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Go far away from all the familiar places to an unknown city for a long relaxed or an adventures holiday, either with your friends or family. Whenever the pain becomes unbearable, remind yourself that there are people right now, who are fighting cancer or whose loved one is dying in a hospital. Now that you have lots of breathing space for yourself, how about enjoying that space as long as it lasts? Remember that you’re not alone, everybody goes through this phase at least once in their lives and everybody overcomes it too. The worst part is explaining the pain you feel to others because it is hard to make them understand it in words.

I would say the most important thing is to be good to others, no matter how wrong things get in your life.
You can explain a disease but unfortunately, there are no appropriate words in any dictionary to explain a heart break.
Until, forgiveness comes naturally from deep inside, you cannot move forward in life and you will find it hard to get over your ex. Five years from now, trust me, it would become a tiny thing from a big issue and you will laugh about it. When you will see that so many people are suffering, your own suffering will look small to you.

Give love another chance and another and another, until love finally finds you and trust me, love will find you again. Like, Paulo Coelho said, “If you’re brave to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello”.

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