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Thanks to the internet, getting your ex back quickly is something that guys from all over the world are now able to do. I’ve already helped 100s of guys to get women back immediately, within days or in difficult cases within weeks and I can help you too. If you really want to get your ex back quickly, then you should avoid using the No Contact Rule (e.g. The No Contact Rule is a common piece of advice that you will find online when you look for free tips on how to get your ex back quickly.
Have you heard the expression “Out of sight out of mind,” which means that when something that isn’t necessary to us is out of sight, we usually forget about it? In many cases, this is what happens when a guy uses the No Contact Rule as a way to try and get an ex back who no longer wants to be with him. While he is sitting at home alone and putting himself through hell by forcing himself not to contact his ex even though he really wants to, rather than make her miss him, he is actually giving her the opportunity to get over him and move on with her life, meet new guys, have sex and even fall in love. Yet, if he got her on a phone call, apologized for his mistakes and got her to meet up with him in person, he could then make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him and get her back. Another reason why the No Contact Rule can fail is because it’s not really getting to the core of what caused the break up between you and your ex in the first place. He may have also been using the relationship as an excuse to hide from his true potential as a man, by spending loads of time with his girlfriend and not following through on his passions, dreams or ambitions in life. He may have taken her for granted and expected her to stick around no matter how badly he treated her, or maybe he allowed her to “wear the pants” in the relationship.
Whatever the case, if he doesn’t take steps to change those things in himself, his ex won’t be interested in getting back with him, even if she has missed him a bit since the break up. Of course, not contacting her does get some women to call, but her calling you doesn’t actually mean that she wants to get back with you.
Quite often, when a woman doesn’t hear from her ex for a while, she becomes curious about what he’s up to so she calls him to find out if he’s moved on and found another girlfriend, or if he’s missing her and if he’s still desperately hoping to get back together with her. However, when she calls, what often happens is the guy gets so excited to be hearing from her that he pours his heart out to her, telling her how happy he is to hear from her and how he wants her back.
As she talks to him, she notices that he still doesn’t even understand the real reasons why she broke up with him.
When she notices that he still doesn’t understand the real reasons why she broke up with him, it just convinces her that nothing has changed and it then allows her to move on from him more easily.
So, if you want to get your ex back quickly, don’t waste time with the No Contact Rule in the hope that everything will magically fix itself. Instead, you’ve got to get your ex on the phone so you can apologize to her for what happened, while also letting her hear the confidence in your voice and the changes in how you communicate with her, which will surprise her and make her want to find out what has really changed in you.
When getting an ex back, you need to get her talking to you on the phone as quickly as possible, rather than hiding behind text.
Guys will often make the mistake of sending a woman a text like, “How are you?” “I just wanted to say hi,” or “I hope you’re okay” to test whether or not his ex is interested. He is hoping that by keeping in touch with her via text, she will eventually soften up and start texting him back, which will then eventually lead to her agreeing to getting back together again. Text is a modern invention and it does not make a woman feel respect and attraction in the same way that she will on a phone call or in person, because it’s simply text on her phone.
If some of the last things your ex said to you when she broke up with you were, “Leave me alone,” “I never want to see you again,” or even “I hate you,” how do you think she will judge your text? If a woman can’t hear your confident, emotionally secure tone of voice (which will trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for you), and if she doesn’t get a sense that you’re not falling to pieces without her, she will naturally be imagining you in a very negative light when she gets a text from you. This is why; to get your ex back quickly, you have to get her on a call right away so that you can start regaining her respect and attraction for you. When you get her on the phone, apologize to her for what happened and let her know that you now understand her point of view and why she needed to break up with you. Instead, spend some time just letting her experience your relaxed confidence and your improved ability to make her feel attracted to you and respectful of you over the phone.
Rather than getting emotional and serious while talking to her, focus on getting her smiling and laughing, which will naturally make her feel attracted and happy to be talking to you again. Although talking to your ex on the phone is the first step to getting her back, it is not what the main thing that will convince her to give your relationship another chance. By showing her a confident, charming, masculine side to yourself (on the phone) that she probably stopped noticing when things got bad in your relationship, you will have shocked her (in a good way) out of her current negative beliefs about you and made her feel curious about what has happened to you to make you change in such a positive way.
