capoeira dance performance.
Semi-buffet Sunday through May 29 in BLD Cafe; 198 yuan plus service charge and VAT per person.

Michelin's long-rumored arrival suggests that the guide, originally created in 1900 as a stimulus for French taxi drivers, has finally found a way to digest the Chinese puzzle. Guides that debuted in Tokyo (2008) and Hong Kong (2009) did a lot to cement the culinary prestige of those locales and made celebrities of chefs there.
While the European kitchen wizards with a reputation on the mainland (think Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Umberto Bombana) are obvious targets of Michelin attention, how critics for the guide would assess Chinese cuisine and the attendant dining scene has been a burning question. Traditionally, the guide was focused on fine-dining establishments - leaving some to snipe that a gilded toilet was more likely get you a Michelin star than really excellent food - but the most recent editions have promised to award stars based on food quality alone. Such voices will be in a minority this month, however, as China's foodies await the judgment of Paris.
Most will share the enthusiasm of Michael Ellis, international director of the Michelin Guides, who bubbles in a company press release: "The richness and quality of Shanghai's culinary scene completely won us over!" The city's "strong cultural heritage" and "range from popular to fine dining restaurants" were cited as giving Shanghai star quality. Executive chef Kwong Wai Keung at T'ang Court in Hong Kong, which won a third Michelin star this year, and his baked sliced fresh lobster with mozzarella.
The final of the international competition, founded by French chef Paul Bocuse in 1987 and which draws culinary talent from around the world, will be held in January in France. The European leg of the contest, held in Budapest last week, saw chefs from around the continent use local ingredients such as venison and sturgeon with its caviar for their gastronomic creations.
A chef shows a plate of fish from Hungarian chef Tamas Szell during the Bocuse d'Or chef competition in Budapest. In 2013, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra treated audiences in Beijing to a few of Beethoven's symphonies and piano concertos under the baton of Christian Thielemann. It was the orchestra's fifth visit to the Chinese mainland after its Beijing debut in 1973 was conducted by Claudio Abbado. Andreas Grobbauer, first violin as well as chairman of the orchestra, recently announced in Beijing that under a five-year contract signed with Wu Promotion, a performing arts agency, the Vienna Philharmonic expects to tour the country every year from 2017 to 2021, with up to 11 concerts in five cities during each visit. As a warm up to the main tours, the violinist along with concertmaster Volkhard Steude, viola player Tobias Lea and the first cello Tomas Varga are presently in China as a string quartet. They were scheduled to play their first concert in Beijing on Sunday, but due to flight cancellations, they couldn't make it.
Grobbauer describes the orchestra as "self-managed", with a vote held every three years to pick a chairman. Elected in June 2014, he is the youngest chairman of the orchestra in its 174-year history.
In this role, Grobbauer manages the orchestra's internal affairs and talks to conductors, institutions and concert agents to decide where they will play. Wu tells China Daily that besides the annual tour to China, his company plans to introduce more young Chinese talents to work with Western orchestras. The violinist still remembers how nervous he was while playing in front of judges behind a curtain.
The experience of playing opera has also taken him to a different level of artistic performance.
In 2007, he became director of the orchestra's annual "philharmonic ball", which is organized in Musikverein, also known as the Golden Hall, where the orchestra plays the New Year concert every year. Andreas Grobbauer, chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic, announces in Beijing that the orchestra will tour China every year from 2017 to 2021.
The 71-year-old guitar legend has three daughters ranging in age from 11 to 14, and it's only natural they have little interest in dad's old Robert Johnson records. Just as he was about to go into the studio with producer Glyn Johns, who made Slowhand with Clapton 40 years ago, he came down with a nasty case of eczema.
He was determined not to back down, recognizing that he would have been depressed if he had stayed home. Another name on the album's credits will trigger memories and guesswork for long-time Clapton fans.
