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You're probably familiar with "return-type" fuel injection systems, but have you worked on a "returnless" system?
In the older return-type systems, the fuel pump delivers more fuel to the engine than it actually needs. A returnless fuel injection system, by comparison, manages fuel pressure a little differently. Some systems (Ford, for example), vary the fuel pump's output by changing the voltage supply to the fuel pump module. The older return-type fuel injection systems circulate a lot of fuel between the engine and tank. The EVAP system's job is to contain fuel vapors so they do not escape from the fuel tank and pollute the atmosphere.
On newer vehicles with OBD II, the onboard diagnostic system is required to monitor the fuel system for vapor leaks. With returnless systems, there is no return line and no circulation of fuel back to the fuel tank from the engine. Another difference is that returnless systems typically operate at a higher pressure than return-type systems. Returnless systems are very sensitive to fuel pressure, and if pressure is more than a few pounds out of specifications, it may be enough to cause a driveability or emissions problem.
Fuel pressure checks on returnless systems can be done in the usual way by attaching a gauge to the service valve fitting on the fuel supply rail, or you can hook up a scan tool and read the pressure value via the pressure sensor.

If the operating pressure is out of range, the PCM will compensate by increasing or decreasing the short term fuel trim (STFT) and long term fuel trim (LTFT) values.
Sometime a low pressure or volume problem isn't the fuel pump but a clogged filter, plugged fuel inlet filter sock, restricted fuel line or a faulty fuel pressure regulator. Cleaning the injectors on the engine may not help because the debris may remain trapped in the end of the fuel rail. Another difference between some return-type and returnless fuel injection system is the location of the fuel filter. What's more, on some of these applications (Dodge Neon, for example), there is no OEM recommended replacement interval for the fuel filter! One reason for the extended filter life is because a returnless system pumps much less fuel through the filter. The life of the filter will depend on the cleanliness of the fuel that goes into the tank, driving conditions and corrosion inside the fuel tank (not an issue with plastic fuel tanks but can be with aging metal tanks). If engine driveability or emissions problems indicate a restricted fuel filter, the fuel filter must be replaced regardless of mileage. On many of these returnless applications with in-tank filters, the fuel filter probably won't be replaced until the pump fails -- so it is very important to make sure you also install a new filter when you replace the pump. Starnes alongside a pair of ring girls and AFC co-presidents Jason Heit (left) and Darren Owen (right) during his stint as AFC middleweight champion. When Kalib Starnes decided to announce his retirement from professional mixed martial arts in June 2011 after a TKO loss to John Salter at AFC 6, the now 38-year-old former UFC middleweight felt like his age had finally caught up to him.

Starnes will be back in action May 19 at AFC 18 in Victoria, stepping in for the injured Ryan Janes to face David Perron. Perron will be the latest name added to Starnes’ impressive resume of high-profile fights that already boasts respected UFC middleweight veterans Alan Belcher, Chris Leben and Yushin Okami. Maybe not that much of a surprise when you consider Starnes’ professional pedigree which could potentially discourage some fighters from squaring off against a guy whose experience level is much higher than a lot of AFC fighters. But even with two fights on the way, the Surrey native still manages to find time to teach his own batch of budding mixed martial artists not only about all the necessary physical and technical aspects of the sport but also the mental game — something his time in the UFC helped him develop.
Perhaps taking a page out of Bernard Hopkins’ recent run of championship success at 48 years of age, Starnes knows his mind has to be in the right space if he wants to continue his career as a professional mixed martial artist.
But despite getting the call to fight on short notice, Starnes doesn’t seem the least bit phased by Perron or his five wins which have each been finishes. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful.
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Environmental Protection Agency tightened the limits for evaporative emissions, making it even more important to control fuel vapor pressure inside the tank.

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