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This is going to sound really weird but for the next month I don’t want you to talk to your ex boyfriend. WHAT???Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?
Yup, I know it sounds ridiculous but trust me, doing this will stack the odds in your favor in a very unique way. Now, that is wrong on so many levels but you are going to use this type of thinking to your advantage. One of the most interesting things about text messaging is the fact that every holds their texts as sacred. IMPORTANT – You cannot move on to this text message until you successfully complete the first text message above.
The key with this type of text is to get your ex to remember the good parts of your relationship.
If you haven’t already realized this, getting your ex back can be a very complicated process. My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of.
What if you accidentally already text-terrorized after losing your temper from being ignored? How could he respond as if he was still resentful after almost 6 weeks and after he told my friend to tell me he said hello?!
One the 1st and 2nd day of NC, he didnt txt me at all, but on the 3rd day, he was texting me in the morning, texted me at night, and even chatted with me on FB but please take note, i didnt reply to him at all even if i wanted to. Hey, i saw that Now You See Me 2 is almost coming out and i remembered that i made you watch that movie about 3 times.
What shall i do to be on his mind again or to get his attention back or … ugh you got my point yea? Forgot to mention the conversation did not end well as I replied ok and it just ended as he was trying to make a effort to talk!
Your ex boyfriend might have refused to talk to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get him back. Speaking for men, we don’t really cut off communication with a girl unless we have a pretty solid reason for it. In my experience, the most common reason for a guy to stop talking to his girlfriend is because she has been harassing him.
When you are messaging him constantly or commenting on all of his facebook status updates, you are telling him that you are not still needy and desperate. Maybe your instincts will have you believe that harassing him will make him come back, but it’s not so. OK, I understand it’s a little hard to comprehend the fact that he might move on during the no contact period.
If he has a new girlfriend and she is not letting him talk to you, then you have a serious situation. Basically, when you stop pushing, he will start wondering what happened and will try to contact you.
However, if he doesn’t contact you during the no contact period, then you will have to take the matter in your own hands and contact him. For the reply, you can either pick up a message that I wrote in the fourth step of the 5-step plan. After you initiate contact with him, you have to make sure you don’t project an image of neediness.
I am on the NC right now after I broke up with my girlfriend, but her birthday is coming up, should I send her a birthday wish text message or not at all? I would really appreciate your advice as ive read a lot recently & your piece has been the most hopeful for me so far.
Yes, I do think there is a chance and you should read this article to know how to implement no contact rule in your situation. Hey Kevin , me and my ex have been broken up for 2 weeks and I’m heartbroken we had been together 2 years.
So me and my boyfriend have been dating for around a year, and he said that he just wanted a break and that he is very stressed right now. When it comes to how much interest your ex boyfriend still has in you, the type of contact he makes is very important. If your ex boyfriend is communicating through phone calls, he's chosen a far more intimate way of keeping in touch. Last but certainly not least, still seeing your exboyfriend is the best case scenario when it comes to post-breakup contact. In this episode we here from Vicki who is trying to get her ex boyfriend back who was married for 20 years and just got out of a divorce. Basically she should focus on self improvement and moving on without moving on to increase the odds of getting her ex boyfriend back.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?
The idea is that all of these aspects of her life are interconnected and if she positively impacts one it will impact the others. Rather than cheat on me, he decided to break up with me so that he could go sow his wild oats. What I think happened is, Vicky, you may have come on a little too strong or slept with him a little too fast. What also may have happened is that you may have been the very first girl he dated after his divorce. Another thing that comes to mind when I look at your situation is that you may have been too available for him. The ideas is that, what happens to one of these aspects of your life–health, wealth and relationships—affects the other. The thing I want you to focus on specifically are the health and wealth aspects of your life. This is something that the woman in Episode 2 of the Ex-Boyfriend Recovery Podcast experienced.
In addition to working on the health, wealth and relationships aspect of your life, try moving on without moving on. Pretty soon, you realize that three years have gone by and you’re at a standstill with your love life.
Vicky’s situation is very unique in the fact that she was dating someone who just got out of a relationship of 20 years. If you’re listening to this and would like to ask a question, I’m going to put information in the show notes of this episode on how to do that. It’s nice that all of these women at least were dating men who have them an explanation for ending things. My ex boyfriend was never married, however he did have a 14 year relationship with a woman to which he has 3 children. Let say that this site and your book has helped me immensely over a very difficult time in my life.
These men need to know what it’s like to be able to go out and have fun and not be tied down.