The old name was dusted off because the real artist's record company didn't want him associated with Clapton, odd as that sounds. Clapton has talked about retirement, about recognizing when it's time to hang up the guitar before someone has to tell him. In that context, it's hard not to wonder if a message is being sent by the last song on Clapton's disc, the standard I'll Be Seeing You popularized by Billie Holliday. Wu, 43, produced a vibrating sound with the at least 3,000-year-old wind instrument in step with the fast-paced dance numbers. The musician, who comes from a prominent family of makers of such musical instruments in Beijing, has spent decades giving the sheng a modern relevance. One of his most recent crossover projects was performing with celebrated cellist Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble, which was founded in 1998. In the latest album released on April 22 by Ma and his ensemble, titled Sing Me Home, the sixth album by the Grammy-nominated group, Wu contributed with his sheng performance and singing. In Going Home, a song from the album, which reinvents the wistful melody from the slow movement of a Dvorak symphony, American banjo player Abigail Washburn sang with Wu in Chinese and English. The sheng player also performed in an arrangement of American classic folk song Little Birdie, along with Grammy-nominated singer Sarah Jarosz. Although he started to learn the instrument in childhood, Wu didn't fall in love with its sounds until he was 11 years old, when he first improvised with the sheng. After being enrolled at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing as a sheng student in 1990, Wu and his classmates formed Lunhui, a rock band that played Chinese instruments and the guitar. Unlike most top directors who prefer to give interviews in rooms surrounded by guards, Dai Sijie insists on moving to a bar. Before he starts chatting with China Daily about his upcoming film Night Peacock, the Golden Globe-nominated director downs a bottle of beer.
Speaking of the inspiration for Night Peacock, he says: "When I was studying art history in Paris, I was fascinated by a painting by Vincent van Gogh in his early years.
In the movie, the night peacock is a beautiful moth, which eats only the tender leaves of the Chinese toon. Despite the Dutch post-impressionist painter's work being somewhat ambiguous, the "breathtakingly beautiful" creature impressed Dai.
The painting stayed in his head for decades, until two or three years ago when a particular scene came to mind. This scene is later developed into the script for Night Peacock, which took Dai two years to write. Set in Chengdu and Paris, the 84-minute film is about a Chinese French flutist's feelings for three men - a silk expert, the former's son, and a tattooist (also the expert's brother). The young woman travels to Chengdu as a foreign student to be a visiting musician for a local symphony orchestra.
Her somewhat May-December romance with the expert affects his son mentally, who himself has feelings for his father's lover.
The female role is played by Liu Yifei, while the male characters are played by Hong Kong singer-actor Leon Lai and mainland actors Yu Shaoqun and Liu Ye.
The Sino-French production, also Dai's first feature to be released for general viewing in the Chinese mainland in career spanning 30 years, will be premiered on Friday.
Another parallel theme, which centers on the night peacock, explores the meaning of life and death. When the French flutist first meets the silk expert, he is kneeling to play the chiba, one of China's oldest musical instruments made of bamboo, as a tribute to silkworm chrysalises. The chrysalises are killed by using high temperature to get their cocoons, the raw material to make silk. In the movie, the night peacock is seen as the only creature which can let humanity get hold of silk without killing the creature. In addition to pondering the relationship between humans and nature, the film also touches on femininity.
Seen as the finale of Dai's "female trilogy", Night Peacock continues Dai's adoration of independent women. His previous two films in the trilogy were Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2002), which was nominated for best foreign picture at the Golden Globes, and The Chinese Botanist's Daughters (2006). A highlight of Dai's movies is his use of light and shadow to create an aesthetic world, even though some of the scenes are set against chaos and turmoil.
In recent years, Dai has spent part of the year in Chengdu, a city which he believes resembles Paris because of its slow pace and artistic temperament. Born in East China's Fujian province, Dai was sent to Sichuan province during the national campaign of "re-education" from 1971 to 1974.
Dai, who has deep roots in both China and France, says French filmmakers, given their limited access to markets, have more possibilities and government support to do art-house films. He says that while he understands investors' demands, he will continue to follow his heart. Scenes from the upcoming movie Night Peacock feature Chinese mainland actress Liu Yifei (top and above) and Hong Kong singer-actor Leon Lai. Now, the 2010 Taiwan Golden Horse Best New Director winner, who won for his feature debut Pinoy Sunday, seems to be ready to produce something magical from ordinary life with his latest work Beautiful Accident. The romance drama, which is set for a mainland release on Aug 12, centers on a female lawyer who is single.
After an accident, she finds herself transformed into a housewife with a husband and two children. The lawyer-turned-housewife is played by veteran Taiwan actress Kwai Lun-mei and the husband is played by Chinese mainland star Chen Kun. The cast includes Wang Jingchun, who won the best actor award at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2013.