By changing your communication style with her in a way that makes her feel attracted to you, she will naturally begin to think and behave differently towards you, and she will become more open to agreeing to meet up with you one last time. It’s not about him lying, putting on an act or pretending to be someone he’s not, but rather about having a mature, easy-going conversation with her where he then happens to mention that he has, for example, taken up night classes so that he can get a better job, or is working his way towards a promotion. By making her see that he’s moved on from being the insecure, unmotivated guy she used to know, she will naturally feel curious to meet up with him in person to see for herself whether he has really changed, or if he is just lying to her to get her back. In the same way, you can use whatever was the cause of your break up with your ex as an opportunity to show her that you’ve grown and changed as a man, and make her feel interested to find out more. When you meet up with your ex, you have to continue renewing her feelings of respect and attraction for you.
If she does forgive you, she will then begin to drop her guard around you, which will then make it 10x easier for you to make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction when you interact with her. Yet, that kind of behavior is unattractive to women, so rather than making her drop her guard and feel respect for him, she feels turned off by him at a deep level because he is begging, groveling and lowering himself way too much. To get your ex to forgive you, you have to do it from a position of strength so that she can respect you.
You can make her want to forgive you by letting her know that you now fully understand what really caused her to break up with you, and showing her (via your confidence, behavior, body language, conversation style) that you’ve made the correct changes to yourself. In this way, she will feel understood and she will feel respect for you because, in her eyes, you will have become the man she always wanted you to be when in a relationship, so she will then be willing to forgive you.
Once you do get her to forgive you, she will naturally drop her guard and become more open to you, and the more open to you she becomes, the more she will allow herself to feel attracted and respectful towards you.
Forgiveness is what allows her to open herself back up to you, and if then you can build on her feelings of respect and attraction for you, she will naturally open herself up to the idea of being in a relationship with you again. Where a lot of guys go wrong is they try to convince their ex that they will change if she gives them another chance. Telling her that you will change isn’t going to make her feel attraction and respect for you. You actually have to make the changes first and then let her see and experience those changes when she interacts with you in person. For example: A guy who was needy, clingy and insecure in his relationship can show his ex that he’s changed by being confident and relaxed when interacting with her. When she tries to test him (possibly by ignoring him or going cold towards him, or by flirting with another guy) to see if he has really changed or if he’s only putting on an act to impress her, if he becomes upset about it and loses his cool, she will know that nothing has really changed about him and she will lose even more respect for him for trying to trick her. On the other hand, if he just laughs off her attempts to unsettle him and stays relaxed, not only will she be convinced that he has changed deep down inside, she also won’t be able to help herself from feeling a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him as a man. Sometimes a woman needs more than one meet up to fully forgive a guy for his past mistakes and open herself up to the idea of getting back together again. A mistake that guys make is to push a woman into making a decision about the relationship before she is ready to do it. If a woman hasn’t fully experienced the changes in her ex, forgiven him for past mistakes and begun to feel a lot of renewed respect and attraction for him, she will not be ready to get back into a relationship with him again.
When you meet up with your ex in person, instead of trying to get her back, focus on making her feel a lot of attraction for you. Focus on making her laugh and letting her fully absorb and experience the new and improved version of you.
By showing her that you have not only improved and changed, but that you’re also okay with or without her, she will begin to feel good about having you in her life again because you are attractive, but you don’t need her. She will feel like she’s losing out on a great thing if she remains stuck to her idea of not wanting you as her man, so getting back together will actually make her feel good about herself. If you want to get your ex back quickly, you need to focus on making her feel the way that she really wants to feel during this time. My name is Dan Bacon I am 100% committed to helping men succeed with women and relationships. I've already helped countless men to get their woman back and I know that I can help you too. If you want me to help you get her back, don't leave my site until you watch this FREE video training on how to get your woman back now.
Watch the free training and you will learn how to get her back NOW without having to waste time ignoring her, or waste energy trying to convince her to give you another chance. Additionally, there is often betrayal, lies, cheating, selfishness and even cruelty from the Ex involved. We have extreme difficulty accepting that it’s over because there is something inside of us resisting the facts. Especially when we now have all of this free time – even more so during the long nights.
When I suffered through my own devastating break-up, I went through all of these excruciating experiences, and I know exactly what you are feeling right now. But before I share with you what the first step out of this misery is, let me tell you what 93% of all people are doing wrong here. The number one mistake we can make in this situation is trying to stay friends with our Ex… and this mistake is like taking the wrong fork on a crossroad.