He did say that he misses my friendship and really made an effort to suggest we meet for dinner and see one another. My exboyfriend told me not to put hope on getting back together after the breakup and he told me that I should move on with my life happily because he’s feeling guilty about breaking my heart, but his friends say that he kind of misses me and he’s comfortable with the breakup but not happy with it, should I take this as a good sign?
I am coming out with a new article today that is going to dissect that very question you are asking.
Is triggering jealousy in an ex a bad thing if he’s been cheated on in previous relationships? You know, sometimes this process just takes time (which isnt the popular answer) but its the truth. For first contact post-divorce I am thinking of going to a museum we once went to and sending a pic of an exhibit he loves.
Don’t panic just accept he won the battle there and try again the next day or in a few more days. Allowing your ex some time off from you is one of the best things you can do following a breakup. By slowing down and taking things day by day, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed by the fact that your boyfriend broke up with you. The point here is this: getting that initial magic back is a great big part of the reconciliation process. One of the biggest tricks to ex boyfriend contact involve creating an atmosphere in which he needs to know what you're doing.
If you're tired of trying to unsuccessfully reopen the lines of communication between you and your ex boyfriend, it's probably because you've been going about things all wrong. And for ideas on how to accelerate the process of winning him back, check out this list of things you can do to Win Your Ex Back Fast. This incredible audio guide has already helped thousands of happy couples all over the world get back together again. However the breakup happened, learn the fastest-working techniques for getting your ex immediately turned around!Reverse your breakup quickly and easily.
Find out how to apply quick changes that will instantly reverse your exboyfriend's current thought processes.Learn what you can do today to get him interested in you again.
In fact, if done correctly, a text message can bring up reminiscent feelings that can set you on the right path to getting your ex back. Now, out of those suitors, throughout your years in the dating realm there has had to be one guy that didn’t pick up the hints. The text receiver was clearly ignoring the sender but they refused to accept that fact so they kept texting until they they could get a response. The better idea is to wait until the opportune moment where can maximize the power of the text message. By completely taking 30 days to yourself without texting him or talking to him at all you are slowly taking control of the situation. It is basically the ultimate way to get him checking his phone every five minutes to see if today is the day that YOU will text HIM.
The way you accomplish this is by going into great detail on one of the most positive experience that you had together as a couple. Well the idea behind it is pretty simple, send a text message to your ex that could potentially get him jealous and bring up some of the lovey dovey feelings that he felt during your relationship. At this stage, I was still indifferent to him and it seems that my indifference offended him. I got a normal respond and because Chris spoke about not texting him back much on the first day, I just wrote a simple reply.
He broke up with me because he didnt felt anything for me anymore, one week after our breakup he started to date all of a sudden another girl. When you call him and tell him that you miss him, you are telling him that you are miserable without him and you will do anything to get him back. There is literally nothing you can do that won’t make you look like a crazy, jealous and stalky ex girlfriend. If you are lucky, it’s just a rebound (Read more about him and his new girlfriend) and it will end soon.

He might not even be able to cope with your silence and start acting a little crazy (angry texts, angry phone calls, mean facebook messages). This means that the only reason he was so calm about the breakup is because you were making him feel like he still has you. Of course, before you contact him, you should make sure you have gone through the no-contact period and have done everything you are supposed to do during this time (Read the things you should do during the no contact period).
You can go ahead and message him right away if you want as long as you don’t message him something needy. Everything you do or say should send out a message that you are a confident and happy person who is living her life to the fullest. My best guess is he is having second thoughts about the relationship and he just wants to explore his options. I was somewhat needy and text him about 6 times no response so should I just not contact anymore?
Apply no contact and realize that you and your baby are better off without him in your life. He was never mean but it seems like he broke up with her so that he could sleep around and experience single life. Section one is what I think may have potentially happened in Vicky’s situation to bring her where she is now. I want to talk about a realization that he may come to have over time, as he experiences more in relationships. He’s not the strapping young guy back when he was in his mid-20s when he first met his wife. Maybe he goes out there and comes to the realization that, “It’s actually not as easy as I thought. I think you have a very unique situation in that you’re trying to get a man back who is not in a place where he wants to be in a relationship. You’re not going to perform your best at work if you’re depressed over your relationship and you’re not eating.
If something negative happens to relationships, your wealth and health are going to take a hit. A positive impact on these two areas of your life will automatically create a positive impact on your relationships.
You’re even more confident than you were when you lost 10 pounds because, not only are you doing a great job on the health aspect of your life, you’re doing an incredible job on the wealth aspect of your life as well. Eventually, your ex-boyfriend is going to come to the realization that, “My options aren’t as good as they used to be.