In the movie, Wang plays a "mysterious" character, who ensures the woman's magical transformation. Ho says that the lawyer's journey seeking her real self reflects human confusion in modern society.
A graduate from New York University, Ho moved to Taiwan because he adores its cinematic masters such as Hou Hsiao-hsien and Edward Yang. The emotional parts of Beautiful Accident have struck a chord with the cast and the film's financers. Chen, who is also a father, says the fictional family and its conflicts remind him of his son. Wang Zhonglei, the president of the Chinese studio Huayi Brothers, says the tale caught his attention as it has similarities with his family. He even convinced his 9-year-old son, who had never acted in a big-screen movie, to join the cast. But despite positive feedback on the story, the art-house-style director still faces challenges. Speaking to the media, Ho says that while the sluggish movie industry in Taiwan gives him "an easy and free environment when it comes to creativity", the booming market of the Chinese mainland is overwhelming, dominated as it is by blockbusters with heavy action or localized humor.
So, is Ho, an art-house veteran of sorts and outsider, feeling stressed in the box office-dominated mainland market? Saying that he is not affected by commercial concerns, Ho says the investors treat him well and make him feel a part of a "family". Beautiful Accident is the second joint production of Huayi and South Korean investment-distribution firm Showbox Mediaplex. The two industry giants signed a contract in 2015 to produce at least six titles within three years. Taiwan actress Kwai Lun-mei and mainland actor Chen Kun, who play the main roles in Beautiful Accident, at a promotional event. The atmosphere turned somber when actor Zhan Shigang spoke of Chinese casualty figures at a recent Beijing event to promote his upcoming TV series, The 38th Parallel. More than 180,000 Chinese soldiers were killed, 383,000 were injured and 25,000 went missing during the Korean War that was waged for three years from 1950.
The 38-episode series, which will be aired from May 28 on Beijing Satellite TV, follows the journey of two Chinese fishermen who live by the Yalu River in Northeast China as they transform into fighters to protect their country and the neighboring Democratic People's Republic of Korea during the war. Witnessing American bombings kill their families, the protagonists of the series join some 1.35 million Chinese soldiers in the fight. The United States was supporting the Republic of Korea during the conflict and was involved in the region before 1950 as well.
Although Chinese films about the war were made earlier, The 38th Parallel is the first TV drama on the subject to be broadcast nationwide in more than six decades.
Its scriptwriter Wang Hai-ping says he decided to write the story in 2013 and soon received support from a top regulator for TV and related sectors.
Wang did lots of research, including reading documents and files from the US Military Academy and the military archives of ROK.
Speaking of Li Changshun, one of the series' lead characters, Wang says the role is based on a Chinese sniper and a fisherman whose family members were killed in American bombing along China's border with DPRK in 1950. The series' storyline looks at three main areas - fighting, transportation and a field hospital - and aims to re-create what happened during the war.
After a few episodes aired earlier in selected provinces, footage of the series released on the internet received viewer acclaim, such as 8.9 points of 10 on the country's most popular movie review site Douban. Some online users also said the sequences featuring battles reminded them of the hit US series Band of Brothers.
Meng Ji, the Chinese TV series' director, says up to 80 percent of the battle scenes are based on history. Two replicas of the M4 Sherman tank - used by American forces during World War II - were among the series' most expensive props.
When asked if such themes could lure viewers in an age now dominated by fantasy and romance dramas, the director says history deserves to be respected. He also criticizes TV programs that tend to exaggerate history, saying they have a negative impact on young minds. Zhang Guoqiang, the lead actor who plays fisherman Li, says he couldn't reject the role despite playing many military characters before.
Zhang Hongrui, another actor in the series, says brotherhood and romance that also feature in the production are inspired from wartime happenings. The great heavyweight of the boxing film has at last moved to the trainer's corner, that sweat-drenched home of grizzled veteran actors and manly pep talks. Sitting on a rooftop in Cannes shortly after Hands of Stone debuted at the French Riviera film festival, De Niro says he was happy to leave the rigors of playing a boxer to the 39-year-old Ramirez.
