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Moving out of an apartment and leaving it clean does not necessarily mean that a security deposit will be returned. The best way to guarantee return of a security deposit is to document damage prior to moving in. Thoroughly read the lease agreement to discover exactly what is required to receive the security deposit back. Hiring a professional cleaning company to come and thoroughly scrub the apartment from head to toe will help ensure a deposit is returned. If a landlord refuses to return the security deposit, be prepared to take them to small claims court.

A security deposit is taken as a means of repairing any damage that may have occurred in the apartment plus payment for post move out cleaning. Following all the steps in the lease will allow you to know what is expected when moving out.
Hiring a cleaning company and providing a receipt for that service will show the landlord your desire to receive your security deposit back.
If the landlord is not able to prove the apartment was in the condition they stated, you will receive your security deposit in full. Check this website to find the amount of time allowed by your state for return of a deposit.

Include a photo of a current newspaper with the date prominent to verify the day the photos were taken. It just takes a long time After going into the process of being approved for your cash loans emergency.

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