Then, after a certain time, maybe you’ll have healed up enough that you’ll meet the love of your life and it isn’t your ex. If you haven’t already picked up my book, Ex-Boyfriend Recovery Pro, please take some time out of your day and look at the sales page for that. I was seeing (casually but sexually exclusive, if that even makes sense) a freshly divorced guy for 10 months and he acted like everything was great right up until the end. We met when his ex had just moved out and although the warning signs were there, that he might not be ready for a relationship, I ignored them as we had this amazing connection and a great time together. This was a month ago, I started the no contact rule and we didn’t speak or communicate.
I don’t even know what I even want to talk to him about or what to say when he does call…I just miss him SO MUCH! It took me a couple months to understand it, but now I do and I’m going to just let him be. He said exactly what I thought, we are at different stages of our lives, and I deserve to be with someone who wants to move a relationship forward, he has just come out of a divorce and is no where near ready to move into another marriage or life with someone. Does this mean that he wants to see where this will go or does it mean that he wants to be friends only? The last communication I had with him, I just flat out asked if he minded when I texted him. Me and my exboyfriend broke up about 4 weeks ago, we dated for a year, I was his first serious girlfriend and he was my first serious boyfriend as well. However, there seems to be a huge misunderstanding among the women out there on how to actually use text messaging effectively. Most women fail at texting their exes for the simple fact that they commit this texting sin and quite honestly it’s not even their fault. First though, before we can do that, we are going to have to figure out how to create that opportune moment. After basically blowing off your ex for a month straight your first text to them better have some substance to it.
It is like their phone is their own personal sanctuary holding all their secrets and feelings about things.
If you do this correctly you will bring up his most positive feelings about the relationship and get him thinking about you in a different more positive light. As a guy I can tell you that nothing makes you want a girl more than when you see her talking with another guy that is even moderately attractive. Don’t worry, I got your back and I want to help you understand the best way you can get him back. Ex boyfriend of 3 months (2 year relationship) answers almost immediately and we have long memory filled conversations. I keep trying to ask him to get his stuff as a way to test him and he literally will not make an effort to get the CDs he wants back.
Also I do think he tries but its hard for him how can I make his feeling change towards me and love me again? I told him I had been busy he said i could of replied obviously I would see his messages and calls and ask why I ignored him also we have had came to terms to be friends and then I done the the nc and he started missing me but I broke it because he message my sister asking where I was and then asked why I had been ignoring him what should I do?
He understands that you are hurt from the breakup, and he understands that you want to convince him to get back together, and he is tired of it. In fact, everything you do that makes you look needy is going to make your ex boyfriend less attracted to you and more sure about his decision of breaking up. If this is the situation, then there is nothing you can do unless he decides to end his no contact.
If he decided to start no contact, then every message you send him is only going to make you more needy in his idea. If you are unfortunate, he might end up marrying the girl and you will never get to talk to him again.
The second one is an obvious ploy to get him to talk to you and the third one is simply boring.
You can set an alarm for 30 minutes on your phone and not reply him until the 30 minutes is over. If you want, you can become acquainted with her, but I think it’ll be better for you to just contact with him and move on. He kept texting casual convo which made me mad because I thought he felt bad for me and would move on and him not wanting to be with me made me feel like a doormat.
I was with my boyfriend for 5.5 years, in this time we were madly in love with eachother, we brought a house together & everything was fine until about 4 months ago i would say! As for whether or not he will come back, no one can say for sure, but it’s worth trying. A month after the first break-up, we saw each other in our hometown and we got back together. However, I made a mistake and texted him a few days afterwards and he said that it is over and that he is moving on.. At first he said we can get back together and in the mean time we’ll just be friends. Before we get started, if you haven’t already subscribed or reviewed the Ex-Boyfriend Recovery Podcast on iTunes, please take five minutes out of your day and do so.
I’m going to put a link in the show notes of this episode on my website, Ex-Boyfriend Recovery, on how you can do that.
My ex broke up with me because he was falling for me, but since he was recently divorced, he wasn’t really ready for a long-term relationship.
Vicky is wondering if it’s even worth it anymore, if she has a really good shot of getting him back. The more he has invested into chasing you, the more he’s going to invest into the relationship. If something positive happens to your relationships, your wealth and health will take a positive infusion.
Ex-Boyfriend Recovery Pro was meant to help women in long-distance relationships, women who have been cheated on and women who have cheated on their exes. In the last few weeks, he stopped initiating contact and would only respond to my occasional texts with claims of feeling depressed and vague promises to call me soon.
