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One of the worst possible scenarios involves being hooked on the idea that you can still fix a broken (and ended) relationship.
When you don't fight your man on his decision to end things, he has nothing to argue with you about.
Nothing will slow down the process of getting back together worse than staying friends with your ex after the breakup. When a guy says "let's be friends", it's very easy to make the mistake of agreeing with it.

In the first few days and even weeks after breaking up, it's always best to ignore any contact initiated by your ex.
Seriously consider staying the course and steering clear of any type of exboyfriend contact for a while. This incredible audio guide has already helped thousands of happy couples all over the world get back together again. However the breakup happened, learn the fastest-working techniques for getting your ex immediately turned around!Reverse your breakup quickly and easily.

Find out how to apply quick changes that will instantly reverse your exboyfriend's current thought processes.Learn what you can do today to get him interested in you again.

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