The rule about being friends is this: as long as ONE party is still emotionally involved, being friends does NOT work.
I know this not only from personal experience, but also from the hundreds of clients I’ve coached over the years.
The second fatal mistake people make after a break-up is actively trying to get their Ex back. Men especially seem to think that they can get over their ex-girlfriend by immediately finding a new one. All of these mistakes WILL prevent you from healing, and keep you dependent, helpless and unattractive. The path of healing is THE only alternative, IF you don’t want to suffer from the consequences.
I have had many clients who came to me YEARS after their initial break-up because they still couldn’t let go of their Ex. For example, the same problems can continue to come back in future relationships because you are making the same mistakes over and over again. The reason for this might be that you keep being attracted to the wrong kind of partner, because you desperately want to compensate for your OWN personal shortcomings. The long-term result is sadly, very often, that you can’t find real love because you are not able to trust anyone, and the fear of disappointment cripples you. You can start immediately by understanding that a break-up is often a catalyst to deal with hidden issues we have been carrying around for a long time. And by consciously learning from this experience, you can even avoid making the same mistakes over and over again – never having to feel this excruciating break-up pain again. You CAN learn to love yourself unconditionally, and be happy even without a partner IF you choose so. Your first step towards the life you want, and healing much faster, is removing the source of your suffering from your life… Your Ex. This means that you break off ALL contact with your Ex for a predefined time period of 60 days.
In this 60 days there will be no phone calls, no emails, no text-messages, IM’s, Facebook, Myspace, drive-bys to their house, work or the places they go.

IF you want to get over your Ex, become emotionally strong and the person you deserve to be, then this is the ONLY way.
I know my ex desperately wanted to get back together after she saw how much I had changed back then, and believe it or not… I turned her down.
Because overcoming a break-up means shifting from being a passive player to being active in your own life.
You find YOUR personal life-purpose by answering specially designed questions meant to uncover what you are really passionate about. Finding your life-purpose will help you to live a meaningful life, in accordance with your personality and inner beliefs.
The last step you have to take in order to get over your break-up fast is taking that final leap towards a new life.
It’s where you consciously learn from what happened, and use this knowledge to find YOUR perfect partner. This is the step where everything comes together, where you turn your life around and make a LASTING change.
After these 3 steps, you will have transformed yourself into a stronger, more independent and successful YOU.
I did it after my break up, hundreds of coaching clients have made that lasting change… and so can YOU. When following the 3 steps I’ve shown you, you will most likely run into problems and obstacles. This system leads you step-by-step through the whole recovery process, considering every bump on the road that you may encounter. This system has helped hundreds of regular people like you and me to get over their painful break-ups.
The Ex-Detox System is proven to be effective because of this unique combination of field-tested, step-by-step formula ebook, together with the hypnotic audio and it’s subliminal messages easing your pain and breaking the ex addiction. It is THE exact formula to follow if you want to heal super-fast, and stop making the same mistakes over and over again when it comes to relationships.
IF your answer to all of these questions is a YES, then not only is the Ex-Detox System for you, it will liberate you from being caged in a life you don’t deserve. If you don’t invest in yourself, if you don’t invest in the proven “Ex-Detox System”, how will tomorrow be any different than today? The Ex-Detox Ebook: It will guide you through the 3 steps of reaching emotional freedom, and offers advice so you can know EXACTLY what you have to do in every situation. The Ex-Detox Hypnotic Audio: This will give you instant pain relief, and also addresses your subconscious to help you break the addiction to your Ex (MP3 Digital Download – requires broadband connection).
It uses so-called binaural tones, which stimulates the brain for deeper relaxation and better receptiveness for the positive messages to the subconscious. Uses an advanced NLP technique called “Future Pacing”, where you program yourself for change into the future. If everything happened very fast, you’re probably left feeling clueless with no closure, without ever getting the chance to fix things.
I’ll show you exactly, (step-by-step), how to maintain the “No-Contact Rule” when you HAVE to deal with your Ex, as a co-worker, when you have kids together or belong to the same circle of friends.