Others would just have continued on being the victim because it’s easier than admitting that they deserve more.
He told me he didn’t want me to feel mad at him and that he wanted to remain friends, but how can I be friends with someone I have loved and shared so much with?
I broke down today, and sent him a text just saying hi and that I would like to chat to him over the next few days if he is free.
After the breakup, he felt extreme guilt for breaking my heart and he thought the only way I can move on happily with my life is that if he made me hate him. I am not going to lie to you, sending a text message is a huge risk, if done incorrectly you will decimate any chance you have of that happy reunion you keep daydreaming about.
Right after a break up everyone involved is out of whack emotionally and are prone to do some really stupid things. In fact, you have to slowly lead up to the moment where he or you will hopefully go out on a date again. I always like to say that you should make your first contact text so interesting that they have no choice but to respond. Now, while it is important that you get him to think positively about you it is also extremely important that you remain as positive as well.
I remember once that one of my married friends told me something very interesting about the male psyche. There is a lot more to this process and quite frankly this page doesn’t do a great job of describing exactly what you do step by step. Then we had a serene moment in the relationship until one day he cancelled our date at the last minute. He also keeps sending me random comments and then when I reply back he doesn’t answer. Compile topics he loves talking about, and then try the steps Chris advised above and check out this other blog post too. I still love him i’ve been chasing him for over 2years right now and sometimes our chats go okay and sometimes it turns into a fight. I am sure that’s not what you want, that’s why you should take a step back and go on no contact for a while. One day I missed him a lot and I threw a little tantrum saying things are getting tough whenever I miss you.
He told me that he regretted breaking up with me, that he missed me,loved me, and I missed him too really, but a few days later I had to leave back to college and that meant not seeing him again.

And one of his kind of close friends said that he really didn’t want to do this that his grades were just slipping. The second part of this episode is going to cover the realization that her ex-boyfriend may come to have over time.
But over the course of 20 years, now that he’s free and doesn’t have to be faithful to his wife anymore, he’s probably interested in trying out other women, so to speak.
If we stay on this track, I feel compelled to mention that I’m also known for this idea of moving on without moving on. He might have the grass is greener syndrome where he thinks, “My options aren’t as good as I thought. After getting no holiday greetings of any kind or that promised phone call, I realized I was just beating my head against a wall and this man was never going to be honest about where we stood.
After the breakup we never talked about anything, he hasn’t tried to contact me of any sort and it makes me wonder why.
He responded immediately and said he would call me in the morning as he was going out with friends this evening.
But for now, it’s time to mentally work on me and be the person I was before he came along.
I’m moving on but he’s still there on my mind daily so I decided on a revised version of NC. I thought I’d send the pic and write as if I’m the subject of the portrait saying “Hey, it’s me, your old friend Chuck. He kept ignoring me and I wouldn’t care and I would still text him, then he said hurtful things so I would hate him. I have heard plenty of stories where women, in the heat of the moment, texted their exes multiple times, even after getting no response. So, if you are intrigued by this method but very confused I urge you to visit get my guide, Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO. He had a good reason for cancelling, but because I wanted him to be more proactive I decided that I will not call him and wait for him to call. I was attatched to him and that was my fault i dont talk to him only if he starts talking to me because i dont want to scare him off. If he still doesn’t respond, then you can either try again after 15 days or try to move on (my advice will be to move on, but I have a feeling you won’t take it). I don’t want to sugarcoat it but if a guy lets a girl decide whom he talks to, then he is pretty serious about her.
As well as all this i was very unhappy in my job to the point ide cry at breakfast from frustration, i let go of myself & the person he fell in love with, i nagged him a lot & made him feel bad for having fun! If he doesn’t want a relationship right now, does that mean that he doesn’t want a relationship all of school?
It seems like she put it into practice flawlessly and got a better-than-neutral response when she finally reached out after the no contact rule with a text message. To me, it seems like if he dates or experiences other girls, they would all be rebounds as well.
It seems like you’re very logical but you may have gotten a little too over excited with the fact that he liked you or was falling for you.
Maybe it was just a little too soon for me.” Then he may value you highly again and potentially come back to you.
It seems like, even though it’s not working perfectly, you were on the right track with the no contact rule. I have gone on a couple dates (and lived through them) and will go on more when the opportunity arises. However, he mentioned to one of his friends which happened to me mine as well that he did this because he couldn’t live with the guilt of breaking my heart because I fell into depression after the breakup, his conscious was killing him so he said those hurtful things so i would hate him and he thought that that will help me get over him which will put his conscious at ease. Handle every single text and interaction you have with your ex with as much grace as possible. It may take you a while to read through the entire thing but it will break every step of the ex recovery process down for you, in-depth.