Hands of Stone, which the Weinstein Co plans to release later this year, arrives more than 35 years after De Niro famously played boxer Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull, a movie that De Niro pushed for a then-struggling Martin Scorsese to direct. Hands of Stone, a rags-to-riches tale with the rivalry between Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard (a fleet-of-foot Usher) thrown in, is a more meat-and-potatoes boxing drama, with the benefit of local Panama atmosphere (it was partly shot there.) Variety says it "punches ahead in a conventional, aggressive, no-frills way". De Niro, 72, may have been expected to leave the boxing ring long ago, but he returned to it in the 2013 comedy Grudge Match. At the premiere of Hands of Stone, the festival hosted a quick tribute to De Niro, which left him teary-eyed. Robert De Niro (left) and Edgar Ramirez pose on the red carpet as they arrive for the screening of Hands of Stone at the 69th Cannes Film Festival.
But with the country's leading online video operator Youku releasing its VR development plan in Shanghai on May 11, Chinese filmmakers may now have an answer. A trailer of Black Fairy Tale, which stars A-list actor Huang Xiaoming, was also shown by Youku at the VR Wonderland on that day. Storytelling used to have a beginning and an end, but VR now mixes personal experiences of viewers with the filmmaking process.
With Black Fairy Tale, Youku also launched a long-term investment support program for directors to focus on VR dramas. Koo says it isn't realistic to make feature-length films fully using VR technology today - due to the high cost and the problem that viewers may feel giddy, but short films in the format can work.
Earlier this month, Iqiyi, another Chinese online video giant, estimated there would be between 10 and 20 million VR users in China in the next year or so. According to Wei Ming, vice-president of Youku, tourism is among areas where VR is most needed.
Online users can watch the programs with aerial views, the angles of which can be freely chosen, he says.
More variety and reality TV shows, including last year's hit Go Fighting, will offer VR points of view to give audiences "positions" to watch the scenes. Wei says his company may encounter challenges while making such VR videos due to the different methods of shooting traditional TV programs or films and those based on VR. VR hardware biggies like Sony, HTC and Samsung have recently begun to woo the Chinese market aggressively, but Koo says his company isn't distracted by the digital war.
There is a shortfall of quality content for VR in China today, so developing the business slowly makes sense to him. A regular pair of VR glasses sells from 2,000 yuan ($300) to 6,000 yuan on major Chinese online stores, which Koo considers steep for ordinary consumers. At the same event, Youku launched its VR app for android phones and said an app for Apple phones will come soon.
David finally auctioned most of his holdings at a great sacrifice for only $500, leaving some property jointly owned with his two brothers, Jacob and Adam, in the hands of a nephew, Absolum Garlick. She later married in Salt Lake City, becoming one of several polygamist wives of Elam Cheney. Father and Mother belonged to the Christian Church and were very religious and firm in their belief. There was no society [organization] for the young people at that time, so I, as did all the other girls who wished to and were worthy, joined the Relief Society.
In 1878, I was chosen for President of the Primary, which place I filled until my boys were called to settle in Castle Valley.
My son, Selar Cheney, had come north with his father-in-law, Sylvester Wilson, and they had crossed the Big Mountain [Teton Pass] and Snake River in 1889 or 1890 and settled in a place called Jackson's Hole in Wyoming. My Grandfather, Selar Cheney, told me his Mother was named for a name in the Bible, and this name only appears once, St.
It is true that not everyone there claimed to have seen this, and that most of the written statements about the event were crafted after people got to Utah. There are those that think the Latter-day Saints are a mistaken people, that they are deluded and that they have no faith in the supernatural; but I say here today that I know the mantle of Joseph Smith fell upon the Prophet Brigham Young. Brigham Young, President of the Quorum of the Twelve, and several other Apostles had just returned from missions. In her dream two strangers had come to visit them.A  Over their heads was a large motto bearing the words a€?Truth will prevaila€?. Hannah and Talitha both belonged to the first Relief Society when it was organized in Nauvoo.A  In April 1841 David and Elizabetha€™s youngest child, Eliza, died at the age of six years. Her teacher, George Walkey, hired her as a helper for his group guitar lessons at the Marblehead Y. During their visits from New York, everyone made up songs and wrote plays, then performed them. She played the venerable Postcrypt Coffeehouse and other concerts on campus, opening at one point for legendary jazz pianist and composer Mary Lou Williams.