I’ll show you exactly how to BULLETPROOF your heart for future break-ups, and become emotionally independent and strong so that nobody is going to leave you again EVER. How to get past bad circumstances of the break-up such as betrayal, cheating or dishonesty by your ex. How to program yourself to be SUPER confident and self-aware, destroying all negative feelings about yourself before they arise. How to find THE perfect partner who’s tailored for YOU, as opposed to taking what comes along. If you don’t find this changes your life and the value you received far exceeds the nominal investment, just ask for your money back, and you’ll get it. So go ahead and click the big yellow button below to order, and you can start immediately downloading the Ex-Detox Ebook and the Hypnotic Audio mp3 – finally allowing you to break the addiction to your Ex and take that first step towards a better life.
When you click on the order button, you’ll go to my secure order page for your credit card, where your order information will be transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security.
I use Paypal to accept payments because they are super-secure and they handle transactions for some of the most popular digital products on the internet. So, over the rest of the existence of this website I am going to be recording videos on YouTube teaching men different parts of my overall strategy to get an ex girlfriend back.
I actually just started releasing these videos last week for my other site (Ex Boyfriend Recovery) but I really see video as the future of the internet so I would be dumb if I didn’t add Ex Girlfriend Recovery to the mix.
It’s probably the fact that I cover how to deal with the no contact rule in really difficult situations like if you have kids or if you live with your ex. Alright, so the no contact rule is actually really easy to understand.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back? Now what I want to talk about are the three time frames that you can use for the no contact rule.
So there are three time frames that I really want you to abide by with the no contact rule.
And you get to choose the time frames that you want to embark on based on your own situation because after all you know your situation better than I ever could. Alright, so there’s something that I want to teach you about now and it really determines why you don’t go past 45 days when it comes to the no contact rule. There have been studies done and scientists have determined that it takes 66 days for a human being to make or break a habit. So technically speaking, your ex girlfriend, if she wanted to get over you after the breakup…. So the reason we don’t do the super long no contact rules like the 60 day period or the 90 day period is because it kind of infringes on that 66 day habit rule where she could potentially get out of the habit of thinking about you.
So the next thing that I want to talk about here are the common mistakes that men make when embarking on the no contact rule. Alright, so with the no contact rule there is a lot of temptation to contact your ex as you can imagine. Because again, there are so many temptations, they miss their ex so much and often times the more you want something the more the temptation is there to contact the person.
So lets talk about some of the common mistakes that men make when they try the no contact rule. Now speaking of breaking the no contact rule there are a few select situations where you have no choice but to break the no contact rule.
The first reason that’s acceptable for breaking the no contact rule for is exchanging items with an ex.
When the… if she, rather, asks you for her items back you have no choice but to break the no contact and give them back. But if she hasn’t then its really a matter of you trying to figure out if the item is worth breaking the no contact rule for. What’s an example of an item that’s not important enough for you to break the no contact rule for? So lets assume that you get caught in a situation where you have no choice but to break the no contact rule because either you determine that you left something really important at her house or place or she’s contacted you wanting her items back.
Alright so the next complicated situation where you are going to be forced to break the no contact rule for is if you work with your ex or if you go to school with your ex. Don’t be overly ambitious with your flirting but be ambitious enough to where they’ll notice and you can work some jealousy into it.
Well the advice I am going to give you may sound simple but it’s harder to implement than you would think. Obviously I don’t want you to go outside of your means but if it’s not possible for you to move out then that’s ok but if it’s possible move out. Make her… you know, often times when it comes to the mind is a womans’ worst enemy.  You have to do something really little and then she’ll fill in the blanks and she’ll go wild and then the next thing you know she’ll be back in your arms. Meaning… if you have to break the no contact rule, and you will if you have kids, just keep things about the kids.
If she tries to steer the conversation elsewhere about the weather or your relationship don’t engage. A lot of the experts out there don’t really cover this and I have always wondered why… because it seems like such a missed opportunity to me.
On one front we have you engaging in the no contact rule to make your ex girlfriend miss you or erase the bad feelings she has about you and then the other front is just as important as the first front. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. Hey, so a day later I looked at whatsapp and saw her profile picture is gone, and I thought she might be blocked my number.
I made the mistake of calling my ex a few times after we broke up now I am day 5 of no contact and I am losing my mind. I’m still waiting on a reply to my question I have all the books would just like to know what you think? I followed No contact rule for 2 months, Now I feel I can live without her, I feel free now. So my Gf of just over 2 years has been studying abroad for 3 months now and our relationship had started to dwindle because it so hard to contact each other. So her friend told me that she was really emotional sad im not sure if it over the break up or she might fail her test or some other stuff.
