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Irritating at least one film blog editor-in-chief by lacking a comma in its title, Annie Get Your Gun is the story of rough-and-tumble redneck Annie Oakley (Betty Hutton) and her rise to sharpshootin’ superstardom in the late 1800s. I feel obligated by this experiment to tell you when I have no idea what a musical is about going in, and I truly thought Annie Get Your Gun was a straight-up Western.
Weirdly, most of these plot threads are resolved or delayed at the midway point, and then we mostly watch Annie travel around and show off her gun tricks until, you know, it’s time to throw an ending on.
The guy Annie loves that’s infinitely more boring than her is Frank Butler, played by Howard Keel. There’s also Keenan Wynn as the jovial show manager Charlie Davenport, Louis Calhern as the somewhat also jovial show founder Col.
Okay, for only the people that have seen this all the way through, what the fuck is up with that ending? 1950s, American Indians, Annie Get Your Gun, Annie Oakley, Betty Hutton, Biopic, George Sidney, Hillbillies, Howard Keel, Irving Berlin, J. Bill Gray grew up in Milton, NH, intensely analyzing and memorizing every single movie his parents would let him watch (not many).

For his final viewing Cinemanaut Bill watches Brigadoon, a musical about a time-traveling Scottish town. Fun fact, Cinemanaut Bill hasn't seen very many Christmas movies, so what did he think of that holiday musical classic White Christmas? We're conducting year-long experiments that subject two Cinemanauts to a particular category of movie once a week for an entire year. Did he enjoy what he assumed for most of his life to be a saloon shootout with songs in it, or was he disappointed? Can her love of the spotlight and her adorable crush on fellow gunslinger Frank Butler (Howard Keel) truly coexist?
Knowing nothing about the real Annie Oakley either, I was expecting her to save a village of nice people from a gang of not-nice people using bullets and song, and was surprised to learn that she’s a lady with real good aim that joins a traveling Wild West show. And that ending really sucks (I’ll talk about it, promise), which is a shame, because so much of the movie is legitimately entertaining.
Pack it in, Nicolas Cage, Katy Perry, and that arm wrestling tournament to win $100,000 and an eighteen-wheeler, Betty’s got you all beat.
Annie kicks all the asses in every shooting competition ever and then suddenly, ha, she loses a contest on purpose to keep her┬áman’s bruised ego intact?

It started strong with a great story, an unforgettable performance from its leading lady, and killer songs, but it fizzled at the halfway point. Read this Wikipedia page if you’re a boring person that wants a boring historical answer.
Her Annie Oakley is like a children’s TV show host that was trapped in the woods for a decade and followed a trail of cocaine back to civilization. Carrol Naish as the stoic but occasionally surprisingly jovial Chief Sitting Bull, but none of them are Annie, so who cares? Rather than just, you know, get over it and be proud of the woman he loves, he gets a song about how it makes his widdle peeny feel small to be inferior to a vagina-owning gun expert.
I thought this was one of the most progressive movies from its era I’d ever seen, and in the last ten minutes they just up and shit their pants. This ending was such a bummer that I’m afraid to look up if the real Annie Oakley did the same thing.

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