A drummer hea€™d met in California also moved in, and we met some local musicians, and we started doing some of my solo gigs as a band. I opened for Paul Pena who wrote (Big Old) a€?Jet Airliner.a€™ He invited me to sing with him that night, and I jammed with him onstage. Musicians that I knew were able to play a€?cluba€? dates, weddings, anniversary parties, bar mitzvahs, etc., and I thought it would be good for me to get better as a singer and to learn material, not just work in a band based around me a€” and to earn money. Her oldest sister bought some stock arrangements and thata€™s how Bev learned to sight-read music.
She listened to the greats like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald and thought a€?I cana€™t do that.a€? She played the role of the musiciana€™s a€?old ladya€? for a couple of years and then ended the marriage.
It was liberating for Bev to finally see her own involvement in an abusive relationship as part of a greater issue.
The project never went anywhere, but Bev and Ina May had gotten to know each other through a song writing workshop and started singing together.
They got to know each othera€™s life stories and saw that they had similar sensibilities as young performers. There he and Thomas Gaestadius, a long-time friend and business partner from Sweden, are producing a beer brand called Arrow Factory.
Two years later they gave their brewing operations the name Arrow Factory Brewing, after the street where they set up their operations, Jianchang (Arrow Factory) Hutong.
The beer is brewed on the ground floor and is drunk on the floor above, with seating for about 40 at the bar and tables, and a rooftop terrace with a view of willow-lined shores.

They are both keen on electronic music, something reflected in the occasional musical events staged in the two taprooms. He has another Vineyard Cafe, in Wudaoying, Dongcheng district, established in 2006, still a mainstay, and a popular restaurant on that old street. It is strong, bright and hoppy, with a real knockout of Citra and Simcoe, two popular hop varieties. At the moment, for him making beer is just a hobby, so "I'm happy as long as I don't lose money", he says. They did their brewing every weekend for six months, and they eventually decided to start their own craft beer brand. Now the team is experimenting with a new beer with cherry flower, and a beer brewed with Sichuan peppercorn. Instead, the snacks at Flow are more of a Japanese style, which includes yakitori (char-grilled chicken skewers), grilled shrimp, and grilled pork with miso sauce, vegetable sticks. But there is a bit of suspicion regarding food safety with these roadside barbeques, so people avoid chuan'r. It's less certain whether that will mean a corresponding surge in traffic congestion, but it's a clear possibility. Increased trips in autonomous cars by those two age groups would boost miles traveled by an additional 2 trillion miles annually by 2050, KPMG calculated. With human error responsible for 90 percent of traffic accidents, they're expected to sharply reduce accidents, driving down the cost of insurance and repairs. That cost comes down dramatically when people can use their travel time productively on other tasks. And when you do that, you'd better expect people are going to do more of it," MacKenzie says. Driverless fleets would have to become super-efficient carpools, picking up and dropping off multiple passengers traveling in the same direction. Transit agencies will need to rethink their services in order to stay competitive, especially because the elimination of a driver would make car-sharing services cheaper.
Taxes based on the number of miles a personal vehicle travels are another way to discourage car travel.
They're meant to discourage parents from sleeping with their babies, which could lead to accidental suffocation. It's based on a successful baby box initiative in Finland that began in the 1930s and lowered that country's infant mortality rate. Temple's box initiative aims to reduce risky behavior associated with infant deaths, such as sharing beds or using unsafe bedding. The boxes, which include clothing, diapers and educational materials, are worth $80 to $100 and were partly paid for with grants and crowdfunding, officials says.
That's just 4.5 months after Susannah Mushatt Jones, who died recently in New York, also at 116.
Her diet now includes two raw eggs and 100 grams of raw steak a day, which Bava prescribed after she had a bout of anemia some years back. She supported herself working in a factory making jute bags, then in a hotel, working well past retirement age.
And then they had to run, because they were late and should go to work," she recalls, before breaking into a round of the 1930s Italian love song Parlami d'amore Mariu. They just can't wait to have their love manifestations etched onto their skin for eternity. A Brazilian chef visits Beijing to bring a sampling to Chinese diners, Mike Peters reports. This time, however, there is heightened interest in the weeklong party for foodies that starts on Saturday, because Nako's hometown of Rio de Janiero is about to host the Summer Olympic Games.
At home, he shares his expertise through magazine pages, television screens and his varied food businesses. Many are indigenous, as the chef illustrates by identifying various foods and dishes by their faintly musical tribal names.
In the chef's hometown of Rio, black beans and white rice form its base, while in other parts of the country, black beans give way to red kidney beans.