I think you should talk first because going into no contact, but does she know that you know she flirted with your friend? My ex has been contacting me with angry messages about wanting to return stuff to me after our break-up (stuff that I don’t need right now).
We didn’t speak too much in the days leading up to the break up, as we had an argument. I have decided to enter NC for a month (until February 21) to give her some space and time, but also to help me make the changes she needs from me. Don’t worry; it won’t be the last time, it’s just a way to get her to agree to a meet up with you. Some guys make the mistake of begging for her forgiveness and doing whatever she wants them to do in order for her to forgive them. I know that you feel the natural need to just still be around them in any way you can, but please, hear me out. We only end up pushing our Ex farther away, and later we will only hate ourselves for doing it. And while this SEEMS to work at first, all they do is mask their pain, while avoiding the task of facing the issues their breakup needs to resolve. They tend to leave themselves available to have sex with their exes, believing it will fix everything. The alternative is to actively take responsibility for your life, and start doing what’s BEST for YOU! And some simply get eaten up by the guilt that they may have been responsible for the break-up, or may not have worked hard enough to save the relationship. It’s an opportunity to finally face these issues, resolve them, and start living the life that we truly deserve by being who we really are.
I promise you that after the 60 days, you will have completely changed your perspective, and you will be able to make an objective decision about whether to let go or not… without the overwhelming primal urge to just be with your ex no matter the cost. And, besides having no contact, finding a life purpose is one of the best and healthiest ways to do that.

I know from over 7 years of experience in coaching hundreds of break-up survivors, what the common problems and frustrations are. It has allowed them to become emotionally independent from their ex, giving them strength and confidence as they move forward with their lives. You will know exactly what to do, how to act and what to say… you won’t find this ANYWHERE else. I’ll show you exactly how to survive free time and endless nights when missing them is the worst. You’ll learn techniques that have helped break-up survivors for years – how to overcome the excruciating pain, the hopelessness, nip emerging fears in the bud, avoid the sadness, anxiety and that destructive feeling of being helpless.
You are protected with an unconditional money-back guarantee on the quality of this system and the results it will help you achieve for 60 days.
After submitting your information you can download the book immediately as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Start making that change that will make you the successful and emotional independent person you’ll always wanted to be. If you don’t invest into yourself, if you don’t invest into the proven Ex-Detox System, how will tomorrow be any different than today?
In fact, I estimate that around 80% of the men who come to Ex Girlfriend Recovery and attempt the no contact rule end up breaking it.
Don’t get into talking about your relationship with her, be really nice and cordial, be friendly, smile a lot, be bubbly almost and cut the interaction as short as possible. We met at work and she was a tourist from another country, we had an amazing time and she left back to her country after 4 months of knowing each other and 3 of being together.
Last week we had a closure dinner was suppose to be a 45 min dinner and go home thing ended up being 4-5 hours of talking, laughing, and her crying.
Last night she randomly messaged my mom asking about her stay and how sorry she is for the break up etc.
So I said sorry told her how I wanted to really be with her and started the no contact rule. A week ago she called and said she wants to take a break and that we will talk when she comes back home in 2 months.
We were officially together for 6 months but had been seeing each other for 8 months prior. She had some difficulty expressing her emotions and I told her I often felt as though she took out her anger on me.
I was planning to have her favourite flowers delivered on Valentines Day (21 days NC, not the full month) without a note. She told me she can’t do it anymore because I dont do enough things with her, which to a certain extent I would agree to. I've already helped thousands of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too. Worst case scenario – they will give you all the details about their new love life, and you will be forced to listen and smile even if you’re dying inside. This is very convenient for the ex, but it merely leaves the woman feeling more confused than before, and angry for allowing themselves to be used in this way. I’ve made every single one of these mistakes, and I was still able to find true happiness AND the perfect partner. I’ve developed techniques and exercises to get you through the 3 steps with the least amount of pain possible, especially through the 60 days of no contact. Every secret, every proven technique to getting over your ex super-fast, while moving towards a more successful and confident life – ALL without any risk. She recently blocked me on snap chat again as well after I had posted that I’m going on vacation for the weekend.