In my opinion, the most successful people at getting their exes back have happiness in their life. Assuming that he was around the average age that men are when they get married, which is 27 or 28, that puts him around his mid or late 40s.
They’ll be attracted to me, of course.” What he may come to realize is, the reality he thinks is going to occur is different than the reality that actually plays out. His mom has been contacting me through the text and even writing posts about me on Facebook. I had a wonderful man and in a way he did me a favor by realizing he wasn’t ready for a long-term relationship. I’m a relatively intelligent professional woman and that proves that even old ladies (said with a laugh) can still pine for their exes.
After what he said I told him that I know what he’s trying to do and that non of what he said was put into my consideration.
Since you are on my site I am assuming that you are interested in somehow trying to get your boyfriend back. It will also go into extreme detail about how you can use text messages to get your ex boyfriend back. I told him I would be home that night after having an emotional breakdown but ended up falling asleep on my friend’s couch.
We decided we only wanted each other and to stay together until they were in College and then be married. You see our relationship was starting to head south at the end of our relationship, and it was apparent that he was very stressed out because of school, exams, and pressure from his parents. I don’t know what to say after the no contact period ends, should I act naturally and be positive or something else? No matter how hard it is or how much you want to talk to him DO NOT DO IT, even if he responds you have to ignore it. He said the more we love each other, we would miss each other more and he don’t want a girlfriend who lives 100s of miles away. He told my mum that there is zero hope for us he doesnt want this no way no how despite the fact that i found out that 2 months ago he asked my mum for my hand in marriage! In literal sense, you won’t forget him but the hurt will be gone when you think of him someday. Despite that, he tried to get me to react to his posts on Facebook and liked some of my posts (the most significant ones). I saw something on his profile then, got me pissed and I deleted him, him and all of his friends then. I just want to fix and revive our relationship, I realize that he still has feelings for me but I am terrified that he is going to just give up and move on completely. I already completed the 30 days of no contact successfully (it’s been 32 days already) and his birthday is coming up in a few days. Then i went into stupid phase recently begging him to give us a chance while he says theres no hope & he doesnt love me the same way as before! I am starting to move on and feel better but I still cry sometimes when I think that I’ll never forget him and it was so easy for him to erase me. I recently contacted my ex to wish him good luck on his finals because my mom told me not to be mean to him.
I was thinking that this would be a good occasion to text him but I don’t know how to make my text more interesting. We own a house together & hes already called someone to come talk to us about our options & either selling or getting one of our names off! I took a flight to see him without telling him, he opened the door for me then kept saying we can’t be together. Im my heart im praying to God he sees sense because he is truly the man i wanted to have a future & partnership with. But this site just gives such great insight into the male mind as well as just plain human psychology (wants vs needs for example).
When I said something about it he sent a text he was fed up and wanted a break and for me to leave him alone. When he got home he talked saying that I could live in the apartment and he would stay elsewhere. He said I just kept bringing him down with me when I was upset and that he couldn’t take it anymore. He left to go spend time with family and when he came back we got in a fight and I ended up calling my parents saying I couldn’t be there anymore.
I was too angry at the time and I wanted time alone as I know he just don’t want me to stay in his flat. And I still love him a lot…I try so hard to distract myself but deep down I still want him.
On the way home he began to cry, which he never does, and I tried to get him to talk to me. We sat in the car and he told me he didn’t want to be distanced from his daughter and cried more. I then told him he cant force himself to have feelings for me that aren’t there and he began to cry more. That night his mom came to get him to try to take his mind off of things and she ended up telling me I was being selfish. I responded by saying I needed to leave to get help for my depression that made him feel like I brought him down with me. The next day my parents came to get me and that night he texted me saying he hopes I made it safely.
The first few days I texted him saying I missed him and that I loved him but he would ignore my texts.
He called saying there is no chance of us getting back together but we can be friends and see where it goes from there. I also noticed he was talking to his ex who from what he told me didn’t make him happy.
A week after he broke up with me I texted him an update of the baby and that I did indeed tell the doctor that I have been depressed for years and I had gotten anti depressents. He said Thats great to the baby update and Thats good to me getting help and somehow it got brought up about us getting back together and he said he would never have feelings for me again. We didn’t text for two days then he texted me asking a question about something and I asked him about his family who has been ill and how he was doing.
His response was just the word alright and he said he was tired so I said okay and to text me later. He keeps telling me one thing then tells me another and Im confused and I feel like he is too.

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