He says, however, that this is not really typical of his fellow citizens, whom he describes as not very adventurous eaters.
An hour later, they were wielding chopsticks in a hutong near Beijing's Gulou area, all smiles. Above: Chef Erik Nako prepares Lobster Bobo (right), a grilled crustacean surrounded by pureed cassava and other Brazilian produce.
The Michelin Guide has launched its Chinese website, announcing that it will publish a 2017 guide for Shanghai - and that the first round of Michelin-starred restaurants will be unveiled this fall. This has not been lost on restaurant promoters in China's big cities, who often tout their chefs by describing them as proteges of Michelin-starred uber-chefs abroad. Would, for example, respect for tradition win more praise in Asia, while European chefs are more readily rewarded for doing something more innovative? For a high-profile restaurant chef, the only thing more dramatic than gaining a Michelin star is losing one. Michelin made headlines in 2008 by giving the Japanese capital more stars than both Paris and New York combined. Conductor Zubin Mehta came to the city with the orchestra in 1996 and 2009, and conductor Seiji Ozawa to Shanghai and Beijing in 2004.
Nevertheless, they performed at Shanghai Oriental Arts Center on Wednesday, at Xinghai Concert Hall in Guangzhou on Thursday and will wrap up with a concert at Tianjin Grand Theater on Saturday. According to the orchestra's rules, only a member of the Vienna State Opera can become a member of the Vienna Philharmonic. This was due to the fact that at the state opera many were familiar with pieces to be played but not the newcomers. You feel like you are driving a car at 200 km per hour on a highway and then suddenly you find a deer in front of you. We now have residence in New York, Japan, South America and hope to have more interesting projects with China," he says. His new disc being released on Friday, I Still Do, fits like a comfortable shoe into his canon.
The back cover of I Still Do pictures Clapton's hand in a protective mitt holding the neck of a guitar, only the fingertips exposed. The disc credits "Angelo Mysterioso" for acoustic guitar and vocals on the song I Will There. Accompanying the dancers at the show was the unfamiliar sound of the sheng, which was played by Wu Tong. But as he grew older, he discovered more about the spirit of the ancient instrument and devoted his time to linking it with the contemporary world. Besides collaborative projects, he also released two solo albums, Wu Tong's Views - Spirit, comprising vocals, and Wu Tong's Views - Cloud, an instrumental one.
His novel, which inspired the namesake movie Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress has been translated into nearly 20 languages.
But when she sees the beautiful aspects of her new life, she finds out what kind of person she wants to be," he says. The crew hired an expert team that specializes on Korean War history to guarantee that props and sets closely resembled arms, equipment and other items used in that war.
In Hands of Stone, Jonathan Jakubowicz's biopic of the lightweight champion Roberto Duran, De Niro plays the famed trainer Ray Arcel.
The film remains the belt-holder of boxing films, revered for its monochromic cinematography and dark, disturbed mystery. The thriller is China's first short film totally based on VR technology and allows viewers to choose their own angles to watch it. Since the start of the year, many digital facility manufacturers have been promoting such products, too. Ten documentaries and a tourism series that have been made with VR technology will be released by the company toward the end of the year. The android app can upload more than 20,000 short VR videos for viewers who just need a paper or plastic box in which to place their cellphones and broadcast their own VR films. The Christian Church believed in baptism by immersion, and that was all that was required, they thought. When we got to Illinois we heard the Saints were all driven out of Missouri, so we went to Commerce, which was afterwards called Nauvoo. Joseph Smith came often to our meetings and would talk to us and give us such good counsel.
It was the most sorrowful sight I have ever seen - to see such good and great men, and one of them the greatest Prophet, or as great as ever lived on this earth, killed in cold blood by a mob.
He owned a nice farm four miles north of Mount Rose, a beautiful place, but in 1846 the Saints had to leave Nauvoo and go to the mountains. We did not believe in doctors, but he got so bad we gave consent for a doctor, but we could not save him. But I am not sure that the problems in documentation thwart the fact that some witnesses did experience what appeared to be an impressive indication that Brigham Young was to be the new leader. The purpose of the meeting was to determine by vote who had the right and responsibility to lead the Church--Sidney Rigdon, First Counselor in the First Presidency, or the Quorum of the Twelve with Brigham Young at their head.