After that she delete the post, whatever the reason is im doing my best not to contact her. Two days after the break up, she decided to flirt with my friend and now he does it back with her. I was going to do 21 days NC, but i was wondering since she hasn’t reached out should I extend the NC to 30 days or 45 days? Recently we had both become more neglectful of each other’s emotions- her difficulty handling anger caused me to pull away, causing her more stress, which created a cycle. When she came over and brought my things, which she left downstairs at my place and didn’t tell me.
I think I want to get back together with him!” or will she be thinking, “Why is he still bugging me? View customer success stories, browse my products or watch this mind-blowing video about success with women.
The Ex won’t talk to us, we feel like we never got the chance to fix things, and are now just faced with mere facts.
Take action, get access right now and I guarantee you’ll feel much stronger, more confident and independent from your Ex (or your money back). For international customers: We highly recommend priority mail international as the delivery time is 5-15 days apprx. But I told my mom to go about it noemally and our relationship shouldn’t affect theirs. She claims it’s work and I know for sure she is being mobbed and she has little time to spare. She told me that she needs space and time, that she is very wrapped up inside of herself; that she needs to sort things out and put herself first. I know I should not have to put up with being an emotional punching bag, but I can’t help but wish I handled things differently.
I want to respect her choice, and I want her to be happy, but I fear that waiting too long could make things worse. If you choose to use first class mail, the item could take as long as 60 days to arrive or more. But when the event was over i was waiting for her friend to go home with we go to the same direction. Night ended smoothly and fun I could tell she was attracted to me I look totally different from a month ago and she made a lot of eye contact with me. Not sure what any of it means whether its guilt or trying to use my mom as a connection to relay info to me. I strongly feel like she is in a rebound thing with this guy, I don’t want to lose her and I know he comforts her.
Please be aware that the delivery estimates shown are estimated by Ebay, not the seller, and sometimes are not very accurate estimates.
If you need an item in a hurry, we recommend choosing Priority shipping, as first class takes anywhere from 7 - 10 business days to deliver within the US (as stated on the USPS website).
Priority is stated to take 2 - 3 business days within the US on the USPS website, but again, please keep in mind that we have no control over the postal service and how well they do their job. I figured out that I couldn’t see her pic since she deleted my contact number from her phone. She text back saying I just dont know what to say but im sorry if i made you feel bad… and u look a lot better than before.
We will always get your order out ASAP, most times the next business day, and although most times there are no delays with USPS, we feel we needed to mention this as a few estimates by Ebay have been way too ambitious and we've had a couple disappointed customers who did not select the best shipping option due to Ebay's inaccurate delivery estimates. Later that night she texted me saying he car has a check engine light( I usually take car of her cars maintainance since I’m somewhat mechanically inclined) I felt like she lost the luxury of my perks since were not together and kindly told her to take it to a mechanic we both knew. Next day she asked if she should call first or just walk in which seemed like a pointless question to me and then asked if I wanted my clothes back.
I replied with a call first and schedule something as well as I don’t need them go ahead and donate them.
So shes studying in geology field i ask her if she is interested to go to the museum with me to meet with expert that in geology field in Antarctica. I am trying to distance myself unless she realises that I need to be in touch with her more. I think this may look an attempt to manipulate her but I am also positive she can’t disregard a relationship needs being in touch. If you order more than one item and would like combined shipping, please message us and ask us for a combined invoice, then please wait until we send that to you (can take us 2 days to do so, and please remember we are not in on weekends). I hope you excel in school because I know you will and I know everything you set your mind to will be accomplished.
If you do not ask for or wait to receive a combined invoice, we may not catch you ordered more than one item and they may ship separately. Or our shipping department may combine the items at time of shipment, but they cannot issue refunds, etc, on shipping, and may not let customer service know that they combined your items. So, please, if you want to make sure you save money on combined shipping, PLEASE CONTACT US AND WAIT FOR US TO SEND A COMBINED INVOICE FOR ALL YOUR ITEMS.
For our international customers: please do not ask us to alter customs documents or shipping forms, etc.
But my goal is to get back together I just don’t know if I should respond or stick to NC. We are very sorry that some of our customers live where they have to pay these fees, but we can do nothing about those fees, as they are not shipping fees or anything we receive money from. But after when i took her home i said to take care of her body dont stress over it, because even if you study and your body isn’t good you still gonna fail. But when i got to her house it was my first time ever to walk out of my car and open the door.

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