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Tip 2: Ideally, your dog is walking by your side rather than pulling your arm out of your socket or dragging you to each bush to water the plants. My Jack Russell Terrier and I do all of these, including sprints followed by some heeling followed by pushups, burpees or squats on my part.
To see the New Year's Fitness workout I shared with my dog, read Get Fit with Your Dog: My New Year's Day Dog-Human Exercise Workout. Students and library users may be unknowingly bringing bed bugs into the University of Saskatchewan’s libraries. However, Library Director of Finance and Physical Resources Dale Amerud maintains that there are no known bed bugs in the Murray Library. Mattresses, furniture and carpet — wherever they can fit — are common places where bed bugs live. Bed bugs are not uncommon in libraries since books, library shelves and cloth-covered furniture are perfect places for the insects to hide. Amerud says that the campus libraries are being closely monitored for bed bugs, and urges students to report a bug immediately to prevent a full infestation.
The older residences in McEown Park have been dealing with bed bug infestations for years and now the pests have moved into the Natural Sciences Library — and most likely other libraries on campus. Residence Operations Manager Lucille McInnes wrote to the Sheaf that the residence office has finalized a plan to eradicate bed bugs from residence this summer.
Bed bugs are incredibly resilient: they can last anywhere from 30 to 550 days without feeding. I do wish that the writer had done a more thorough investigation and referenced her sources(especially which edition of On Campus news this was reported in).

I’m not sure why this was printed now as this officially happened in the fall the week of September 22, 2012 when first stage larval bed bugs were found in a chair at Natural Sciences.
This article makes it seem that all the libraries on campus are currently infested and that it is being kept secret from students when this is simply NOT TRUE.
The Natural Sciences library subsequently was chemically treated, test traps were set for a period of three months to monitor any possible reinfection and it was given the all clear. This author is spreading unnecessary panic and added stress to students during finals – a time when libraries are the absolute busiest of the year.
Can anyone really concentrate on studying if they keep wondering if there’s creepy crawlies all over them? Most dogs that engage in a good round of fetch or sprint around with dogs at the dog park can run at least a couple of miles. On Campus News reported that this was the first case of a bed bug in a library in five years.
Bed bugs are usually brown but change to a rusty red after feeding on animal or human blood. However, eradicating bed bugs from the residences will be difficult if students continue to bring them from the university’s libraries. The chair was isolated, the library was closed that weekend, signs were placed on the doors of Natural Science explaining the situation to students, staff were informed to tell anyone the situation if they had questions. As it is now – facilities management monitors every library for possible infestation. Instead of feeding your pooch his meal before the walk, carry the kibble in a fanny pack or in your pockets and use it to reward him for good behavior.

But to make the run fun for you, it's best if your dog can stay by your side instead of dragging you by the leash and messing up your running form. If your dog does not have a 100-percent immediate come when called, make sure you're in a dog-safe area such as a backyard or fenced-in park. There was a false alarm in the Murray Library earlier this year when a bath bug was mistaken for a bed bug.
That is, reward him throughout the walk by giving him a kibble or two for remaining at your side. For instance, do a few squats and then reward Fido for remaining in his down-stay before he has a chance to get up. You can break your first runs into short running intervals interspersed with walks so that you can reward him both while he's running alongside you as well as when he slows down to your brisk walking pace. Systematically increase the number of squats or lunges or pushups that you do in between going back to reward him for staying in down-stay. This way, you can build up both duration and the distance you are away from him at the same time. The bonus here is that not only are you training him to lie down and stay, reliably, but you're training him to do so with the distraction you create by doing weird things in between. Graduate to jumping jacks and burpees -- dogs generally take these exercises to be a cue to get up and play.

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