The Mississippi River froze over and David was able to haul logs from the Iowa side of the river across the ice.A  David built a two room cabin for the family to move into by March 1840. I knew it was Ina May and Bev because Ia€™d heard them before and their sound is immediately recognizable. Both women started making music when they were very young and both of their paths make fascinating stories.
She would help tune studentsa€™ guitars and at the end of the class, would sing and play a song. Although she cana€™t be sure, Ina May thinks that Davidine might have helped her get her first local gigs.
Paul Penaa€™s producer and booking agent were there and approached me about working with them. The gig organizer told Ina May that a€?Danny Weiss would be playing the evening gig and was a genius.a€? Ina May was skeptical. Always a high-energy person, Bev had a full-time job and was a single parent throughout this time.
Their first gig as Wool&Grant was a co-bill with Bev and The Dissident Daughters at The Good Coffeehouse in Brooklyn. If self-driving cars without passengers start running errands, the increase could be double that.
He studied culinary arts at the Institut Paul Bocuse (Lyon), and today he owns an Italian bar called Prima Bruschetteria, the Brazilian-Mediterranean restaurant Verso in the downtown Rio area, a Brazilian cheese-bread brand, and a food consultancy company. Other influences come from colonial days, the African slave trade and waves of immigration. Celebrity toques are regularly invited to the mainland for food-festival events, and many have established satellites of their award-winning restaurants in China. The 2016 edition for Hong Kong and Macao, meanwhile, cheered many for being the first Michelin Guide to include a street-food category.
One Shanghai city magazine notes that restaurant critic Andy Hayler, reportedly the only man to have eaten in every Michelin three-star restaurant in the world, considers Hong Kong's starring standards to be "egregious to the point of damaging the Michelin brand".
Will chefs that win be able to snatch the best kitchen talent from competitors who didn't make the cut - or will the wannabes invest in elevating themselves, knowing that an anonymous team of Michelin reviewers could drop in tomorrow? Then, in 2014, when a classical concert venue opened in Shanghai, conductor Gustavo Dudamel presented the orchestra. Grobbauer was admitted to University of Music in Graz as a teenager, and continued learning with Alfred Staar, a member of the Vienna Philharmonic. Since a near-identical pseudonym was used by George Harrison when he played on a Clapton album but couldn't be credited for contractual reasons, speculation spread that it was a track the former Beatle had left behind.
He has also documented his work with world musicians, including Ma, by publishing the book Wu Tong's Views.
It's difficult to make them act or disguise their feelings like adults, which is such a precious experience for me," he says. Sidney Rigdon thought he would have everything his own way, but he found that he was mistaken. We sold our place for a song, you might say, and got ready to go with the first company of Saints on the 4th of March, 1846. In the spring of 1847, Brigham Young with a band of pioneers started West to find a home for the Latter-day Saints west of the Rocky Mountains. In 1866, the Indians got mad and went on the war path and went to killing men and driving off stock. In 1881, there was a Sunday School organized in Huntington in Castle Valley and I was chosen as teacher in the Theological class. She wrote many poems for special occasions, among them one for the last day of school at South Park dedication meeting house in Victor, Idaho in 1897.
Therea€™s something of a country twang in Ina May Woola€™s voice that increases the veracity in her songs about lifea€™s travails and victories.
Her mother graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and was an oil painter and then later a prolific printmaker.
She played kidsa€™ parties in junior high and high school and would get $10 for each party during which shea€™d lead singalongs. She didna€™t play acoustic for a while and hung out with rock musicians, did studio work and was in a rock opera, The Last Words of Dutch Schultz.
It took her a while to extricate herself from that relationship, but she managed to do it around 1966.
She learned to use the concept of a€?story songsa€? to make a political point, and on the first album, wrote about a working-class woman, a€?Janie,a€? from Ironbound, N.
Ina May has learned more about harmonizing from working with Bev, who is still a choral director. Mama Huhu is low in alcoholic content, 4.3 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), hoppy and bitter but light and refreshing. People may stay home more because they can send their cars to do things like pick up groceries they've ordered online.
But those advantages will be limited as long as driverless cars share roads with conventional cars, likely for decades.
But in 1837, there were two Elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who came to our neighborhood and preached the true Gospel and Mother and three of my sisters joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. After Brother Brigham Young started, we crossed back to the east side of the Missouri River and my husband and his brothers went to find work. My oldest son, William Avery, was on picket guard with two others and on the 16th of April was wounded. Therea€™s a Buffy Sainte-Marie-like quaver and a power in the voice of Bev Grant that helps raise a persona€™s social awareness when it happens to be her goal.
