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There's nothing quite like being rejected, and when it's your girlfriend who's doing the rejecting it can feel like the whole world is coming to an end. This is also why you already know so many couples who managed to get back together, yet you also know some people who broke up and were unable to win back the person they still loved.
The problem with the trial and error method to reversing your breakup is that you only get one good shot. Before concentrating for a single minute on getting your ex back, you'll first need to concentrate on yourself.

His mind isn't straight right now because he's too focused on the end goal: getting her back.
He drives by her job, to see if she's working, and by her friend's house, to see who she's hanging out with. Eventually his ex goes off on him in a frustrated rage, telling him to leave her the hell alone or else. For this one important reason, you need to be on your very best behavior after the breakup.

Strength - Not just physical strength (although that never hurts) but mental and emotional strength as well.
Charisma - Charismatic guys will always have a girl hanging off their shoulder, and will constantly have something to do.

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