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Dave isn't into "Big Government" and Beth isn't into "Big" Dave; this courtship was bound to fail.
This guy I'd dated off and on professed his love for me once we'd resumed talking after months of not speaking. We've compiled some of the most absurd letters we could find so that next time you write a break up letter, you'll be prepared. She should have her own Island, if we're being honest - I would know, I'm there for many of her antics. In my defense, he seemed cute-ish in his business attire, and I hadn't gone out in a couple months. I say "accidentally", because I always wondered if she was snooping through his emails, found our conversations, and decided to let me know what was actually going on with them. I  stopped talking to him immediately after I received the email, but didn't confront him because I felt uncomfortable. I started several emails to ask him if he enjoyed being a lying douche, but never sent any of them. After re-reading my drafts and seeing how pathetically upset I was, it got me irritated enough to recently write him a random HEY JACKASS WTF?!?

Text two was asking me to come pick him up, because he'd "had a few", and didn't want to drive.
He had this enormous grin plastered across his face, and gave me a letchy twice over when I walked up to him. In my defense, I never thought of him as my boyfriend, although I am fairly certain he thought of me as his girlfriend.
I sat down, both amused and disgusted at this point, and watched him stumble out of the bathroom with his fly down, and belt buckle undone. His button down shirt was so wrinkled I'm pretty sure he slept in it the night before, and the toe of one of his shoes was wet with what I hoped was Margarita, and not urine. After grabbing the drink he claimed to be finishing, which was completely full, he sat next to me on the couch. NOT as cute up close and out of his work clothes, and he had a sizable beer belly I hadn't noticed before. You've had a lot to drink, and I'm not sure we're going to have a good time." He jumped up, spilling his drink everywhere, and said, "No, no, let's go out, I wanted to go out with you. I have friends at the bar we're going to, we'll have fun." I started to get the idea he didn't actually own a vehicle. There was only one window facing the walkway, and it was tiny, so he wasn't getting in that way.

He said "I'll call the landlord tomorrow and see if I can get a copy of the key, but I can stay with my friend tonight.
We fought over that for a minute, then he began unlocking the doors, rolling down the windows and yelling profanities at people sitting at lights. Besides being totally inappropriate behavior, it was December, so I was humiliated AND freezing my butt off.
We argued over THAT until he decided to unbuckle himself, draw his knees up beneath him, and bounce around in his seat like a four year old.
The final time I tried to physically shove him out, but he started yelling "RAPE" at the top of his lungs and cursing at me. Then he asked me to drive him all the way back to the place he was doing god knows what at.
I felt bad stranding this drunk moron knowing he didn't actually have friends there, or any at all, so I took a deep breath and agreed. But first I made him promise not to touch anything in the car, to remain buckled, and not to speak to me.

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