It was a whole other world, some rock and pop and also some standards and jazz singing with pickup bands.
Another band person was explaining to Dan how Ina May sings a€?this songa€? and a€?that song.a€? Daniel said in response (not aware that Ina May was standing there) a€?Oh, I know all that female stuff!a€? Ina May stepped up and said, a€?Oh, really? Bev was known as a€?the little girl with the big voice,a€? and sang songs like a€?Blue Suede Shoesa€? and a€?Heartbreak Hotela€? as well as Teresa Brewer covers. As part of that group she made a documentary about the Miss America pageant protest in 1968 and she took many photos surrounding that event. She has written songs to illustrate those issues.] After the Human Condition disbanded, she formed the Brooklyn Womena€™s Chorus, a 40-person vocal group. While Ina May focuses on rhythm guitar and finger picking, Bev has taken on lead guitar work. Yorke says the Chinese name mama huhu (so-so) fits in nicely with the "anything but" feeling of this Session IPA.
There is pulp of acai, the healthful purple berry that's become trendy as the world's latest superfood.
There's plenty of tasteful acoustic and electric guitar licks, even if recording turned out to be an unexpectedly painful experience. Father hauled house logs across the Mississippi River on the ice and built a house with two rooms with hewn logs, and moved in it in March. He said the Church was old enough to choose a guardian, it being 14 years since it was organized. We had been living one year on what we brought with us, so we had to stay to get a fresh supply before we could go on to the mountains.
My oldest son, William Avery, was 14 years old and old enough to take care of the stock and the sheep. We lived in Huntington, Emery County, from 1879 until 1893, when we sold our place and came north. Together, Wool&Grant possess a sweet blend and a one-two punch that invites all kinds of a€?strong womena€? references.
Are you married?a€? and wound up telling him about her relationship problems after the gig. Her oldest sister had taken several years of piano lessons and learned electric bass, while her middle sister took up lap steel. Theya€™ve each brought earlier work to the new album and have collaborated on one of the new songs, a€?The Last Man on the Mountain,a€? about strip mining.
I knew that Brother Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God and was the mouthpiece of God to the people, and that Brigham Young was his lawful successor. Later I realized that when you change the words, the chords, the melody and the rhythm of a song, it might be called a€?writinga€™ a song. Abruptly, her husband and a bass player friend moved to New York, where they looked for gigs. Charles Avery was hauling flour to Winter Quarters from where my husband got work and he got Charles to take me down to where he was.
Shea€™d only heard him doing pop and rock on synthesizer at the gig and was flabbergasted to hear him playing a€?gorgeous acoustic jazza€? on a piano. David made acquaintance with a man who returned with David to providence to claim some money that David had in the bank there. The children were Hannah, Susannah, Mary Jane, Sarah, Elizabeth, Talitha Cumi and Joseph Gaston Garlick. Theya€™ve been married 25 years now and Daniel has produced both of Ina Maya€™s solo albums. There haven't been enough days to complete some of the yearly maintenence chores, so before we get "crazy busy" again, we decided to take a day to do them. On the 15th day of September, my brother-in-law took me to the Bluffs, Kainsville, to Charles Avery, my husband's oldest brother.
On the 15th of October, my mother and three sisters came so I went and stayed with my mother until she started for the valley in 1852. This is Starfighter, Rick Svedcoff, his wife Brenda and son Rick (Comrade Jr.), Rick's brother. He wanted me to stay with my sister, Susan, for she felt so bad to have us all go and she had to stay. John thought we could get ready by another year, but he was disappointed, for another year he was no nearer ready than he was the year before.
We started the 10th of June, in Daniel Miller's Company and got to Salt Lake Valley the 10th of September, 1853. Her she is with Gwen and ChefLarryshowing off one of her secrets to a long, healthy 100 year young life. Chip Gillespie and date, Jessica before their very elegant evening at at an art and symphony event in Deland.
Besides just dining on ChefLarry's RibEye with Caramelized Onions, Mona tells us just loving life makes her happy. Ben Peyet will be their server and sing a great big JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE in French and the entire Cafe' will do it again , in English.A Mr.

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